A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 66

Chapter 66

T/N: Today we have 2 extra chapters! Thank you for Marius for the kofi! ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝



For now, we returned to my house. I put the things we had gathered in the blacksmith workshop and then I planted the new plants in the field. After we had lunch, the three of us loaded the monsters we had defeated onto the wagon and headed to the town.


We left the monsters we had defeated to the people at the dismantling place, received only the part that we needed as a proof of subjugation then we went to the guild to report the subjugation. Now I had 112 guild points in my card. 

 I bought ankle snares from the guild’s merchandise section. 

Since I already had more than 100 guild points, I was hesitant of what I should do with the skills I could get for 100 points but for the time being, I decided to leave the points be. I asked Dan about the details of the skill just in case but I couldn’t really understand his explanation. 

The three of us split the 15 gold coins and 4 silver coins as the reward from the guild and the monster parts we got from the dismantling before we went on our own way. 

I got cockatrice’s poison gland to make donur poison with and hellhound’s fire pouch to make blazing flame powder with. 


I showed my face at Sarasa’s store to inform her that I was safe and sound. Juno had reminded me before how worried Sarasa was and that I had to show up at her place to reassure her. 

I sold dual potions (medium) and herb chicken’s egg to Sarasa. Then I bought thread for the clapper and some firewood. After deducting the total with the price of the things I bought, I got 5 gold coins and 2 silver coins from Sarasa. 

Sarasa gave Ash, that I brought along with me, a bone with some dried meat still attached to it as a snack. Ash jumped around Sarasa and licked her excitedly. 


I was finally home. I put away the things I had bought and installed the ankle snare traps around the perimeter of my house that faced the river and the forest. 


It felt like a waste to immediately throw away the water from the bath yesterday so I reheated the water again and took a bath with it. 


I could feel my stiff muscles relaxing. 

For dinner, I had a fairly simple meal. Bread, dried deer meat, rumi fruit and milan fruit wine. Ash must be already feeling tired after doing various things today. He was already sleepy. 

I took Ash with me and laid on the bed with him.


T/N: I guess… Since the MC always cleans his body first before soaking in the bath… The water is more or less still clean-ish….? But I still have mixed feelings about using leftover water for a bath…… 

(≖_≖ )

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