Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 201

Chapter 201


His noble visage was nowhere to be seen anymore. He was clad in worn out rags, his cheeks hollowed because of how skinny he was and he was trembling all over, probably due the cold. And yet, despite everything, he was still staring and walking into my direction with resilience. It seemed he had been banished from the town. He was not dressed for the winter, especially not for the outside. Even though he probably never wanted to look at my face again, but it seemed he had no other choice but to come to the closest place he could think of, which was my house. 

……..In other words, this shabby looking man in front of me must be Heinrich without doubt. And if I were to ignore him here, he would definitely freeze to death. 

The blue wolves were gathering near the gate. They must be worried about me. I raised my hand to tell them that I was fine and Ash also wasn’t on alert despite the incoming intruder. Even though Ash always responded with vigilance to the malicious intention coming from either human or monster, Ash was curling up peacefully next to the bonfire. He appeared to be sleeping soundly. 

“Well, but still, I need to get a little revenge on you first. Otherwise I won’t feel satisfied.”

The mischievous side of me was welling up. And so, I turned my back on Heinrich, pretending to not see him.

Ah… The steamy hot soup and the smoked food taste so delicious…

The gathering blue wolves already got Heinrich surrounded. They were howling but I just continued to ignore them. I could see how Heinrich, who had a carefree attitude at first, gradually became desperate to the point he started getting teary eyed. And then, eventually, he began to shake the gate and shout.

“Help me!”

Or so he shouted. I assumed he must be shouting for help. 

Hmm~ The thrill of doing something mischievous is so amazing. But, just for a little bit, I’m feeling a little sorry for him. 

“Okay. It’s already good enough I think.”

After brushing the dust from the bonfire because I had been sitting there, I stood up and walked toward the gate. I decided that it was time for me to invite Heinrich in. 

Nevertheless, he really looks terrible. 

Yurina-san, who was watching over us, looked like she wanted to say something but in the end she opted to not say anything. I made Heinrich, who was weakened by the cold, to sit in front of the bonfire. 

Heinrich snorted, making a ‘humph’ sound and raised his cracked silver-framed glasses with the middle finger of his right hand.

Even in a situation like this, he still pretends to be tough. 

I silently prepared a plate of smoked egg and smoked cheese and handed the plate to him. Then, almost immediately, the look in his eyes changed and he started to chew on the food while crying. 

After that, I gestured to him that he could take a bath after Yurina-san and I finished with the drum bath so he could warm his cold body with the hot water. While he was taking a bath, I lit up a small fire in the furnace in the blacksmith workshop and prepared a bed for him to sleep. Then, when I placed his towel and change of clothes on a table beside the drum bath for him, I saw him muttering a small “Thank you” as he turned his face away. 

It seems Heinrich is the tsundere type. 

While entertaining such a foolish thought in my mind, I pointed at the blacksmith hut, gesturing for him to sleep there. He must be very exhausted since he immediately fell asleep as soon as he laid on the bed. 


T/N: Haaah… Japanese MC is either a vengeful and relentless devil or a very very very forgiving angel. 

  1. Selrac has spoken 7 months ago

    thanks for the chapter

  2. Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 1 year ago

    i’d say a very forgiving angel cause if it was me , i would have went into the house, locked the door and pretended i didn’t see him … maybe hehe. He deserves atleast that much . MC had to ride in a wagon for the journey , it was cramped at first, it was very cold outside and the Fl got sick too. Tsk. He should atleast be left there for a bit longer. He didn’t even say sorry yet. Thanks for the chapter~

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