Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 166.3

Chapter 166.3: (Donny’s POV) Looks Like an Adult at First but It Turns Out His Head Is That of an Adult Too?! Inept Detective Donny!


After parting ways with Juno and Elsa, I headed off to Tairant, a city located north from Resta. 

I was sitting on the stagecoach part of the wagon in the middle of the freezing cold, warming my body by drinking milan fruit wine from a flask. I had warmed this fruit wine beforehand by the bonfire before. After the hot liquor traveled through my throat, I deeply sighed out a white and drunken breath. Then I slowly chewed a dried meat made from deer. I kept on chewing in order to keep myself awake.

Yeah, it’s delicious. 

Juno and Elsa gave me some food from the cabin they were staying at since it’d be a waste to spend my time cooking meals during my travels. Ever since I had been captured by Heinrich’s soldier, I had been surviving without drinking or eating so it was natural the meal I had finally got would taste so incredibly delicious. I could feel my body was overjoyed to finally be able to eat. 

“Hey, Horsie, won’t you say something to me? I’m bored.”

I said to the mare that was pulling the wagon I was in but I received no reply in return.

If I was traveling with someone, I could distract myself by talking with them but unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to talk to right now. Having no one to talk with throughout the day, by the time I realized it I had already found myself talking to the horse. 

If I don’t meet and join Keigo group soon, I might be in serious trouble. 

“Horsie, I’m sorry but I will need you to pick up the pace.”

I made Horsie continue to run with all of her might until she reached her limit. Of course I still made sure to give her water and much needed breaks. I encountered some monsters along the way but fortunately it was just some small fry like goblins so it was not a problem for me. 

And then, I finally arrived at Tairant. First, I dropped my luggage at an inn I was familiar with.

Now then, it’s time for me to start finding his track. 

First, I went to the adventurers’ guild but what a surprise. I found a portrait of Keigo and Yurina on the bulletin board. There was a request to search for them under the name of a noble from Tairant. It was said the noble would give 20 gold coins in exchange for the information of their whereabouts?

In my head, the image of the noble from Tairant came to my mind. He was someone with three triple trouble traits. Fat, short and bald. I was acquainted with him since he was a close associate of Bavarian-sama. Most probably, Heinrich-sama was using the part healing potion as bait to move the noble from Tairant. 

If only we could make our move better, we could’ve used the noble from Tairant to restrict Heinrich-sama’s movement instead…. Putting his personality aside, Heinrich-sama was actually a pretty capable person. 

Well, if we can predict what Heinrich-sama is thinking then this problem wouldn’t exist in the first place. 

Pretending to take this quest, I took Keigo and Yurina’s portrait and started searching for information about them. 

Then the night came. I sat at a desk by myself, then by relying only on the light from the lantern as a source of light, I started to write down the information I had gathered from my travels and asking around the city for the last few days on a paper. 

Keigo and Yurina were in this town, Tairant, a few days ago. Then Keigo switched his ordinary wagon for a covered wagon. He bought a shield and sword skill and practiced those said skills. He threw some coins to a street performer on the roadside of the town and had his portrait taken by a portrait painter in the central plaza. 

After that, Keigo and Yurina went on to watch a play, the two of them looked intimate as they watched it. I was also able to pinpoint the specific inn Keigo was staying at along with the young errand boy that was tending to them. Up until this point, the information gathering was doing great but people were naturally feeling less inclined to talk about their acquaintance to a stranger at a moment’s notice. 

However, this was where the gemstone-like magical device that Juno handed to me proved to be useful.

According to the errand boy that had taken care of Keigo and the other, Keigo said that he was going to capture a ‘Giant Urchin’. Speaking of Giant Urchin, Giant Urchin is a troublesome aquatic monster that uses flying thorns as a means of attack. They are going to eat such a grotesque thing…?

However, there is no other clue but that. If that information is true then they must be heading to a road with a river beside it. 

After summarizing the information I had gathered up to that point, I sent the letter I intended for Juno to Josephine-san, the Mama from Butterfly’s Cradle Pub at the entertainment district of Resta.


T/N: You know, I also want to meet the first person that saw an urchin, cracked it open and be like “this yellow thing must be delicious!”. 

  1. Lisz Arezo has spoken 1 year ago

    There is a lot of food like that.

    Potatos are poison raw,

    Wild Banana are unedible for their seed.

    We have also this poinos Japan fish who need bibisection before eat.

    • mojo has spoken 1 year ago

      It’s only the green parts of the skin that are poison on a potato, it’s a reaction to sun exposure. I used to snack on raw ones as a child. In fact Glycoalkaloids (poison in potatoes) are not broken down by cooking or frying.

  2. CountryMage has spoken 1 year ago

    It was probably more along the lines of, well I’m starving and this thing was the only thing caught in my traps. What do I have to lose?


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