Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 43

Chapter 43


I know I have said this before. I had been thinking about my skill build and hence, I had been saving up my guild points because I really wanted to learn magic no matter what.

But now, I decided to reconsider. Because, when I think about all the battles I had been going through so far, I mainly relied on my sword, shield and bow as a means for attacking and defending. 

I knew I had high intelligence status and if I learned magic, maybe I could unleash high damage magical power but I knew the main reason I thought that was because of my own desire to be able to use magic. 

I had a feeling if I ended up learning magic, my magic would be dull and weak at best. 

Both basic level bow and shield skill only required 50 guild points so I decided to make them my priority first.


And so, the next morning, together with Ash, I immediately went to the adventurers’ guild to ask Dan about it. I gestured to Dan that I wanted to learn shield and bow skill. I pointed toward the skill table and made the number 50 with my fingers. 

Dan then gave me the ‘okay’ gesture. He took me to the dojo where I could learn and practice skills with Kai-sensei, the instructor who was in charge of teaching martial arts.

Kai-sensei clad the bow in white aura and then he fired a powerful arrow attack at the target.


That white aura must be the vitality, a different status than magic power. Though I wasn’t really entirely sure either since we only communicated with gestures. It was just my guess. 

Then it was my turn to try to imitate Kai-sensei. I did manage to fire a more powerful arrow than usual but my attack wasn’t nearly as powerful as Kai-sensei’s. 


『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Charge Arrow level 1.』

Next, shield skill. 

Kai-sensei took up a wooden shield and gestured for me to try to attack him. I tried to attack him and the shield he held glowed. My attack was easily blocked, it felt like I was hitting against a solid steel. 

I then tried to imitate him again. My shield did get enveloped in aura but when Kai-sensei tried to hit me, I still ended up getting knocked backward with a loud scratching noise as I tried to hold onto my ground as best as I could. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Fortress level 1.』

At any rate, I was able to acquire the skills without any problem. Thank you. 

I tried to appraise the newly acquired skills and here was the result.

【Charge Arrow level 1: Unleashing charged power to fire a more powerful bow attack.】

【Fortress level 1: Increasing the defensive power of a shield.】

Nice. They sound like a good skill.

While I was practicing my skill, Ash, who had all the spare time in the world, curled up and slept at the edge of the dojo. 

“Come on Ash, it’s time to go home.”

I said ‘thank you’ in Lancaster language to Kai-sensei and returned to my shed.


T/N: I love how weak our MC is compared to Kai-sensei. MC can’t even land a scratch on Kai-sensei’s shield but Kai-sensei can easily overpower MC’s shield skill. ( ´ ▽ ` )

  1. Bleur has spoken 1 year ago

    Since the power system is so simple why can’t the mc just figure it out by himself. Him a modern day japanese man with no experience in smithing is somehow able to figure out smithing easily but can’t trying charging the other weapons with vitality like what he did with the sword?

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter! It is realistic that the instructor who knows all those skills is stronger.


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