A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 135

Chapter 135


The next day. I trained inside the perimeter of the stone wall like usual. I started my training with martial arts training, which was foot sword kick and then I continued on with practicing magic. When Ash started growling, I vigilantly scoured the area outside of the wall, looking for what made him growl and then, I saw a red bear monster loitering around outside of the wall. 

【Red Grizzly: A bear-shaped demon beast. A rare fire attribute variation bear monster that appears in autumn. Has the body of a bear with red hair.】

It was a monster with the color of autumn leaves. I fired the bowgun that was installed in the stone wall, in rapid succession. I was finally able to defeat it after the bowgun pierced through his forehead. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 16. 









I dismantled the red bear and cut the bear meat in thin slices to make a bear hot pot. I ate the thin bear meat slices in sukiyaki style by adding beaten herb chicken egg into the pot. The bear meat was overflowing with wild flavor but I guess depending on how I cooked it, the wild flavor could come out mild. But, there was one thing that kept my mind occupied when I dismantled the bear. 

【Red Grizzly Testicles: Has a powerful nourishing and strengthening effect. An ingredient to make recovery medicine. 】

I boiled the bear’s thing together with irene herbs. I honestly didn’t want to drink it but I wouldn’t be able to know the result of the appraisal unless I tested it out myself first. 

【Egil Recovery Potion: Can recover HP (big) and can restore the lost parts.】

I successfully created a new item. The recovery effect was the best out of all other potions I had made so far but because you needed that thing to make this, I felt reluctant drinking it. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Alchemy level 7.』

I thought to myself.

“I was attacked by a huge bear and then I beat it down with a bowgun. I disambled the bear and cooked it into sukiyaki.”

I wonder what would happen if I said something like that at the company I used to work at back in Japan? 

I think I’ve actually done some incredible feats. 


While I was tanning the red bear skin, Juno and Elsa came by. I think this was the first time these two came by themselves here. I decided to make bear hot pot for them. The night felt a little cold but actually, the temperature created the perfect ambience to eat a hot pot together by the bonfire. 

I conversed with them using a combination of gestures and words. As I thought, communicating in a broken language felt really wonderful. I couldn’t directly receive rude questions and I also didn’t feel tired because I didn’t need to be overly cautious with my choice of words either.

They both knew I was going to see Yurina-san. Juno and Elsa asked what was going on with me and Yurina-san but I conveyed to them using gestures that I couldn’t understand their question. Other than that, they didn’t ask me any other questions regarding Yurina-san. 

Elsa said that she couldn’t drink alcohol so I gave her rumi fruit juice. She looked a little exasperated upon seeing Juno and I chugging on alcohol while eating the delicious bear hot pot. It seemed Elsa really liked Ash since she kept on holding Ash in her arms. Sometimes, she’d also blow the piping hot bear meat to cool it a little before she gave it to Ash. 

The sound of the insect had also changed compared to the sound of the summer insect I heard when I first came to this world. Maybe this was the sound of winter insects in this world? The leaves of the tree growing near the cabin had also started to change into various shades of red and yellow. This kind of scenery made me feel like wanting to eat freshly baked sweet potatoes. 

Right now, we’re most probably entering the autumn season. 

Spending the night by the bonfire with my friends in this cold weather was really fun for me. 


T/N: Back to alchemy! Also… Testicles… I also don’t want to drink it….. Unless I really, really have to. 

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