Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 161.1

Chapter 161.1


After practicing the newly acquired skills, I decided to procure some food and alcohol in bulk. The skills that Bruno-san taught me, shield bash, was a skill that allowed me to hit and knock my opponent back with a shield. While round slash was a sword skill that allowed me to slash the enemy with my sword while spinning in a full circular motion sideways. 

These two skills would be useful in a battle where I had to defend myself while fighting multiple enemies. According to my conversation with Yaoran, the sales promotion girl, in the past Bruno-san was called as (Bruno the Gale). He was a pretty skilled adventurer.

Right, right. Since this was an art town, Bruno-san’s shop also sold lute. Since I had dabbled with a guitar before, I bought the lute for 3 gold coins and 8 silver coins. I should practice playing it.

And now, I went to buy food in my new covered wagon. Since this wagon was bigger than before, it could carry a much bigger load too. I was grateful for that simple fact. In addition to food, a grilling stand and charcoal were on sale too. They seemed useful for cooking so I also decided to get them. 

As I was looking down from the driver’s side of the wagon, Rocinante looked somewhat happy to have a new partner, May Queen (name courtesy of me). The driver’s side and the living space was pretty big, it could serve as a good place to shelter from the rain and wind. Buying this wagon was really the right decision.

I paid the young boy another silver coins to ask him to work in transshiping our luggage. 

When I returned to the inn, Yurina-san looked more spirited than before, maybe because she just had a good and nice rest. Since we were already here, the three of us (along with Ash) decided to walk around the town. 

Yurina-san and I were walking slowly in town with our fingers interlocked together. At our feet, Ash was walking a half-step ahead from us while occasionally looking up at us.

We saw a clown juggling with daggers in the snow. When the clown finished juggling,the clown turned his hat around, asking for us to toss coins to him. I handed 3 copper coins to Yurina-san and the two of us tossed the coin at the clown and gave the clown a round of applause. 

Not just a clown, the plaza was filled with other street performers like portrait painters and musicians. We had the painter draw a picture of us, with me holding Ash in my arms and the end result was even better than my expectations so I paid the painter double the asking price. Instead of 2 silver coins, I gave the painter 4 silver coins.

We bought skewered meat and shellfish from the food stalls and ate our food while enjoying the street performances.

In the middle of the plaza, there was a large tent where they seemed to be showcasing a performance. The three of us paid 9 copper coins for the viewing fee and went into the tent. There, we were immediately wrapped by the cheers and enthusiasm of the audiences.

A play was being played on the stage. Yurina-san’s face lit up as she saw the play. Our hands were still interlocked together. I felt so much happier looking at Yurina-san’s happy face rather than watching the play. 

After we finished enjoying the play, we immediately went to check out from the inn so we could leave Tairant City. Now that we were being chased after by a noble, it wouldn’t be good to stay in one town for a long time. 

And then it turned out my hunch was right. We were totally oblivious to the fact that we had escaped from our pursuer sent by Heinrich by a hair’s breadth. 


T/N: Finally! They have a roof over their head! No more getting soaked by rain or snow!

  1. Brian Gallacher has spoken 1 year ago

    Major suggestion have MC learn earth magic so he can create a temporary shelter for his horses while traveling
    Like in avatar last air bender toph makes earth tent
    Checkout YouTube video every earth ending toph, at 4.54

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Though knowing MC’s talent, I doubt MC can utilize earth magic to make earth wall… Maybe at most MC can only make “mud ball”…..

    • Brian Gallacher has spoken 1 year ago

      An earth tent can also be used as a form of defense from attacks in extreme situations or as a platform in event your MC ever falls off a cliff

      • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

        True! I think the MC from that cooking manga with wolf and slime also use earth magic to build temporary shelter.


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