Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 38

Chapter 38


The next morning, I took care of the chickens and my horse, Rocinante. I also taught Ash to not eat the chickens. He was just like a little puppy. I then carried Ash in my arm to the place where I practiced my bow. I had to carry Ash because it’d be dangerous if he were to get caught in the ankle snare trap. 

While I was practicing my marksmanship, I gave Ash a bull’s bone for him to gnaw on and let him ran around as he liked. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda

Dexterity: 20→21

Has changed.』

It seemed my status could also increase if I practiced with my bow.

After that, I played with Ash by throwing bull’s bone for him to catch and then I taught him the ‘hand’ and ‘sit’ commands.

After sweating for a little bit, I had breakfast together with Ash. For breakfast we had rye bread, eggs and dried meat. I then decided to take a bath in the new bathtub I had made yesterday.

I loaded the tub onto the wagon, prepared my equipment and then locked the shed before I set out to the water hole. I was sitting on the driver seat while Ash was busy gnawing a bull’s bone on the back. 

I encountered a goblin on the way and so, I shot him with gebal poison arrow. I could feel my accuracy getting better. 

I had arrived at the water hole but there was no battle bull today. I was about to unload the tub to fetch water when I heard Ash growling at something. I picked up my sword and shield, checking the surroundings cautiously. 

Then, from the water, a water ball came shooting at me. I blocked it with my shield, knowing I wouldn’t be able to avoid it in time but I ended up getting blown away by the impact. My back got hit hard by the impact, so I immediately drank a HP potion. While I was doing so, water balls kept coming at me from the water in succession but I somehow managed to avoid them all as I retreated back.

I waited, standing guard to see any change in the water surface and then, it appeared with a splash.

A bipedal humanoid monster, about 2 meters tall. Its body was filled with shiny blue scales, had the face of a fish, web footed fingers and complete with sharp teeth and nails. 

I appraised it but as always, I only got the simple ‘monster’ as its description.

I readied my bows while sweating profusely. I retreated back to my wagon while shooting gebal poison arrow as the monster chased after me. 

And then, Ash jumped from behind the monster, attacking it. The monster became distracted due to Ash’s sudden attack. I was able to hit the monster with donur poison arrow thanks to the opening. 


My arrow hit the monster’s left knee and the monster fell in agony. I quickly approached the monster and cut its head off with my sword. 

I appraised the defeated monster.

【Merman: An aquatic monster, good at water magic.】

I guess the water ball from before was water magic?

However, I was saved thanks to Ash’s vigilance. I might’ve been fatally wounded had I not defended myself with a shield. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has went from level 9 to level 10. 

HP: 19→21

MP: 11→12



Intelligence: 73→74

Dexterity: 21→23

Speed: 19→21

Acquired Physical Resistance level 2. 』

Apparently the water ball attack from before was considered as a physical attack. It was really powerful after all. I check up on Ash. He was covered with scratches here and there. I tended to his wound by giving him HP potion.

Feeling concerned about Ash’s condition, I used appraisal on him. 

【Ash: An ash wolf puppy, level 2. Has extremely slow growth rate due to its rarity.】


Curious, I also appraised myself. 

【Keigo Okuda: A mediocre person from another world. Level 10.】

So it said.

At the beginning, when I appraised myself, there was only my name as the description. 

Just what is the meaning of this? So the appraisal can show the level too?

After putting the merman into the wagon, I started to do what I had intended to do here. I filled the tub with water and left the water hole. 


T/N: Ash is so useful in battle! But since he’s still a puppy, I hope he won’t get hurt later… Also, this is MC’s first time encountering a magic attack. The description of ‘water ball’ attack doesn’t sound too dangerous but it turns out the impact is pretty strong, huh…


  1. Bleur has spoken 1 year ago

    The mediocre part is uncalled for

  2. Exfernal has spoken 2 years ago

    In a setting like this it’s customary to invoke appraisal on parts of status page to get better info about stats and skills. Maybe appraisal also can level up to give more detailed info with practice?

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago

      Hopefully is the ‘appraisal’ skill in this world can be trained, I hope our MC won’t have to actually ingest whatever unknown plants he encounter in the future… (ノ_<、)

  3. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter! Brave & smart pup!

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago

      Ash is the bestest! I love the puppy already! (*≧ω≦*)


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