Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 199

Chapter 199


After departing from the hot spring city, Howai, for about a month, we finally arrived at Resta. 

“Somehow, I’m feeling very nostalgic.”

What if the messages from that sphere ball were fake and it turns out Sarasa and the others are actually being beaten up by Heinrich…. Ah, what a baseless fear I have…

Nothing seemed to have changed even after we were getting closer to the city. Things should be just fine.

When we finally arrived at Resta, the old man who was working as a gatekeeper looked startled to see us before he waved his hands energetically at us. As we were passing through the gate just like that, the gatekeeper seemed to be in tears when he saw Donny-san with us. 

Which reminds me, since Donny-san was the captain of the soldier, that means he’s the ex-boss of that gatekeeper. I guess Donny-san is pretty well-liked and popular among his peers. 

Donny-san said he wanted to go to Bavarian-sama’s place while I was planning on heading straight to Margo’s store so we parted ways at the gate. The familiar path of the city felt really nostalgic to me.

After I parked the wagon next to Margo’s store, I went on to open the door together with Yurina-san and Ash.

The bell attached to the door jingled as we opened it.

Oooh, everyone is here.

I looked around the store to see the faces of my friends. 

“Everyone, I’m home.”

Then, almost immediately, Margo, Sarasa, Juno and Elsa, everyone bursted into tears before they started smiling and making different kinds of faces as we all hugged each other. Sarasa and Elsa then could be seen spinning in circles together with Ash. 

Ash, you’ve got it hard too, huh.

It seemed one of the gatekeepers had told Margo and the others about our arrival while we were stuck at the gate. 

We did it!


Just by using our facial expressions and gestures, Margo, Juno and I were able to convey those things to each other. I also wanted to hear how they were able to defeat Heinrich but….

“For now, I’m feeling dead tired. Why don’t we take our time talking while drinking ale?”

I said so with a mix of gestures from my side and everyone nodded their head in agreement. 

And so on that day, we reserved the dining hall in Elsa’s inn to hold a party. In addition to us, the member of Heinrich overthrown team (I was told that the team was called ‘Blue Brigade’) along with the Mama from the pub and the other girls who had protected and raised Yurina-san also joined the thank you party.

Yurina-san then….



Yurina then hugged Mama’s huge body really tight, making Mama’s usual stiff expression loosened right away as drops of glittering tears shimmered in her eyes. Yurina-san and Mama kept on talking for who knows how long. They were talking in Lancaster language so I couldn’t understand what they were talking about but the atmosphere around the two of them definitely felt like a family vibe. And so, that was why, I, who had become Yurina-san’s family, decided to join in their circle as well. 

After enjoying the long awaited happy celebration, I drank until I became drunk because of how pleasant I was feeling that I ended up making a dive onto the warm and fluffy bed in a room that Elsa had prepared for us. Then, just like that, my consciousness drifted off to sleep.


T/N: I wonder what they’re talking about? Maybe about their honeymoon? Since I assume Yurina-san never left the town. Also, this is the pic of the giant sea urchin.

The urchin really looks like a mid-tier monster… I wouldn’t even think of eating its genital if I were him…..

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