A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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The next morning, I woke up to the strange sound accompanying me. A beautiful small bird was perched on the edge of the bucket I used to store water. The bird used its beak to peck at the water. 

Maybe this bird came from the forest?

I carefully threw the chicken’s breadcrumb near the bird. 

Yeah. The weather is good too. Today is a nice day to wake up. 

I stretched and loosened my stiff muscle before I went on to do my daily duties. I felt like my accuracy with the bow had increased considerably. 


After having breakfast I went to hole myself in the blacksmith workshop. 

I mixed the powdered dry cockatrice’s eyes and crushed femto stone which served as an abrasive agent together. Then I used the mixture to polish the arrowhead. After a while, the arrowhead started to glow in gray. 

【Pettrifying Arrow: Has petrification attribute. Can inflict petrification on the target hit by this arrow.】

Good. I had one more way of attacking. However, just like with poison arrow, I needed to pay more attention when handling them. I continued to add a petrification attribute to the other arrowheads that I made myself using pig iron and wood. With this, I had other uses for the petrification powder other than licking it myself in order to increase my petrification resistance skill… 

Ash sat near me and whined worriedly at me. 

Ash, you don’t need to be so worried. Papa won’t lick it and end up collapsing on the spot. 

Regarding which skill I should acquire that I pondered about the other day, I was thinking of getting a bow related skill. When I recalled my fight against the serpent before, my only means of attacking the serpent was by using my bow. If I got close and got caught in the serpent’s breath attack, I’d be dead in an instant. 

I really had no other choice but my bow. 

If I were to meet another enemy that could easily one hit kill me when I got close to it, the bow was my only means of attacking. Besides, I could add poison, paralysis, petrification and other debuffs to my arrow. 

I couldn’t really catch the details about the skill I could acquire from Dan but it was very likely that I could get a more powerful skill than ‘charge arrow’. 

After having a slightly late lunch, I put the water daggers that I had made when I was making the petrifying arrow, in a bucket and set out to the town of Resta in my wagon. 


T/N: The MC is referring to himself with ‘Papa’ when talking to Ash. How adorable~ (≧◡≦) ♡

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