Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 92

Chapter 92


I saw off that stupid nobleman returning to Resta.


I reinstalled the ankle snare traps that didn’t get damaged all around the perimeter equally. After that, I decided I needed to go to the adventurers’ guild.

This is part 2 on how the commoner utilizes the adventurers’ guild in the right way. 


I came to Dan and placed a sack containing 100 gold coins in front of him. Then I drew a picture of that flying lizard to explain the situation to him. Dan stopped me with his hand and gestured to me that he had already understood. 

I see. So the adventurer’s guild is already discussing about that flying lizard. Then, that makes everything easier for me. 

I decided to add all of that 100 gold coins as a reward for subjugation. This was not the time to be nit picky about things. If that thing were to come attacking me again, I’d die. 100% I would die for sure. 

There must be strong adventurers in other towns too. Even if I had plenty of gold, I’d be the one to be troubled if that flying lizard didn’t get subjugated. 

After that, I bought more ankle snare traps to replace the broken one. 

From today on, I need to continue living in fear of the threat of that monster… The trauma I got from that serpent incident is coming back again. 


I thought about staying at Margo’s place but after further thinking, I decided to not do that. After all, there was also the possibility of the monster flying to town. Rather than that, I decided it’d be better to hide in my house, holding my breath and hide my presence as much as possible. 

As soon as I arrived home, I immediately worked on installing the ankle snare trap, smeared paralyzing drugs on the trap and then fixed the destroyed earthen wall with a shovel. 

I couldn’t see how these countermeasures could work against that flying lizard but it was better than not doing anything at all. 


After wiping the sweat off my body with a towel, I seek shelter inside my house. Being inside would be so much safer than being outside. I also took my dinner inside.

While watching the light from the lantern, I tried to distract myself by drinking alcohol. Then I hugged Ash tight as I trembled out of fear under the cover. 

As if trying to cheer me up, Ash continued to lick me. 

“Ash is fine!”

I could hear him saying that. 

Drinking alcohol didn’t help in trying to distract me from this fear. I was too naive. I didn’t expect I’d feel terrified to this extent. 

I knew that other people might not be able to understand why I was feeling this terrified but they had never seen a flying lizard over 10 meters big, right? They wouldn’t have the slightest desire to try to bring it down if they did. 

In the end, I couldn’t sleep until the morning. I should’ve stayed at Margo’s place and then the two of us could drink together. I really regretted my decision. It was a really painful and bitter night for me. 


T/N: Ash is so precious! He knows how terrified our MC is so he’s trying to cheer his master~ Also MC, you should seek shelter in the city at least until the dragon gets subjugated you know. 

  1. Chaosking9 has spoken 1 year ago

    i get the feeling that the world is trying to get Mc to move to the city thats why keep seeing stronger and stronger monsters but the Mc just ignore it all being a steadfast loner thus stronger monsters will keep coming and the Mc will just keep geting stronger until what ever the world throw at him wont faze him anymore

  2. Bleur has spoken 2 years ago

    While I don’t expect the mc to even be able to put up a fight against a dragon I want to see some progression he haven’t defeated anything stronger than a cockatrice

  3. Exfernal has spoken 2 years ago

    An underground shelter is not a bad idea too.

    • Exfernal has spoken 2 years ago

      Or is it either, instead of too? Double negatives baffle me.

  4. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter! It’s sad to see him like that…


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