Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 142

Chapter 142


Yurina-san and I were holding hands while watching the fluttering snow crystals for a while. Our glittering white breath was the tell-tale of how cold the outside air was but strangely enough, I didn’t feel cold in the slightest. Instead, my heart felt warm, like I was sitting by the fireplace. But, I didn’t want her to get sick because of the cold. 

Just when I was thinking that we should get back into the hut soon, suddenly I could hear the loud falling sound of the barrels that I had lined up next to the hut’s wall. At the same time, Ash came running at full speed and jumped on me. 

I caught Ash into my arms and fell on my back. Ash then licked my face excitedly. 

Looking at the falling barrels, I saw Margo, Juno, Sarasa and Elsa. Apparently, Ash, who was currently being held in my arms, was unable to hold himself back and came rushing to me. 

With an awkward, embarrassed expression on their face because they got found out, my best friends approached us. When I threw Ash onto the snow covered ground, he kept on running in circles, as if he was trying to congratulate Yurina-san and I. 

My best friends who were drawing near, unanimously said ‘congratulations’ in a teasing, merrily way. Juno and Margo were even whistling through their fingers at us. 

These guys…  Just how long have they been watching us?


After that, we had a drinking party along with snacks in order to celebrate Yurina-san and I’s love story. I had never even dreamed that such a joyful night would come before me. I didn’t make soup from mylene herbs as a way to get back at them for peeking at me.

On a night like this, let’s drink the night away until we have a hangover.

The cheese mentai rolled egg received a very favorable praise so I made another batch of them and served them on the table. At this rate, it seemed it’d take me until tomorrow’s late afternoon before I could send the three ladies sleeping in the blacksmith hut back to Resta. 

While thinking ‘good grief’ to myself, I gulped the liquor with ice in one go as I watched the crackling firewood in the fireplace. When I glanced at Yurina-san who was sitting next to me, I saw her shrugging her shoulders as she chuckled. She must’ve known what was going on inside my heart. 

Yurina-san was starting to get sleepy, she was nodding her head off so I brought her to my bed and tucked her in warmly with the quilt made from red grizzly bear fur. As soon as I finished tucking her in, she immediately fell asleep. The sound of her cute sleeping breath could be heard. 

As for me, I wrapped myself in a futon while hugging Ash in my arms. Furthermore, Margo and the others were also going to use the quilt made from fur that they had always used when they stayed the night at my place. These quilts were something that Sarasa brought to my house on her own. 

And so, I lost my consciousness to sleep before long with Margo and the other’s jovial singing voice as the background music. 


T/N: The issue is resolved peacefully~ Our MC is not a harem king so honey trap won’t work on him~ He’s too apathetic after all.


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