Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 189

Chapter 189


The next morning, after we finished with our morning practice and breakfast, we decided to go to the adventurers’ guild of Baileys city. Yurina-san’s Throwing skill had been raised by 3 levels and it was powerful enough to be able to pierce a goblin’s head. Her skill could become as powerful as a pistol. Next, if only we could grant either wind or earth attribute to the ball that served as her bullet, we could raise her offensive capability even further…. 


Although I was chuckling in secret, I felt like I  would be in grave danger in the event of a marital quarrel if I did extreme modification on Yurina-san. 

“There are a lot of things I want to do but first thing first, I need to find a way on how to get away from Heinrich.”

Since we were going to show our face at the adventurers’ guild anyway, it would be a good idea to send the report of our monster subjugation while we were at it. According to the owner of the inn, the adventurers’ guild was too far to go on foot so we decided to go there on our wagon. We also wanted to shop for various things. 

“Found it.”

At the center of the plaza, west from the inn, a signboard of a dragon breathing fire could be seen. Compared to Resta, Baileys was several times bigger after all. 

Upon entering the adventurers’ guild that was much bigger than the one in Resta, I saw three reception counters. They were jammed packed with so many adventurers. Some of them were clearly non-human races. The bulletin board where they posted the request was large as well. There were a lot of request forms posted there. 

The first thing we had to do was to register Yurina-san as an adventurer. Pulling the anxious looking Yurina-san, we queued at the end of the line. 

Finally, it was our turn. We were greeted by a young girl who looked like she was born and raised in a city. 


As always, I couldn’t understand a word they said thanks to their unique pronunciation. Judging from the ambience around us, I knew she was only greeting us. At times like this, it was time for me to whip out my greatest skill, communicating with gestures, into act. If it didn’t work then, I would communicate in writing. 

I told the receptionist, who introduced herself as Vila, that I wanted to register Yurina-san as an adventurer and to report the monster we had subjugated. She gave us an ‘OK’ sign as she handed us a blank registration form. After that, she took out a magical device that looked like a crystal ball. 

Somehow, I’m feeling nostalgic. 

Reading the form, I filled out the required information.

I wonder what I should write her job is…

The adventurers’ guild card had an entry called job and I was registered as a ‘fighter’ when I first came to this world because my weapon of choice at that time was a dagger. I was listed as ‘magic warrior’ as of now since I could use both magic and sword though. On the other side, Yurina-san’s weapon of choice was a slingshot. 

A shooter?  But a ‘shooter’ is not part of the job classification listed by the adventurers’ guild.

We showed the slingshot to the receptionist and after discussing it with her, it was decided Yurina-san would be registered as an archer. After that, Yurina-san held her hand over the crystal magic ball to perform a ritual required to write the status, level and other various informations on her adventurers’ guild card 

Yurina-san started off as an inferior iron class, just like me when I first became an adventurer. Well, her situation was entirely different from when I first started though. She was already level 7 and not to mention, she was able to win against a goblin easily. And also, she had already managed to complete a monster subjugation before she even registered as an adventurer. 

And so, in order to immediately raise Yurina-san’s class, we handed out the necessary body parts for the subjugation report. We handed in a subjugation report of  3 Merman, 1 Phantom Gird and 5 Goblins that we had defeated on our way here. By the way, I also handed the subjugation report of the monsters I had defeated, which was 1 Cockatrice, 3 Giant Urchins, 1 Serpent and 1 Purple Tarantula. We actually had defeated other small fries too but the points from the small fries monster was way too low for us to consider disassembling them. After all, there was only so much luggage we could carry during our journey. 

As a result of our subjugation report, Yurina-san rose from inferior iron class to bronze class and then to copper class. Unfortunately, she was one class short from the iron class. In addition, she received 97 guild points, 7 gold coins, 6 silver coins and 5 copper coins. 

Feeling so happy to be able to earn all of that all by herself, Yurina-san held her cheek with both of her hands ecstatically. Although Ash most probably didn’t understand what Yurina-san was feeling happy about, or maybe he was just feeling happy upon seeing how excited Yurina-san was, he jumped up and down happily together with Yurina-san.

As for me, I received 321 guild points, 42 gold coins, 8 silver coins and 2 copper coins. In addition with the guild points I had accumulated, I now had over 500 guild points so I might choose to learn either another magic or martial skill together with Yurina-san who would be using her beginner’s perk. 


T/N: Imagine if MC did something wrong and Yurina-san threw a stone at MC’s head out of anger. MC would get isekai-ed to another world in an instant. Though, I doubt it will happen since MC seems like a decent guy albeit a bit old fashioned. 

  1. lera has spoken 1 month ago

    now imagine you at your childhood doing some stupid and, dare i say it, goofy things. and your mother catches you after. you would normally run, but what if your mother have a throwing skill lv 10 and equipped with enchanted chancla +1. i pity thier child

  2. BellCross Wolfstein has spoken 5 months ago

    If Keigo can’t find protection from the higher ups.
    Then the best thing that he should do is reach lvl 100 and have the power to decimate armies with him alone.

  3. Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 8 months ago

    Can you explain what are the different rankings from lowest to highest? Isn’t it to be that yurina went from copper class to bronze class then inferior iron? Wouldn’t superior iron be the next class?

    • luukia has spoken 8 months ago

      Iirc it went like…
      Inferior iron -> copper -> bronze -> iron
      Idk why theres such a huge gap between inferior iron and iron though. I guess author just wants to become unique instead of using the usual classification we often see in isekai.

  4. Blazer has spoken 8 months ago

    Yurina should treat her throwing things like a boxer treat their fist. Those guns be lethal yo/

  5. CountryMage has spoken 8 months ago

    The template/cliche scenario is Keigo getting caught hanging out with Juno and the others at another of those girlie bars, and Yurina throwing dishes or pots and pans at him. Which would be lethal with her skills.

    • Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 8 months ago

      ah yes cliché but deadly enough to isekai him more than truck-kun

      [wpd-tenor full=’yUqKY2BlKvcAAAAM/wheeze-laugh.gif’ preview=’yUqKY2BlKvcAAAAe/wheeze-laugh.png’ width=’410′ height=’274′]


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