A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 64

Chapter 64



I ended up falling asleep at an odd hour. I woke up to Ash tapping my face with his foot. 

Oh, his water bowl is already empty. 

As I filled Ash’s water bowl, I remembered that my peaceful daily life had finally returned. 


I stretched my body to ease my muscles. 

Then I collected the scattered ankle snare trap that had been trampled by the giant snake. I needed to buy more ankle snare traps from the guild to replace the broken one. 

But for today, I needed to take a bath first. 

I installed the ankle snare traps that were safe in the same place that the giant snake had trampled upon and installed the rest of the ankle snare traps evenly around my house.


After that, I fetched water from the river and burnt the firewood to heat the water for my bath. At the same time, I also made smoked marinated egg and cheese.

When the water was hot enough, I jumped into the bath with an audible splash. 


My muscles that had been tense from the tension finally relaxed. Ash also joined me together in the bath quietly. While dipping in the hot bath, I looked up. The night sky was adorned with stars, the sky looked so beautiful. 

I stepped out from the bath and wiped my body with a bath towel. I also wiped Ash with a small tower. Ash’s towel was decorated with an embroidery of cute pawprints. This towel was a gift from Sarasa. 

After finishing my bath, I had a smoked fish together with a few glasses of alcohol.

I’m so happy. 

Ash was sitting upright in front of me, begging me to give him some and so, I gave him some bits of smoked fish too. 

What a quiet night…

Just when I was thinking so, a pale faced Margo and Juno arrived in a wagon. Most probably, they had heard about the serpent incident from the guild. 

Feeling relieved I was looking very relaxed, the two of them then also entered the bath before they joined me by the fireplace. The three of us were sitting on a tree stump, surrounding the fire while drinking merrily. 

Really, they’re ruining my quiet night moment but… This kind of thing is not bad either. 


T/N: Character development again?! Our MC is finally open to the thought of being accompanied by someone else despite enjoying their own me-time? ( ´ ▽ ` )

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