A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 98

Chapter 98


The next day. The three of us were sleeping tightly together like the character ‘river’ (川). Our faces were pale and it took us until noon before we could somehow rise from the dead. 

I drank too much yesterday….

I drank some water and reheated the leftover mylene detoxifying herb soup I had made yesterday. While doing so, I also feed the animals. 

I’m sorry for being late. 

Rocinante (my horse), neighed in return. 

We ate the soup with bread and somehow were able to get our physical strength back. Margo and Juno decided to go hunting just like they had originally planned and so I decided to follow along. I could also forage in the forest while we were at it. 


With a carrier on my back, I picked up delune fruits and other useful stuff. We also encountered a hellhound but that hellhound was already fighting against several blue wolves. I chimed in the fight by shooting donur poisonous arrow at the hellhound, bringing it down. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 14. 

HP: 30→31

MP: 20→21

Vitality: 24→25

Strength: 35→36

Intelligence: 78→79

Dexterity: 34→35

Agility: 34→35

Has changed.』

When the blue wolves saw the hellhound had been defeated, they left the place. We also decided to leave after we had defeated the hellhound. 


I placed the carrier filled with the things I foraged near the entrance of the blacksmith workshop and took a small break while Margo and Juno loaded their wagon with the monsters they had defeated along with their backpacks. 

I told Margo I wanted a little bit of hellhound’s skin and hellhound’s fire pouch because I wanted to use them to make equipment. I also asked him to do a favor for me if he planned on coming back here again. I asked him to buy some food and ankle snare traps for me and handed him the gold for it. 

Feeling tired, the three of us took a break by sitting on a tree stump chair surrounding a bonfire while drinking tea made from irene herbs. 


The two of them returned to Resta. I planted the plants that I had gathered that needed to be planted in the field and then I decided to eat yesterday’s beef based food leftovers. 

I was silently eating in front of the bonfire when… Ash tapped me with his forefoot, asking me to share some food with him. 

It can’t be helped. 

I placed some of the beef based food on Ash’s plate. As I expected, I shouldn’t drink tonight. I was thinking to myself while staring mindlessly at the flickering fire of the bonfire. 

As much as my heart became warm when I was with Margo and Juno, my heart would immediately become cold when I was alone too. The fun time was over in a flash before I knew it. The view in my eyes became blurred. I wonder why? I didn’t even drink anything today. 

I like to be alone? What a joke.

The night breeze that should’ve felt pleasant and the orchestra conducted by the insects, everything made me feel lonely. 

I’m lonely. It seems tonight is going to be a long night. I’m scared. 

At times like this, drinking warm herbal tea helps in relaxing my mind and makes me able to have a good night’s sleep. I heated the water by the bonfire and drank herbal tea. 


I let out a long sigh. Just for a little bit, I could feel my heart getting warm. 


I yawned again. Somehow, I was able to suppress my emotional swing. 

Good grief. How troublesome. 

I fall asleep peacefully while holding onto fluffy Ash inside the cover. 


T/N: Poor MC, I hope he will be able to resolve his inner turmoil soon. 

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