Small Medicine Packet Chapter 24

Yan Luji felt that his day was running very smoothly and aside from work, nothing else was happening. But why did he feel that this was the calm before the storm?

Knock knock.

See, she still couldn’t help it. Director Yan glanced at the time at the corner of the screen. There’s still 30 minutes left till work ends, and she still came over in the end.

“Boss.” Assistant Zhang came in holding a cup of jujube tea.

“It’s you?” Director Yan subconsciously remarked.

“Do you have an appointment with anyone else?” Assistant Zhang immediately followed up with a question.

“Oh, I thought it was Xiao Dong.” Yan Luji was also puzzled over his out of character response, but swiftly switched topics, “What’s the matter?”

Assistant Zhang placed the cup on Director Yan’s desk, then passed the file folder in his other hand to Yan Luji: “This is the data on all the employees’ exercise routine last month.”

“All had managed to complete the weekly goal of a 15km run.” Assistant Zhang continued, “Also, regarding the health test form, 60% of the department has managed to score over 60 points but Dr. Lin said that she still needs to continue their treatment for a longer period of time.

Yan Luji skimmed through the file, noting the positive slope on the graph, and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“I see. The completion rate is not bad, let’s have them maintain this.” Yan Luji said.

“There is still this.” Assistant Zhang fished out a small packet and placed it in front of Yan Luji.

“What’s this?” Yan Luji eyed it warily.

“This is the tea Dr. Lin prescribed to calm your nerves, she said it will help with your insomnia.” Assistant Zhang watched his boss’ face carefully.

Yan Luji had mixed feelings about this packet; he felt a little shocked but also a little awkward.

“Dr. Lin actually wanted me to say that it was I who bought this for you. But I decided that since you were my boss, and are also the one who approves and signs off on my salary slip, I could not lie to you.” Assistant Zhang added.

“You seem to really like her.” Yan Luji looked at his assistant in askance.

“No, I do not.” Assistant Zhang was flustered as he tried to deny it, “I am just preparing for the off-chance that she will really become my other boss[1]The raws use 老板娘, which is used to denote a female boss and also as in this case, the wife of a boss. But I thought by merely translating it to ‘my boss’ wife’, I … Continue reading.”

“You …” 

“I know, you still do not like her.” Assistant Zhang said, “It is not that I would rather kill the innocent and not let a single one go[2]宁可错杀不可放过 means that in order to catch the anonymous person in question, one would not let a single person go and subject all to punishment. AZ is trying to say that it is not because … Continue reading. Oh, it seems like I am misusing this phrase. Anyway, as long as you understand what I am saying.”

“Get out …” Yan Luji was also too lazy to listen to his assistant needlessly rattle on. 

“There is still one more thing. I’ll get out after I finish saying it.” assured Assistant Zhang.

“Say it.”

“Our team-building exercise will be happening next month and according to an internal survey done within the department, the exercise will be held at Hainan and last for a week. Will you be able to make it?” Assistant Zhang said.

“I’ll go with your arrangements.

“Alright, this subordinate will now be getting out.” Assistant Zhang smiled mischievously as he left the office.

Yan Luji didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so he just shook his head. Thoughts ran through his head as he looked at the small packet, but still decided to keep it in his briefcase.

Anyway, Lin Yao is a certified TCM practitioner that was hired to look after the health of company employees. Treating his insomnia is merely part of her job. Yes, that’s right.

30 minutes after the workday officially ended, Yan Luji shut his laptop and carried his briefcase as he walked out of his office.

“Boss, are you getting off work now?” Assistant Zhang asked as Yan Luji exited his office.

“Yes.” Yan Luji was confused, “Why haven’t you left? I remembered that there isn’t much to do today.”

“Oh, I am going through the details for tomorrow morning’s meeting. I will get off work soon.” Assistant Zhang replied.

“Then I’ll go off first.”

“See you tomorrow, boss.”

Yan Luji nodded, then walked towards the elevator.

One Assistant Zhang saw that his boss had left, he whipped out his phone and swiftly texted: (Boss has already left the office. He’s waiting for the elevator now.)

(Got it, 3Q[3]3 is san in mandarin and so 3Q is san-q, which sounds like thank you. I always that it was also because non-native English speakers struggle with the ‘th’ in thank so they make do with … Continue reading.)

Mhm, he was finally done shadowing his boss. Time to get off work.

At the basement carpark, after Lin Yao received Assistant Zhang’s text, she immediately squatted by Director Yan’s Audi and waited quietly for Yan Luji to arrive.


The elevator doors opened and Yan Luji walked towards his car while searching for his car keys.

Lin Yao hid behind the sedan and heard the sounds of footsteps getting nearer but before the car doors were even opened, she couldn’t help but stand up.

Yan Luji, who had just managed to locate his car keys, lifted his head and saw Lin Yao standing behind his car at a glance. Again, he subconsciously shuffled back 2 steps.

Lin Yao saw how Yan Luji hid from her as though he was afraid, and was immediately upset: “Am I that scary? You run the moment you see me.”

“No, this is just my subconscious reaction.” Yan Luji also felt that his actions were a little hurtful, and tried to explain himself.

“So you don’t hate me?” Lin Yao felt like the clouds had cleared and she could see the moon[4]拨云见月 means to gain clarity..

Yan Luji instinctively sensed that there were no good answers to this question. It would be hurtful if he were to say he hated her, but he was also afraid that Lin Yao would misunderstand his feelings if he said he didn’t hate her. As such, he awkwardly parried: “Is there a reason you’re looking for me?”

“Yes, I have something to talk to you about.” Lin Yao replied.

“Why didn’t you find me in the daytime?”

“Didn’t you say that I’m not allowed to enter your office?” accused Lin Yao.

“…” Yan Luji suddenly recalled that he did instruct Assistant Zhang to not let Lin Yao in after being annoyed at her last week.

“Should we talk at a cafe?” Yan Luji suggested.

“There’s no need for it, I only have a few questions to ask.” Lin Yao said, “I know you don’t like me sitting in your car.”

“…” Yan Luji suddenly felt guilty. Was he being a little too harsh on Lin Yao?

“Cough, then speak.” Yan Luji surveyed his surroundings and noticed that there was no one, and hence felt more at ease.

“I just wanted to ask, how do you feel about me?” Lin Yao’s words directly pierced towards the heart of the matter like a sword.

“Cough … Dr. Lin, though I am grateful that you like me, I don’t have … such feelings towards you.” Yan Luji was trying to be as tactful as possible.

After all, no one would feel any hostility towards someone who genuinely liked them.

“Not even a little bit?” Lin Yao was in disbelief.

“We don’t suit each other.” Yan Luji continued to reject her.

“I also can’t pursue you?”

“We really don’t suit each other.” Yan Luji rejected her for the third time.

“Alright, since you said it so directly then I won’t be bothering you in the future.” said Lin Yao dejectedly.

“Huh??” Yan Luji felt that he was thrown off by her unexpected words.

“Do you feel a little disappointed knowing that I will no longer bother you?” Lin Yao sensed Yan Luji’s surprise and was excited.

“No, this is a wise decision. I believe you will definitely meet someone better down the road.” Yan Luji had adjusted his facial expressions and sincerely wished her well.

“You really don’t like me.” Lin Yao was a little hurt and remarked, “In any case, I’m still a girl. Having pursued you for so long fruitlessly, my reputation has also suffered and something needs to be done.”

“Right, right. I completely don’t deserve you.”

“But you are the first person I’ve liked ever since I was born.”

“…” Yan Luji now was having some mixed feelings and really wanted to say, the way you pursue people so boldly really doesn’t reflect that.

“You’ve hurt me.” Lin Yao pointed out.

“…” It looks like there is no way he can avoid bearing the weight of this pot[5]锅看来不得不背 means that there is no way he cannot bear the ‘responsibility’ in this case., “Sorry.”

Lin Yao looked at Yan Luji, then walked around the car to stand in front of him. Looking at the fury in her eyes, Yan Luji was frightened into subconsciously shuffling back a few steps.

“Why are you hiding again? I already said I wouldn’t bother you in the future.” Lin Yao raged.

“…” Yan Luji, who had done so out of reflex, felt a bit awkward and stepped 2 steps forward.

“Stand there without moving.” Lin Yao ordered.


“Didn’t I say just now? You’re the first person I liked but you rejected me and ruthlessly forbade me from pursuing you.” Lin Yao added, ‘At the very least, you have to allow me to bid farewell to my first love.”

Yan Luji wanted to interject that he did not agree to it, but still chose not to in the end.

Lin Yao stepped forward.

“What are you going to do?” Yan Luji felt a bit uneasy.

“I just want a farewell hug, can I?” Lin Yao looked like she was about to cry.

Yan Luji noticed the especially pitiful look on Lin Yao’s face, which was markedly different from how she was previously so excited it was though she was on stimulants. When thinking about how she was still a girl, he felt a little soft-hearted. Furthermore, he hadn’t exactly been the nicest to her during this period and Lin Yao was right, she was only guilty of liking him. It didn’t seem like much to ask for a farewell hug so he stood still.

Lin Yao saw that Yan Luji had not moved, and cackled in her heart while maintaining a look of sorrow. She inched forward till she was directly in front of Yan Luji and slowly stretched out both arms, but suddenly reached out and hooked an arm around his neck, got on her tip-toes and kissed him.

“Wu …” Yan Luji was startled and tried to push her away only for Lin Yao to hold him tighter and bite his lips.

When Yan Luji finally freed himself with great difficulty, his face had turned ashen. As he was gearing himself up to yell at her, the sound of a key falling onto the ground somewhere behind them resounded and pierced through the tense atmosphere, jarring Yan Luji out of his fog. Yan Luji felt like he was now rapidly losing his rationality.

“Excuse … excuse me, I will leave immediately.” A man hastily picked up his key, the awkwardness he felt that was unable to be concealed bloomed on his face and he started his car up, fleeing the scene.

“You …” This episode was actually seen by that big mouth from the International Trade department.

“For you!” Lin Yao had long prepared a paper bag.

“What for?” Yan Luji asked suspiciously.

“I know you don’t like me so I was afraid that you would be so disgusted you would want to puke after you kissed me. Here’s a vomit bag just in case.” Lin Yao looked like she was trying to put on a brave front.

“You …” Yan Luji was so angered at this moment he could kill the woman in front of him. He had never been assaulted by a woman his entire life and not to mention, this was even seen by someone else.

But now, with that look of sadness and self-abasement on Lin Yao’s face while saying that she was afraid he would be so disgusted by her that he would puke, he couldn’t utter any of the snide remarks that was on the tip of his tongue.

“Are you done saying goodbye?” Yan Luji sighed.

“I’m done.” Lin Yao obediently nodded.

“Then you won’t be … me anymore right?”

“What? Oh, you mean pursue you? No I won’t, we’ll just be ordinary colleagues.” Lin Yao assured.

“Then … I’m off.” Yan Luji hated that he couldn’t immediately transport himself out of this place.

Lin Yao instinctively hid at the side, while Yan Luji opened his car door.

“Colleague, see you tomorrow?” Lin Yao cheerily waved at him.

Yan Luji felt resentment building in him, and immediately rolled up his windows and drove out of the car park.

Lin Yao looked at the vomit bag in her hands and sighed.

Man’s ability to self-deprecate sure is a magical skill.

Colleague, let’s begin again tomorrow.

TL: I hope you guys are also trying not to puke LOL. I remember the first time I read this novel using the raws, my disgust with FL peaked here and at some point, I was hoping that ML would be successful in his evasion. In this case, though LY’s naïveté (as in she’s new to romantic r/s and boundaries) can only speak to how she approaches YLJ —wherein she only knows to approach bluntly then use force otherwise—, it does not justify what she has done and I think ML’s reaction is pretty clear here. I don’t mean to put people off a novel I’m TL-ing but (~_~; ). But I guess I still felt that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. This novel isn’t a prototype of a perfect relationship nor is it one where both ease into a relationship. It’s a story of contention, how both ML and FL hurt and misunderstand each other, then try to work out their problems. Though of course, it would be nice of the author explored the whole boundaries, consent thing more clearly ahahahah but I promise, both LY and YLJ learn to improve the way they communicate later on (when push comes to shove).

You can support me on ko-fi if you like my translations (๑╹U╹)ノ*:・゚✧


1 The raws use 老板娘, which is used to denote a female boss and also as in this case, the wife of a boss. But I thought by merely translating it to ‘my boss’ wife’, I couldn’t convey across the power relation between Lin Yao-Assistant Zhang because LY will also be AZ’s superior as YLJ’s wife.
2 宁可错杀不可放过 means that in order to catch the anonymous person in question, one would not let a single person go and subject all to punishment. AZ is trying to say that it is not because he is trying to prepare for all scenarios (wherein LY becomes his other boss) that he is allying with LY and making his boss’ life hard. Though, ofc, he is being sarcastic.
3 3 is san in mandarin and so 3Q is san-q, which sounds like thank you. I always that it was also because non-native English speakers struggle with the ‘th’ in thank so they make do with san-q hhahaha.
4 拨云见月 means to gain clarity.
5 锅看来不得不背 means that there is no way he cannot bear the ‘responsibility’ in this case.

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