Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 236

Chapter 236


Spring had gradually arrived in the town of Resta. Amidst the snow, yellowish plants that resembled horsetails could be seen peeking out here and there. Recently, Tanya and Ash had been attending study lessons along with the other children in Wolf Cub’s Village. During their break time, the children would enthusiastically dig up the plants that were emerging from beneath the snow and played together.

It seemed the children found digging up horsetail-ish plants more enjoyable than sitting on their desk to study.

“I wish I could have some of their energy….”

I had come to see how the village was doing. I was eating the lunch Yurina-san had prepared for me while absentmindedly gazing at the scene of the children playing in the field.

After going through the hectic period of a business, which was normal given how I just started venturing into general store and restaurant business, now everything had finally started to settle down.


However, suddenly the loud sound of a bell reverberated around the town. The boisterous sound was ringing through my eardrums, breaking the heartwarming mood I had been immersing myself in.

“Is that the sound of an alarm from the gate?”

I remembered there was a large bell at the tower on the south gate.

“Keigo-san!!! 〇××△、◇△〇〇!!!“

Then, one of the volunteer staff from the Commercial Guild rushed over to me, looking very panicked. Apparently, monsters were about to attack the town from the south gate. (It turned out you could tell what was the message they were trying to convey based on the pattern of the bell.)

“I will go to the south gate. Larte-san, please take the children and hide with them in the building. Make sure to lock the door up.”

After saying goodbye to Tanya and Ash, I prepared myself for battle by loading the weapons and armor onto the carriage. The fang that Glacies-san had given to me was still inside the pocket of my ashwolf coat but I didn’t have the luxury of time to take it out now so I just put on the coat without taking the gift out first.

I jumped on Rocinante (my horse) and headed toward the south gate.

When I arrived at the south gate, the barracks were already packed with so much hustle and bustle, as if someone had poked a beehive. Within that crowd of people, I spotted Heinrich, who was covered in mud.

“Hey, what happened?”

I approached them but Heinrich was still in shock, he wasn’t in the right state of mind to speak so Donny-san, the captain of the soldiers, spoke in Heinrich stead.

“A horde of monsters, about 400 to 500 of them are heading to Resta.”

Seriously? Is it even possible for hundreds of monsters to flock together? If there’s just several of them then even I can manage somehow but if there are hundreds of them? That’s like hardcore difficulty level in a game that’s impossible to complete.

Meanwhile, members of the Blue Brigade and other individuals had been arriving and gathered in front of the gate one after another.


“Huh?! Yurina-san?! You can’t be here!!”

“I will fight too!!”

Yurina-san was wearing the armor and holding the weapon I had personally made for her. I had made it to ensure her safety during our journey. Even though her slingshot skill could become a good additional fighting potential, I couldn’t possibly allow my wife to fight a dangerous battle such as this one.

“No! Absolutely not. You need to stay at home and hide for your own safety!”

“I will fight too!”

Yurina-san insisted, she showed no sign of backing down.


T/N: This time, they’re going to fight hundreds of monsters. The tide of battle is not in their favor at all. When they were being chased by Heinrich, there were only like, a dozen people they had to fight but this time, they’re going to fight hundreds of strong monsters. Of course Keigo won’t let Yurina join the battle. 

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