A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 77

Chapter 77


The rain cleared up the next morning. Drops of rain were still dripping from the leaves from the crops in the field. 

I don’t dislike rain but somehow when I see the sky cleared up like this, I feel happy. I don’t know how to express this strange feeling.

The wind felt pleasant. The air after the rain felt so refreshing because of how clean it was. It seemed today was going to be a good day. Right. During such a beautiful day like this, I should just spend the whole day idling around. It’d be a waste to work on a day like this. 

I only did the bare minimum, which was taking care of the animals and watering the field. After that, I spread out a blue sheet on the grass and laid down on top of it, basking in the sun. 

Ash was also with me but he was laying on the grass instead. I was laying on my back with my face up to the sky, doing nothing as I stared at the sky. The piercing blue sky, the slow moving clouds, the gentle sunlight, everything felt so good. 

It was still early in the afternoon. As I was about to close my eyes to doze off in the sun, a group of three came riding on a wagon with their same, unchanging smiles.

Ash jumped toward the trio and licked their faces. 

As I thought, I do feel a little bit jealous. 

When I looked at the back of their wagon, I saw the wagon was loaded with a lot of alcohol and fish.

In the end, things are going this way again. 

It seemed tonight was going to be another boisterous night. With gestures, I warned the three of them to not drink too much but I also thought doing things like this was not bad either.

But I was sure it wasn’t just my imagination that I had the feeling of deja vu when I saw the three of them looking all pale the next morning.


T/N: I feel like MC has accepted the trio as part of his life by now. I’m happy for our MC, he’s not that afraid of having a friend that bothers him every now and then.


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