Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 216

Chapter 216


In front of my house, there was a blonde haired girl with blue eyes laying on the ground. She appeared to be very thin and weak. She also seemed to have a fever. I held the girl up in my arms and I was shocked at how light she was. I asked Maya to call Yurina-san for me and then me and Chatra carried the girl into the house. 

We laid her down on a bed on the second floor of the house and gave her some recovery cookies I had with me right now. I also gave her dual potion (medium) and paruna detoxifying potion. I remembered I somehow managed to recover from a cold with the help of potions. 

Then, Yurina-sam came into the room.

“I will take care of the girl. In the meantime, please take care of the shop.”

True. Yurina-san would be the better choice since she could do things like changing her clothes and other stuff too. 

“Then Yurina-san, we’ll be staying downstairs. Please let us know if you need anything.”

We needed to be careful not to make too much noise so the girl could sleep better.

I left Yurina-san and Ash, who were watching the girl with worry in the bedroom and went down to the front-store with our two new employees. 

Afterwards, I explained to Chatra and Maya the basic knowledge of the products we sold and the details of the work they would be doing here. The two of them were quick learners. At this rate, we would be able to open the shop for business today despite Yurina-san attending to the sick girl. Of course it wasn’t like I had completely drilled all the knowledge of the shop to them but they could learn the rest through on the job training. 

“Lunch will be prepared by the person in charge of cooking on that day using the ingredients in the kitchen. The appropriate amount of ingredients will be provided according to the number of people present. As for the days off, you guys can coordinate your days off between the two of you. Just make sure your days off won’t overlap with each other’s and submit your work schedule to me in a 30 days interval.”

After I had finished explaining it to them, today’s business day had also finally come to an end. Chatra flipped the sign on the door, making the ‘close’ sign facing outside. They told me that right now they were still living in their parents’ house but after they got a stable income, they planned on renting their own place.

“Great work today. I will see you guys tomorrow.”

“”Thank you!! I’ll be in your care!! Good bye!!””

After we finished closing up the shop, the two of them said their greetings in Lancaster language and went home. 

Speaking of which, they were talking in Lancaster language so I couldn’t really understand it well but it seemed the two of them were speaking in honorifics with me, right? Up until now, I never was in a situation where I would be spoken to with honorifics by someone else. However, I needed to properly instill the respectful mindset with them . Afterall, it wasn’t common for an employee to use casual language with their boss.

“……I’m starving….”

And then, I made dinner with chopped pasta and boiled it in soup stock until the pasta became soft. After I finished cooking, I carried the food upstairs along with mulled wine I had made by using a fire attribute thermal bottle.


T/N: Especially since MC is a ‘foreigner’. He needs to establish proper hierarchy so the employee won’t try to trick him or treat him lightly. Also pasta soup reminds me of chicken pasta soup. I also like to eat it~ It’s one of my comfort food~

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