Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 27

Chapter 27


The next morning, I decided to go to town after taking care of the chickens. I brought 2 goblin’s ears, 1 kobold fighter’s claw and 3 blue wolf’s claws. I planned on submitting the request in the adventurers’ guild because I wanted to utilize the guild’s skill learning benefit. After several dozen minutes of journey with the carriage, I arrived at the town.

I left my horse in the stable which was a part of the adventurers’ guild building. The town was bustling with life, there were street stalls here and there. I also could see the sign for an inn and for a clothing shop. 

When I arrived at the adventurer’s guild, Dan raised his hand upon seeing me and I also raised my hand in return. I checked the request board and saw the request to subjugate goblins, blue wolves, kobold fighters and slimes. I peeled those papers off and submitted the subjugation proof for 2 goblins, 3 blue wolves, 1 kobold fighter and 8 slimes. 

After Dan confirmed the items, he gave me 3 gold coins, 3 silver coins and 8 copper coins. I got 27 guild points too. So my guild points rose from 24 to 51. I asked Dan to tell me about the perks I could exchange for the guild points. 

Level 1 bow skill cost 50 points, level 1 shield skill cost 50 points, level 2 sword skill cost 100 points and level 1 magic skill cost 150 points. By the way, the skill ‘bash’ I had acquired before, was free. The guild taught this skill free of charge as part of beginner’s assistance. They implanted the policy of teaching beginner level skill for free because the number of casualties of new adventurers was endless. 

Since I had more than 50 points, I could choose between level 1 bow skill or level 1 shield skill but no matter what, I really wanted to learn level 1 magic skill instead so I decided to save my points instead of exchanging them now. 

The adventurers’ guild also had an area where they sold a variety of goods. They had potions and other essential items for adventurers. While I was looking through their sale corner, I found something good. 

【Ankle Snare : A trap for capturing a walking animal or monster.】

This was the so-called foothold trap or bear trap. If you get caught in this trap, you would lose the freedom of movement in your leg. This useful trap was exactly what I needed now. I gestured to Dan my intention to buy every foothold trap they had.

For a total of 3 gold coins, I got a lot of ankle snares.

After I finished my business at the adventurers’ guild, I went to Sarasa’s store. I wanted to buy some clothes there. I had been working on my farm when I arrived here. I had no change of clothes so I really wanted to buy some new clothes.

I bought two tops and bottoms in a suitable color for me. 

Lunch. I found a street stall with chairs and tables placed in front of it. It was like an open terrace type. I chose a rye bread with meat stuffed between it and a fruit juice I had never seen before. I paid for my order before I started eating.

This fruit looked like a red orange but it wasn’t an orange. The fruit had a peculiar taste. According to appraisal, this fruit was called ‘Rumi Fruit’. I liked the rumi fruit so much that I asked the auntie managing the street stall to sell me some of it.

In the afternoon, the sky became cloudy. It looked like it was going to rain soon so I decided to quickly return to the shed. 

Right when I arrived at my shed, the rain started dripping. I placed the bucket outside to store rainwater. 


T/N: Magic skill is so expensive here (T⌓T)

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