A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 92

Chapter 92


I saw off that stupid nobleman returning to Resta.


I reinstalled the ankle snare traps that didn’t get damaged all around the perimeter equally. After that, I decided I needed to go to the adventurers’ guild.

This is part 2 on how the commoner utilizes the adventurers’ guild in the right way. 


I came to Dan and placed a sack containing 100 gold coins in front of him. Then I drew a picture of that flying lizard to explain the situation to him. Dan stopped me with his hand and gestured to me that he had already understood. 

I see. So the adventurer’s guild is already discussing about that flying lizard. Then, that makes everything easier for me. 

I decided to add all of that 100 gold coins as a reward for subjugation. This was not the time to be nit picky about things. If that thing were to come attacking me again, I’d die. 100% I would die for sure. 

There must be strong adventurers in other towns too. Even if I had plenty of gold, I’d be the one to be troubled if that flying lizard didn’t get subjugated. 

After that, I bought more ankle snare traps to replace the broken one. 

From today on, I need to continue living in fear of the threat of that monster… The trauma I got from that serpent incident is coming back again. 


I thought about staying at Margo’s place but after further thinking, I decided to not do that. After all, there was also the possibility of the monster flying to town. Rather than that, I decided it’d be better to hide in my house, holding my breath and hide my presence as much as possible. 

As soon as I arrived home, I immediately worked on installing the ankle snare trap, smeared paralyzing drugs on the trap and then fixed the destroyed earthen wall with a shovel. 

I couldn’t see how these countermeasures could work against that flying lizard but it was better than not doing anything at all. 


After wiping the sweat off my body with a towel, I seek shelter inside my house. Being inside would be so much safer than being outside. I also took my dinner inside.

While watching the light from the lantern, I tried to distract myself by drinking alcohol. Then I hugged Ash tight as I trembled out of fear under the cover. 

As if trying to cheer me up, Ash continued to lick me. 

“Ash is fine!”

I could hear him saying that. 

Drinking alcohol didn’t help in trying to distract me from this fear. I was too naive. I didn’t expect I’d feel terrified to this extent. 

I knew that other people might not be able to understand why I was feeling this terrified but they had never seen a flying lizard over 10 meters big, right? They wouldn’t have the slightest desire to try to bring it down if they did. 

In the end, I couldn’t sleep until the morning. I should’ve stayed at Margo’s place and then the two of us could drink together. I really regretted my decision. It was a really painful and bitter night for me. 


T/N: Ash is so precious! He knows how terrified our MC is so he’s trying to cheer his master~ Also MC, you should seek shelter in the city at least until the dragon gets subjugated you know. 

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