Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 19.3

TN: Hey guys, I picked up this novel cos I think it’s nice. Translation started on another site so I’m starting from here. The beginning chapters can be found here. So here we go.

The last class of the day was the class meeting, and Cheng Chu knew what the teacher would announce in this class.

    Before class, the classroom was a mess, so she turned to look at Gu Miao.

    The young man lowered his head and was reciting English words with his head lowered. Gu Miao’s profile was indifferent like the misty mist in the cold winter morning.

    He was always like this, saying nothing, not arguing.

    “Gu Miao.” Cheng Chu called out to him.

    The boy’s hand holding the pen froze, he looked up at her, his eyelashes trembled, “Huh?”

    “Why are you fighting?”

    Gu Miao lowered her eyes and said, “It’s nothing.”

    Look, he still doesn’t want to say.

    Cheng Chu didn’t understand, why didn’t she tell her? She was a little annoyed at the stubbornness of the boy, but on the other hand, she understood his kindness.

    He did it to protect himself, and he didn’t want her to know that he had been targeted, isolated, and didn’t want to see her sad.

    In the corner of her heart, something seemed to have quietly emerged from the ground, and an emotion that she had never experienced before quietly filled her heart.

    It was slightly sour, but it made her feel a strange sense of satisfaction.

    Cheng Chu took a breath, and the bottom of her eyes was slightly moist.

    In her previous life, she was also protected by her family, surrounded by others, and lived in the applause of flowers and the envy of others.

    But since the loss of her brother, the family that was originally perfect has been shattered. Her parents were immersed in grief and had no time to take into account her feelings.

    She wants to support the company and the family by herself.

    There has never been a person like him who wholeheartedly protects her, cherishes her, and doesn’t want her to be hurt a little.

    The classroom in winter was still cold, the noise gradually subsided, and the head teacher Lin Yue walked into the classroom.

    “Classmates.” Lin Yuequ tapped on the podium, “I’m going to announce a disciplinary decision next.”

    Cheng Chu couldn’t help turning his head.

    The sun was setting outside the window, and the boy’s face was cold and heavy, as if everything was isolated.

    Song Xinyu turned his head and smiled provocatively at them.

    “Gu Miao from our class beat someone for no reason, and the school announced a decision-“

    “Teacher, wait.” In the silent classroom, the girl’s clear voice was particularly clear.

    Lin Yue frowned slightly and asked, “If you have anything, you should raise your hand first. You just interrupt the teacher’s speech.”

    “I’m sorry, teacher.” Cheng Chu lowered her eyes slightly.

    In the end, it was the student she liked, and Lin Yue didn’t scold her, “Okay, let’s sit down first, and I’ll talk about it after class.”

    Cheng Chu didn’t sit down, she stood up straight, her back collapsed, “Teacher, I’m sorry. , I want to prove that Gu Miao didn’t beat people for no reason, he beat people because Song Xinyu provoked me several times, and threatened to find someone to teach me.”

    There was an uproar around, many people only knew that Gu Miao beat people, but they didn’t know there was such an inside story.

    “What the hell is going on, it actually has something to do with Song Xinyu?”

    “It seemed like she was standing beside her, but she doesn’t look like that.”

“You can’t just look at a person. I remember the bad words about Cheng Chu last week. It’s from Lin Ruo, she and Lin Ruo are so good, think about it for yourself.”

    “Yeah, I think it should have something to do with it.”

    Song Xinyu turned her head in disbelief, and her usual delicate voice became a bit sharp: “What are you talking about? It’s not because I happened to be standing next to me at that time. In order to excuse Gu Miao, you and Zhou Ran spat out blood.”

    Her peach blossom eyes glowed with water, and she looked at Gu Miao and Cheng in disbelief. Chu, put on a crying voice: “Why do you bully people like this?”

    Cheng Chu didn’t look at her, and as far as she could see, the boy’s icy eyes were filled with depression, like a knife, slashing ruthlessly at Song Xinyu.

    The winter classroom was icy cold, Cheng Chu raised his eyes, looked at Lin Yue’s stern eyes, and said loudly, “Song Xinyu had a grudge against me because of the English competition, and then she asked Wang Yan from the next class to take advantage of the psychology class to pour red ink on my chair.”

    She paused and continued: “Fortunately, Gu Miao saw that it was dealt with in time, but Song Xinyu did not succeed and found Wang Yan again, asking him to corner me and find someone to beat me up, but Gu Miao and Zhou Ran just heard all this, so they hit someone.”

Zhou Ran stood up and said aloud, “Yes, I can testify.”

    Cheng Chu lowered his eyes and met Gu Miao’s dark eyes.

    “Yes, that’s what happened.” Gu Miao said in a deep voice, word by word.

    “You bully people because of the number of people.” Song Xinyu was so wronged that she whimpered, her eyes filled with tears.

    Cheng Chu glanced at her coldly and took out the USB flash drive from the drawer, “This is the evidence, it contains the chat records of Song Xinyu and Wang Yan, as well as the transfer records.”

    She turned to look at Song Xinyu and said, “If you insist on what I say as a false accusation, I hope you don’t mind me revealing the evidence in front of the whole class.”

    Song Xinyu’s crying face turned pale, she looked at the USB flash drive in Cheng Chu’s hand, kept shaking her head, and supported herself. With the last trace of rationality, she said, “I don’t, you are framing me.”

The small USB flash drive quickly reached the teacher’s hand. After she skillfully inserted the USB flash drive, she looked at the computer screen, her face getting darker and darker.

    There was a noise in the silent classroom, and the students below looked at Lin Yue’s face, and they had already made up their minds.

    “Is it really her?”

    “Looking at her usual delicate and weak appearance, how can she be so bad.”

    “Cheng Chu and Gu Miao are so pitiful.” There was a knock on the classroom door, Lin Qifeng stood at the door. Looking inside, he asked nervously, “We’ve run out of chalk in our class, can I come and borrow it?”

    Lin Yue nodded, “Come in and get it.”

    Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Lin Qifeng walked to the podium, feeling a little curious about the strange atmosphere in this class.

    Taking two boxes of chalk from the podium, he lowered his eyes slightly and saw the contents of the computer screen.

    He was so shaken that his hand holding the chalk shook.

    There was a cold wind floating in the classroom, Song Xinyu raised her eyes and met Lin Qifeng’s eyes.

    Repulsed, cold, disgusted.

    In an instant, she felt the blood all over her body being sucked out, and the cold winter wind swept into her body, freezing her limbs and bones to the point of being cold and powerless.

    She knew that this time, she was completely over.

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    Thanks for picking this one up! I was missing it for a while.

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