Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 86

Chapter 86

T/N: I got 2 kofis this weekend so I’m going to post 2 extra chapters today!


The next morning, a deer was left behind in front of my house. There was a bite mark on its neck and the deer was still warm to touch. It looked like this deer had just been freshly hunted. 

I was wondering why the deer was here but I was more focused on the fact that I got fresh deer meat in front of me. I quickly drained the blood and started working on dismantling the deer. 

Wild game~

Today’s meal would be focused on deer meat. Without realizing it, I had started drooling just at the thought. I immediately slurped my drool back. I could recall the taste of that delicious deer sashimi that melted in your mouth. 

Wild game~

While I was engrossed with the deer, I could hear angry choruses coming from all sides. 

Don’t forget to feed us!

I know.


I spent the whole morning dismantling the deer. As for lunch, I was having deer liver sashimi. Of course I also sipped on alcohol occasionally as I ate. The flavor of the fresh liver that spreaded in your mouth together with the salt was seriously amazing. The liver wasn’t smelly in the slightest. I could really feel my body filled to the brim with nutrients.

A short time later, Margo arrived in a wagon.

Margo came looking at my meal curiously. He then picked the liver sashimi that was seasoned with salt and ate it on his own. He also gulped down on my alcohol. 

Margo froze when he ate the liver sashimi. 

Well, I can understand his feelings well. This is seriously amazing. I know the word ‘seriously amazing’ is cliche but I really can’t help myself. Please be understanding. 

I took another bite.

Seriously amazing. 

The two bad adults drinking during the day could be seen again. 


Apparently, Margo was coming here to ask me to make water daggers and fire daggers for him. I could see a pile of daggers in Margo’s wagon. 

Hey, hey… Margo-san… Are you seriously asking me to do all of these daggers….?

But Margo’s attention was already glued at the deer in front of him. With gestures, he told me that I could take my time finishing the dagger, anytime was alright. For now, focus on the deer. 


There was leftover bath water from yesterday so I burnt the firewood to heat it up again. The two of us went with a splash and after we relieved the stress from our body, we enjoyed the deer again.

There was still some leftover of the deer liver sashimi. I also made another batch of deer meat sashimi and made stir fry using deer meat and vegetables. We also had a few drinks as we ate. I felt so happy.

The fresh deer sashimi practically melted in my mouth. The flavor of the meat combined with the taste of grated garlic….

Everything else became inconsequential.

Margo then said something about the nobleman. He hoped the nobleman would stay low now. I gestured to him that I also wished the same. I didn’t say anything unnecessary. In the first place, I couldn’t speak their language yet so I couldn’t communicate well with them. But that was a good thing. I could get drunk as much as I wanted. I didn’t even need to worry about hurting anyone to begin with either. 

Feeling good, I started singing a Japanese song while Margo clapped his hands for me. Margo didn’t say anything unnecessary either. Well in the first place, I couldn’t really understand their language so it’d be hard trying to get their words across to me.

I couldn’t understand their drunken blabber or get stuck in their heart like a thorn either. Margo also started singing. I couldn’t understand the lyrics but it sounded like a wild song, which was pretty typical of Margo. I clapped my hands back as he sang.

There was no need to read further the meaning of someone’s words or force myself to become the life of the party for business entertainment,  which was a routine that I had to go through when I was still working for that trading company. 

I was connected to Margo in a relationship between two individuals. 

“How do I say this, it feels comfortable.”

I murmured to myself as I watched Margo merrily singing a song.

In Japan, people had a pretty strict view against people who were drunk but it seemed in this world they didn’t see being drunk as something bad. At least, that was what I could see with the friends I was close with here. 

“As I thought, it feels relaxing here.”

As I watched the bonfire making crackling sounds, I wished this kind of relationship would last forever.


T/N: The wolves are giving tribute to our MC lol. Also! I love how MC and his friendship in this isekai transcends language barrier, culture and even world! 

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  1. Folkebrat has spoken 1 month ago

    There is a sketch by the Cabaret of Moral Anxiety called “The dialect.” Well, a boy meets a girl, both come from different villages. And they decided to get acquainted with their fathers. Each of them speaks a different dialect. The boy translates his father’s dialect, and the girl translates hers. In the end, the fathers went drinking. The boy became concerned about whether the parents would understand each other, since they speak different dialects, to which the girl replies: “A drunkard with a drunkard will always get along.” 🙂
    Also, there is a joke:
    – How many languages can you speak?
    – When I’m drunk in all of them.


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