Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 40

Chapter 40



After filling our belly with smoked meat and ale, we decided to go to town. I wanted to have this merman disambled and to report the subjugation of the goblin too. As for what we should do with Ash, we decided to bring him with us since it’d be pitiful of him if we left him all alone here. 

For now, I would present Ash as my pet dog. 

During our trip to the town, there was nothing special that could be said about Ash. He was rolling around on the back and gnawing on a bone. He looked like an ordinary puppy no matter how you looked at him. 

After we arrived at town, I parted ways with Margo once we reached the main road. 

Now then. First, I went to the dismantling shop. 

I arrived at the dismantling shop and entrusted the merman I had in my wagon to them. The dismantling cost was 5 copper coins. The cost would be deducted with the price of the materials I’d be selling to them. I decided to wait here since they’d be already finished with the dismantling if I went to the adventurers’ guild first. 

The merman was dismantled into its teeth, claws, tail fin, scale, meat and monster core. I appraised all the materials one by one. 

【Merman’s Scale: Has the magical attribute of water. A material to grant water attribute.】

【Merman’s Meat: Pretty delicious. Status, poisoned.】

And so, I decided to take the scales. I gestured to them that the meat was inedible. The tail fin would be used as a report for subjugation and as for the rest, I sold them all to the dismantling shop. 

I got 7 gold coins and 8 silver coins in total after deducting the dismantling cost.

Then I went to the adventurers’ guild, which was a joint establishment with the dismantling shop. I looked for a request to subjugate the merman and the goblin in the bulletin board. After I found the request form, I peeled them off and went to Dan. 

I put the form along with the merman’s tail fin and the goblin’s ear on the counter. Dan confirmed the items and I received 127 guild points as a reward. I also received 11 gold coins and 4 silver coins as a reward for subjugating the ash wolf, merman and the goblin. 

The reward for subjugating the ash wolf was divided between me, Sarasa and Juno. For this occasion, the guild had been keeping the money for me.

It seemed Dan was interested in Ash who had been wandering around his feet. Dan took out a dried meat and started to tease Ash with it. In return for the meat, Ash did the ‘hand’ command with Dan. 

“Come on, let’s go, Ash!”

I left the adventurers’ guild and went home. 


T/N: I love how the people here are not scared of Ash. Even though I think they are clever enough to know the difference between a real dog and a wolf monster. (*˘︶˘*)

  1. Bleur has spoken 1 year ago

    As a pup a dog and a wolf don’t look that different

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    Thanks for the chapter! 

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      Thank you for reading and commenting too! (o´▽`o)


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