Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 136.2

Chapter 136.2: (Donny’s POV) The Miraculous RiUP


My name is Donny. I’m a soldier employed by Bavarian-sama. I was keeping watch in front of the gate of Bavarian-sama’s residence. I subconsciously yawned. 

Nevertheless, this was a very sleepy job indeed. 

I was reminded of a dish called sashimi that I ate at Keigo Okuda’s house. I wished I could eat it again…

I gulped down the saliva in my throat as I was reminded of the soft and juicy texture of the dish. 

Then, the very man I was thinking about, Keigo Okuda, came in a wagon. I guess even a rare thing could happen once in a while. 

Keigo Okuda said that he wanted to meet with Bavarian-sama. Right now, Bavarian-sama was taking a stroll in the garden. He didn’t have anything special to do. 

I asked Keigo Okuda to wait for a moment and then I went on to get Bavarian-sama’s permission. I then guided Keigo Okuda to the stable and secured his wagon there and then I guided him to Bavarian-sama’s office. 

I knocked on the door before entering. I then stood next to the office’s door, making sure I wouldn’t become a hindrance to Keigo Okuda and Bavarian-sama. 

“Keigo. I’m glad you’ve come. Please, sit down first.”


As always, he was still speaking in a broken language. 

Keigo took a seat on a sofa that was part of the luxurious seating set. Then he took a bottle out of his bag and placed it on top of the table. He then wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it over to Bavarian-sama. 

Upon reading the content of the letter, Bavarian-sama’s eyes widened in shock. Unable to contain my curiosity, I took a peek at the paper. 

【Egil Recovery Potion: Can recover HP (big) and can restore the lost parts.】

The most important thing written on the paper was “restore the lost parts”. I’ve heard about potions that could restore someone’s lost part but this was the first time I actually saw it with my very own eyes. 

Bavarian-sama timidly took the potion into his hand and slowly drank it. Then, light particles started to accumulate and his right arm was restored. It was just like magic. No, it must be magic for real. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I started to tremble at the sight. 

“Donny, bring a big bag of coins.”


I showed the treasurer the note from Bavarian-sama and then carried a big bag filled with 2000 gold coins back to the office as soon as possible. 

But Keigo-sama gestured that he didn’t want to be paid. What a man he was. I honestly admired this man’s selflessness. Keigo Okuda had saved Bavarian-sama twice, someone I had pledged my allegiance to. This was the moment I became greatly indebted to him. 

The change didn’t only affect Bavarian-sama’s arm. His hair, that had turned gray and thin due to the shock of losing his arm, also returned to its black and luxuriant self just like when Bavarian-sama was still young!

I had a stupid thought in my mind that maybe baldness was also considered as a “lost part”. A lot of the people in the upper echelons had problems with hair loss. If this thing became widely known, things would definitely become very troublesome.

I vowed to keep my lips sealed shut for the sake of my great benefactor. 


T/N: WELL NOW NOW NOW, TURNS OUT THAT POTION CAN BE USED TO FIX HAIR LOSS?? Our MC will be in deep deep trouble if this fact becomes known. Red bear will become extinct too. Also RiUP is a Japanese brand for hair loss medicine. Do you guys have hair loss medicine in your place too? Here, we have hair loss PREVENTION serum/oil/whatever but not hair loss medicine. 

  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter! Nothing “scarier” than guys & their hair loss (although, to be more serious, women suffer from it too, it’s just not so visible usually). Guys do tend to be ver paranoid about the subject.

  2. Paul has spoken 2 years ago

    Just to point it out, Margo’s bald (at least in the manga) but that’s unknown if that’s intentional.


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