Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 140

Chapter 140


I went to the river early in the morning and when I was cleaning the fish I caught right here and there, I found that the fish was packed full of eggs that tasted similar to cod roe. To prevent food poisoning, I used ice magic to freeze the fish before I brought it back home with me. (Though Poison Resistance also worked against food poisoning so I should be alright but well, I still freeze it just to be safe anyway)

After I thawed the fish, I pickled the fish roe, which tasted similar to cod roe,  in salt. Aside from the portion I was going to make into sashimi, the rest of the fish meat would be turned into dried fish. 

While I was processing the fish, suddenly there were 3 beautiful women donned in a coat approaching the gate of my hut. They seemed to be appealing to me about something but I couldn’t understand them since they were speaking in the Lancaster language. Also, for some reason, Ash was growling.

For the time being, I approached them and using gestures, I asked “is there anything I can do for you” to them.

The women then clasped our hands together and said “please help us!” using gestures. There was no way I could leave these women standing outside in a cold weather like this even though they were wearing a coat, so I decided to invite them into the hut where there was a warm fireplace. 

After I finished preparing the fish and washed my hand with cold water, I also went into the hut. Then, the lightly dressed ladies who had taken their coats off, stood from the stump chair by the fireplace and clasped my hand with theirs as they said “thank you” to me in the Lancaster language. 

I could smell a nice scent coming from them. Reflexively, I was about to lose my self-control in front of these women. Geez, they were really tempting, like a poison in my eyes. 

I then urged the ladies to sit back on the stump chairs. I boiled hot water in the fireplace to make marble herb tea for the ladies, since their bodies seemed to be cold.

I asked them what had happened and apparently they were running away because they were being chased by someone. From the way they were dressing up, it seemed they had run into some sort of trouble in the red-light district. The blacksmith workplace was empty so I pointed toward the blacksmith hut and using gestures, conveyed to them that they could stay there as long as they liked. 

Once again, the ladies said “thank you” to me and before I knew it, Ash had grown quiet around them. 


I decided that I should go to sleep early today because I was tired after taking care of other people today. Something that I hadn’t done for a long time. I had prepared a hot bath for the ladies outside and so, I gestured to them that I was going to go to sleep first and then, I went under the covers. 

Phew… Finally I can be at peace.

I really liked this moment more than anything else.


I fell asleep immediately as soon as I hit the bed but then, I was woken up suddenly. The three ladies, clad only in lingerie, were coming into my bed. They slammed the door shut and with a bewitching smile on their face, these beautiful ladies sidled up to me. 

“Wai-Wait a moment… Please wait!!”

Out of reflex, I yelled in Japanese. On the other side, Ash snorted at me and curled up on top of the bed again, looking exasperated. 

But, when I was barely exchanging offense and defense against these three beautiful women, Ash suddenly growled. 


Someone was violently banging the door of the hut. 


With a hellfire sword in one hand, I opened the door and there, I saw a guy with a mohawk hairstyle that looked like a thug. The mohawk guy took out a long and slender sword and pointed it toward the ladies. He was saying something and then he jeered at me.

Maybe he was saying something along the lines of “how dare you get your hands on my women?!”.

Ah.. Is this… The so-called ‘tsutsumotase’? The one where they’re trying to trap me by using a woman to seduce me? 

The mohawk guy put down a bottle of potion in front of me and said that I had to give him this. It was at this point that I could guess who sent this guy. I assumed he was talking about the potion that I used to heal Bavarian-sama’s missing right arm.

If that’s the case then…

I went outside and distanced myself from the mohawk guy. Brandishing my hellfire sword, I sent a fireball flying to the mohawk guy and made his hair caught on fire. 

Screaming, the mohawk guy rolled his body on the ground. Then, the mohawk guy vigorously thrusted his head into a bucket of water.


The mohawk guy had transformed into an afro guy. 

The afro guy then stood up and ran away while threatening me, saying something that I assumed was “you will regret this!”.

I then glanced at the ladies, their faces were ghastly pale. 

Tsutsumotase, huh…. I know it’s a trap but I don’t really understand what’s going on. It is against my principle to kick out a woman when it’s cold outside. I’m basically soft against women so I can’t really act harsh against them. 

While I was at a loss of what I should do, Margo and the others came in a wagon. When I saw who was coming here together with Margo, my eyes widened in shock subconsciously. 


T/N: “Poison in my eyes” is like something bad that is better not to be seen otherwise, you will want it. 

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