Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 171

Chapter 171


After I dismantled the purple tarantula, I obtained its poison sac, thread as well as explosive materials that were meant to help the purple tarantula send the thorns covering its whole body flying at its enemy. Apparently this purple tarantula, not only was able to create a poison from its own body but it was able to produce explosive material as well. The explosive material seemed like a dangerous thing but I still kept it anyway since I still didn’t know what I could use it for. 

While I was still nursing Yurina-san, I had already finished collecting monster materials and chopping wood so I was feeling bored since I didn’t have anything to do.

And so, I decided to try to make something out of the materials I obtained from the purple tarantula.

First, its venom.

I tried mixing purple tarantula’s venom gland with donur poison and then…

【Tarantin Deadly Poison: An enhanced version of a spider’s venom. This poison is so strong that it’s effectivity if simply out of this world. Most creature will die in an instant. Poison Resistance level 8 is required to withstand this poison.】

A pretty dangerous thing had been created. If I wasn’t wrong, you need Poison Resistance level 7 for donur poison so just from that fact alone, you could already imagine how powerful this new poison was. 

I soaked a few arrows in Tarantin Deadly Poison to make a poison arrow out of it so I could use it when I was in a crunch. 

Also, since I was basically entangled with a noble, there might come a time when I needed to fight other people even though I personally didn’t want to fight anyone. I wanted to have some sort of weapon that I could use that wouldn’t cause a fatal wound that might kill someone.

Hmm… Is there any idea I can come up with…. Right. It is in the middle of winter so there are a lot of fallen dry nuts in sight. Maybe I can use it….

I gathered the dried nuts and gouged the inside out so only its thin skin would be all that left. Then, I took out this particular material I had obtained from the purple tarantula. 

【Spider Explosive: Explodes upon impact.】

I wrapped the explosive with paper and placed it on the center of the hollowed nut. Then I poured a mixture of wheat flour and finely crushed gleene paralyzing grass around the explosive material. After that, I joined the other half of the nut with resin to finish it off. 

My homemade paralyzing hand grenade was complete.

Using the same method, I covered the explosive powder with the spider thread I had unraveled so that it wouldn’t get tangled in place of the paralyzing powder. I decided to name this one, Spider Thread Hand Grenade. 

To test it out, I threw both kinds of hand grenades into the trees and the hand grenade immediately exploded upon impact. The paralyzing hand grenade looked good. The grenade sent up a cloud of powder smoke up in the air so I used ‘wind’ magic to prevent the smoke from drifting toward me. 

As for the spider thread hand grenade, the spider thread got stuck on the trees when the grenade exploded. It seemed just one of these grenades would be enough to immobilize a person. 

These spider thread hand grenades and paralyzing hand grenades were both simple to use since you only had to throw it at your opponent so Yurina-san must be able to use them too. I was also happy that I could use them for hunting to secure our food supply since these grenades were both non toxic. 

Once Yurina-san was cured from her sickness, I would teach her how to use these for her own self-defense.

“Now then. It’s time for me to start cooking soon.”

I basically had created a new weapon from purple tarantula’s material so I went back to nurse Yurina-san again.


T/N: That purple tarantula is kinda like isekai-ed Bakugou then. Also according to the author’s note it seems the LN version doesn’t have this hand grenade. Since the manga follows the LN, that means you won’t get to see the hand grenade in action in the manga either. Seems like the hand grenade is WN exclusive weapon. 

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