Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 151

Chapter 151


The next morning, I took care of the animals and trained while Yurina-san cooked breakfast. While we were doing so, Margo and Sarasa arrived with Yurina-san’s luggage. 

Margo and I carried the heavy wooden closet into the bedroom-cum-living room. 

Now then, I’m going to get into cooking as a way to thank Margo and Sarasa. 


After that, I decided to go fishing in the river.

Apparently Margo and Sarasa couldn’t forget the taste of the cheese mentai rolled egg from the other day so they pestered me to make it again. However, I didn’t have any fish roe left so I had to go and get some first. 

After donning my equipment, I packed my fishing gear and headed to the river. I entrusted Margo, Yurina-san and Sarasa to take care of the house while I was gone. There was no way I could leave the women alone in the house since there might be other people like that Afro Boss coming to attack us again. Ash, who was being held by Yurina-san, was also staying at home.


After kissing Yurina-san goodbye, I slowly drove through the snow-laced field to the river in a wagon. 


T/N: This chapter is so short! Too short! 

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