Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 153

Chapter 153


I arrived at my home in the evening. Upon arriving, Ash immediately jumped on me. 

Ash is really the cutest thing in the world. 

Margo, Sarasa and Yurina-san who were coming out to greet me, inclined their heads to the side upon seeing me bringing back the giant urchins or should I say, the huge uni. 

I guess the people in this world didn’t eat sea urchins. Though when I think about it, just who would ever think of eating such a grotesque thing like this? I couldn’t help but to think the ancestors who ate this sea urchin first were really amazing. 

Now then, let’s take our time to make a sea urchin based dish today. 

While I was preparing the sea urchin, I decided to boil water for a drum-bathtub in order to relieve the fatigue from my body after battling today.

First thing first, when you think of sea urchin based dish, of course raw sea urchin is the best.

The brined raw sea urchin that was served in a glass together with salt water at a restaurant I went to before was both exquisite in appearance and taste wise. 

Let’s prepare it like in that restaurant. 

I laid out the glass and put the raw sea urchin in the salt water. It would taste better cold with ice in it so I put the ice I had made with magic in there too. Then, I served it on the table in the living room. 

Margo, Sarasa and Yurina-san became stiff after they scooped the raw sea urchin into their mouth with a spoon. Then, they started eating the raw sea urchin with great vigor. When they finished, they handed me the glass back like they were offering a prayer. The glass was completely devoid of any raw sea urchin, only salt water remained. 

Sarasa, you’re ruining your beautiful look when you have food scraps in your mouth.

After preparing another serving of raw sea urchin, I decided to make an omelet with raw sea urchin in the open fire stove.

I beat herb chicken eggs together with raw sea urchin and cheese and finished it off by frying it on a pan until it became fluffy. I seasoned it with salt and my secret ingredient, bargo fruit wine. Finally I finished the dish off by adding raw sea urchin on top of the omelet. 

I made 5 omelets for all of us, Ash included. 

The rich scent permeated through the room, Ash’s fur became sticky from drool. 

I guess after this I need to take a bath together with him to make him all clean and pretty again. 


The ice was added into the glass with a clinking sound. Yurina-san then poured some distilled liquor into the glass. This distilled liquor was the one that Mama had given to me, Yurina-san, Margo and the others. I continued making fluffy sea urchin omelets while sipping a glass of distilled liquor. 

When Margo, Sarasa and Yurina-san ate the omelet, their reaction was beyond my expectation. They were crying while eating it. 

Maybe the alcohol is getting into these guys?


After making a good amount of food, I decided to get into the drum-bathtub. Cooking felt worthwhile if I could make them happy to that extent. 

With an iced glass of distilled liquor on one hand and a towel on my head, I soaked in the tub. 


Ash was dog-paddling happily in the tub. 

“This is the best.”

I sighed in the midst of a steam drifting to the sky. There was no cloud in the sky tonight. The clear winter night sky was adorned with stars. 

Suddenly, I could see someone approaching me. I couldn’t see clearly because of the steam. Maybe Margo was coming to urge me to cook more omelets? 


“Cough! Cough cough…!”

But as soon as the figure became clear to me, I immediately coughed magnificently thanks to the distilled liquor entering my trachea because of how surprised I was. 

Yurina-san was coming to get into the tub. Her naked body was only covered by a piece of towel. 

Overwhelmed by embarrassment, I turned my body away completely from her. Maybe because she became embarrassed as well after seeing my reaction, Yurina-san also turned her back on me. 

Ah, my shoulder is touching Yurina-san’s shoulder. 

Her soft, fair skin felt like a silk against me. 

Inside the drum-bathtub, two people were completely stiff with their backs against each other. Our faces were bright red. 

Just who gave her this idea? Those idiots. Sarasa must be the biggest culprit and Margo the second. 

Ash jumped down from the drum-bathtub with a splash, as if he was exasperated. He shook the water away from his body, splashing water everywhere. 

Anymore than this is definitely impossible for me, in one way or another. I don’t mind even if they call me a coward. 

Since Ash had given me the perfect opportunity, I gestured to Yurina-san that I would be going first. Then, I successfully left the place with Ash in my arms. 


T/N: Ahhhh! I hope Yurina-san doesn’t think MC hates her or anything! MC is just awkward and needs to take things slowwwwwly! Yurina-san! Please don’t misunderstand! 

  1. Randwe has spoken 5 months ago

    Just wanted to say, after reading the chapter and reaching the bottom, there was an ad for “practice safer sex” lol

  2. BellCross Wolfstein has spoken 5 months ago

    Is Ash a male wolf?

    • luukia has spoken 5 months ago

      I assume so. The jp raw didn’t really specify Ash’s gender but it’s hard to keep genderless pronoun in english tl.

  3. hehaaw has spoken 11 months ago

    It seems like there are 5 side chapters after ch. 156, will you translate the? Thanks for they new chapters anyway.

    • luukia has spoken 11 months ago

      Yes. I don’t have any plan on dropping this novel. It’s just that, I can’t translate as much as I used to. Back then I can translate about… idk, 20 chapters/week? But these days I can only get maybe 5 chapters/week at most.


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