A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 71.2

Chapter 71.2 : (Bavarian POV) Les Misérables?! My Beloved Melty-Chan (My Horse) Got Petrified


Ahh…. My beloved Melty-chan (my horse)………

Blasted! That damned cockatrice! I endured it when I was in front of those useless adventurers however, as soon as I arrived in my mansion, I holed myself inside my room. Suddenly, I was overflowing with sadness. I spent 3 days and 3 nights soaking the pillow with my own tears. 

The stone statue of Melty-chan (my horse) was carefully transported by my subordinates into the treasury room. I heard somewhere in town, there was a healer who could lift this petrification curse. 

I will definitely bring back Melty-chan (my horse) no matter how many gold coins I need to spend! Wait for me! My beloved Melty-chan (my horse)!

……..But still, those useless adventurers… They made my blood boil. They were getting all worked up at the sight of a mere cockatrice. 

Once again, we couldn’t even reach the dungeon’s entrance!

It was the duty of my subordinates to strive for my honor. So of course I ought to punish those who failed to adhere to their duties, right?

Well, there was no use thinking about that now since the punishment for them had already been decided and prepared. I could finally feel a little bit better now. 

Good, good…

………. But still, that man, the one who lived in the outskirts of town. He was a pretty useful one. He was even able to cure me of my petrification, didn’t he? Unlike those useless adventurers, he was actually useful. 

Next time, I would surely bring him under my command and make him come with me to conquer the dungeon in order to bring honor to my name in this land!



T/N: At first I felt bad for him because it looks like he actually loves his horse but then…. He wants to drag our MC with him! Unforgivable! (ʘ言ʘ╬)

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