Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 159.4

Chapter 159.4 : (Yurina’s POV) There Are Love That Came to Fruition Because of Language Barrier


After that, I pushed myself hard at work. From washing dishes, cleaning and laundry. There wasn’t much a child like me could do and yet, the people at this establishment welcomed me with open arms. 

Josephine-san also picked up other children from the slums and raised them in this establishment she managed. All of the women here, we all lived huddled up together. Every woman here called Josephine-san ‘Mama’. This full of endearment title was born because Josephine-san loved us dearly just like a real mother.

Our pub, Butterfly’s Cradle, was like a real cradle, for giving me a life where no one would hit me anymore. The wound in my heart was healed little by little. 


Many years had passed since then and I had completely grown into an adult. And then, I suddenly fell in love. That person was my first love. I had received numerous love confessions from the men that came to the pub but maybe because of the trauma I had from my drunk and violent father, I never fell for the drunk patron of this pub. 

Besides, Mama had already drilled the technique for me to defend myself against men and along with Mama’s shining,watchful eyes, no men were able to force me to take their hand. That was why I always thought I would never get close with men more than necessary. 

But the man I fell in love with was somewhat lonely, as if he was looking somewhere no one else knew about and I found that part of him peculiar. He couldn’t speak but he could read and write. He wrote a book and gave it to me as a present.

Exchanging letters felt fresh and brand new to me. It was wonderful how careful and conscientious words were written in order to convey one’s thoughts. It made me think to myself,”what a man he is, his words feel so tender and kind”.

He was a shy one but, his gaze was filled with kindness as he stared at me. From the words he used, I could see he was a man with a very delicate and yet strong heart.

For myself who had been traumatized with violence and cruel words, I felt so comfortable exchanging gentle words with him. I couldn’t help but to be fond of him, who said,”I’m not really good with other people”.


I had fallen in love with this person a long time ago. 

One day, I visited his house. And then, I watched the first snow together with him. At that time, we conveyed our feelings to each other. When he was shedding tears as he sang the perfect melody for the snow, I reflexively hugged him and stroked his head while saying,”It’s alright.”

He was so, so lovely. I couldn’t help but to adore him. At that time, the emotional scars that I carried must’ve completely disappeared along with the light snowfall.


T/N: Two lonely people falling in love~

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