Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 232

Chapter 232


“Merry Christmas!”

“”Merry Christmas!!””

Although the others were saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in a funny intonation, we all raised our glasses (non alcoholic champagne for the children and regular champagne for the adults) and toasted to start the Christmas party.

Although we had lit up the fire in the wood stove, just to be safe, we still made everyone bundled up in warm clothes so no one would catch a cold.

Somehow this scenery reminded me of Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido. We didn’t have giant snow sculptures though but we had snowmen lined up so I guess it was close enough?

We had erected a flag on the Christmas tree with ‘Happy Merry Christmas’ written on it. The tree was decorated with green and red fabric and gold and silver decorations, along with pure white cotton to add the snow effect.

Yeah, this kind of mood is really nice~It’s making me feel so excited.

Since this party had a large number of people attending, we arranged all the food on a big table, kind of like a standing buffet style.

On the table, there was roasted herb chicken, salad, sauteed seafood and raw uni pasta. Every dish was prepared in large quantities to make sure everyone could have their fill. 

There were two people stationed on the table, to cut and serve the roasted chicken and to refill the drinks. Bokuzen-san, the cook, was currently in the kitchen, preparing more roasted herb chicken and other dishes.

By the way, I was working as the host of this event (with Maya assisting me as an interpreter).

Everyone in the party was really shocked with the roasted herb chicken and the carbonated drinks.

We all took turns performing songs on a podium we had prepared beforehand. Everyone had a great time singing along and laughing. The children also sang ‘Silent Night’ in choir. I was the one who taught them that song by the way.

In the middle of our party, we started the gift exchange, in which all participants brought presents to exchange. The excitement was rising considerably high during the gift exchange event.

It seemed even among the children, there were the popular boys and girls. It was easy to tell how some of the children were hoping to get a present from the popular kids, given how fidgety and restless the children were acting. It was really adorable to see.

At first, I thought this party would end up looking not like the typical Christmas party, but somehow…

It’s really starting to look like Christmas, you know?

Toward the end of the party, I entrusted the host duty to Maya and then I dressed up in a Santa outfit (with Ash as the reindeer). I went into the venue with a large gift bag and distributed presents to everyone. The present I had for everyone was a limited Christmas edition recovery cookie. The children’s eyes practically sparkled.

I guess, children really love cute cookies no matter where they come from. Both this world and Earth are actually not that different.

For the finale of our party, we were supposed to sing ‘Silent Night’ together, the same song that the children had sung earlier. However, everyone kept on asking for encores.

“One more time!”

There seemed to be no end in sight. We just kept on singing ‘Silent Night’ again and again.

It was midnight. I was celebrating Christmas in another world. When I went outside and looked up to the sky, I could see the blue moon and sea of stardust, along with my own white breath.

The children’s adorable voices as they sang reminded me of the falling snow. The snow that seemed to be sucked in by the night sky with deep, colorful color.


T/N: I can imagine MC making christmas cookie cutter before this 

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