Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 16

Chapter 16



After leaving Sarasa’s store, I went to the grocery store to buy bread, water, dried meat, greens and some liquor that looked like wine. Since I had obtained a cart, I decided to buy a little bit more dried meat and liquor than usual for my stockpile. In total, everything cost 4 silver coins and 8 copper coins. 

Next, I went to Margo’s weapon and armor store. Appraising the sign, I knew the store was called Mole’s Anvil. I decided to show the gold coins I had and asked for his advice. Margo looked like he was deep in thought as he scratched his chin with his hand.

Then from between the armor and weapons he displayed, he took out a gauntlet and greave made from a relatively light leather. He also brought me a light armor made from the same material. 

Every one of them looked better than the leather armor I currently had. Oh, he also took the pretty nice shortsword I had been eyeing earlier. 

I tried appraising the current armor I wore just because. 

【Shortsword: Made from inferior iron. A sword made from the lowest grade material.】

【Leather Armor: Armor made from animal’s skin. Made from the lowest grade material.】

As a comparison, I appraised the armor Margo recommended to me. 

【Shortsword: Made from pig iron. A sword made from a normal grade material.】

【Light Armor: A normal grade armor made from monster’s skin.】

【Light Gauntlet: A normal grade gauntlet made from monster’s skin.】

【Light Greave: A normal grade greave made from monster’s skin.】

There you go.

Although my appraisal skill couldn’t tell me about the material used in detail, I could still know for sure that this new armor was of better quality than my current one. 

The shortsword was 8 gold coins while the complete set of the light armor including the gauntlet and greave cost 20 gold coins. In total, the whole set cost 28 gold coins but he gave me a discount so I only had to pay 27 gold coins. 

I traded in my current equipment back to margo and including the drop in quality from being used, I still got 8 silver coins in return. I said ‘thank you’ in the local language and shook hands with Margo too. 

He then grinned jovially at me, thumped my shoulder with his fist and made a gesture that said “do your best!”.

“Thank you, Margo.”

I accidentally replied in Japanese which made me go ‘oops’ but I guess Margo understood what I meant. He still kept the same cheerful smile on his face. 


I left Margo’s store and decided to return to my shed while pulling the cart with me. I encountered a slime on my way back so I defeated it. I also saw berzin herb and irene herb so I pulled the whole plants up to their root, put them in the cart and brought them back with me.


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