A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 162

Chapter 162


We decided to go east after we acquired a covered wagon. We didn’t have any particular destination so we could take it easy.

Even though it was warmer being inside of the wagon, Yurina-san still insisted on sitting next to me in the driver seat. Naturally, Ash would feel lonely being left alone in the luggage side so the three of us, two humans and one animal, were sitting huddled up together in the driver seat to warm each other up.

Our covered wagon advancing through the snow covered world. On the ceiling of our covered wagon, snow ferrets that had jumped from nearby trees were running around. Several snowbirds with feathers as white as snow were perched on the horseback, resting their wings.

It was truly a tranquil scenery.

There was a rural village and river within sight that weren’t drawn on the map. 

I decided to camp here, the location was nice. It’d be nice to have a nice warm bath since it had been a while since we last had one. There could be mermans and other aquatic monsters near the river so I parked the carriage a little distance away from the river then I approached the river on foot. And then…


My uni-, no, I mean, a giant urchin and 3 mermans emerged from the water. At the same time, one of the blue wolves appeared beside me. 


A few weeks ago, I would’ve felt like I was in a great pinch but that was not the case right now. In fact, when I remembered how delicious that uni was, I ended up drooling unconsciously. 

I unsheathed my wolverine thunder sword and readied my shield up. While the blue wolf was distracting the giant urchin, I went to take care of those three mermans.

I unleashed a shield bash skill at one out of the three mermans that were surrounding me to knock it off. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Shield Bash level 2』

After breaking free from their crowding besiegement, I banged my shield, making noise to attract the attention of the mermans and went up to the dry land. The three merman then surrounded me once again and I quickly unleashed round slash, a new sword skill I had just learned.


A flash of electric shock appeared in accordance with my rotating movement. It was just like the skill ‘Giga Slash’ from Dragon Quest. Then the three merman received lightning attribute slash head on and fell on the ground with their face facing the sky. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Round Slash level 2』

“Okay, let’s defeat the uni next.”

I stealthily approached the giant uni from behind while the giant uni was focusing on shooting its thorn at the blue wolf and once I was close enough, I stabbed the giant uni with my wolverine thunder sword.

Okay, we got the giant uni. I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner. 


T/N: I had a hard time figuring out this ド○クエのギ○スラッシュ part. I never played Dragon Quest… The author is really into old school games…. I’m not old enough to understand the reference… 

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