Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I locked myself inside the shed for a few hours. My face was all mushy from the snots and tears running down my face. It was almost time for lunch so my stomach started to growl. 

I knew deep in my head that I couldn’t stay like this forever but I was too terrified to take any action. In the end, the instinctive desire from being hungry gave me enough willpower to do something. 

For now, let’s analyze my current situation. I came to another world and the world was a dangerous one. I could say my survival difficulty here was higher than living in Japan without having any money. 

That goblin from before could break through the door and come here at any moment. You couldn’t fight a war on an empty stomach. 

I alternately ate the fresh raw egg that I had just harvested earlier and the kikkoman soy sauce I had stocked in the shed. 

Yeah, it’s delicious. For now, I’m glad I’ve become a farmer. 

The chickens laid eggs everyday and if I could keep on protecting this shed, I wouldn’t need to worry about starving to death for the foreseeable future. Besides, though I was in another world, I had seen a glimpse of a town. Judging from the distance, it would take me 3 hours to make a round trip there by foot. If that was the case then it was possible for me to buy and sell things there. 

Then I remembered. In an isekai novel, it was typical for the characters to have some sort of appraisal skill or be able to use magic or have some sort of superpower. 

Though in reality, when you came to another world for real, the rule from fantasy imagination wouldn’t necessarily be applicable. For a test, I looked at the chickens and said APPRAISAL! in my mind.

【Chicken:an ordinary chicken】was displayed. Below that, there were strings of characters that I couldn’t understand. 


Now, I am excited. Then what about myself?

I targeted myself and once again said APPRAISAL! in my mind. 

 【Keigo Okuda】was displayed along with strings of characters I couldn’t understand. 

I was actually a little disappointed because I had thought it would show my status or something. 

After roughly checking the items in the shed, I decided that I would survive. Maybe I got carried away because of my appraisal skill but it did give me a little bit of hope, right? If I could use appraisal, maybe I could also use magic. 

I think if a human doesn’t even have a slightest bit of hope, they wouldn’t be able to keep on living. 

I had a wooden container in the shed so I thought of using it to store rainwater. You could drink rainwater and having drinkable water was extremely crucial to survive. 

And so, with my sickle ready in hand, I slowly opened the door to the shed. 

It was 13:00 Japan Standard Time. I was certain because I had checked the time using my wristwatch. This watch was said to be unbreakable even if an elephant were to step on it and it could work by storing solar power. 

I believed this watch was a valuable item for my survival. I could measure how many hours until the sky turned dark or how many hours until dawn.

The outside was still bright. The sun was shining on top of the sky.

I promptly put the wooden container outside and checked the area around the shed. For the time being, I didn’t see any other living beings but there were various vegetations growing nearby. 

It wasn’t because I had taken an interest in agriculture these days but most probably, these plants didn’t even exist in Japan. I collected some of the unknown vegetation and returned back to the shed.


T/N: Having that kind of watch sure is convenient in isekai… Maybe I should start investing in those expensive but durable watch… ( ´ ▿ ` )

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    Invest in knowledge for survival👍 study Ray Mears lol not bear Grylls


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