Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 22.2

 The bright lights at the top of the auditorium slowly dimmed, a cluster of lights was cast on the stage, and the two hosts walked up and down the stage. The party began.

    Cheng Chu sat in the inner row, holding the flowers in her arms.

    “Give it to me.” The teenager next to her stretched out his hand and took the flowers in her arms.  “I’ll help you. Put it next to me .” His voice was deep.

Her hands were relieved, Cheng Chu breathed a sigh of relief, turned to Gu Miao and said lightly, “Thank you. “

    The boy lowered his eyes slightly, “No, it’s okay.”

    The curtain of the stage was closed and opened again. The first program was an adapted version of the drama, Snow White. There were bursts of laughter, and Cheng Chu laughed at Snow White, who was played by a man disguised as a woman.

    It was not until the end of the show that she regained her senses as if she had just woken up from a dream.

    “Give me the flowers, I’m going to present them.” Cheng Chu whispered to Gu Miao.

    Gu Miao didn’t speak, just handed her the flowers silently.

    His night-like eyes followed the girl, watching her hug the bunch of flowers, cross the crowd with a cat purse on her waist, and finally stop by the stage.

    Lin Qifeng stood beside her, bowed his head slightly and said a few words to her, causing her to cover her mouth and smile happily.

    The two stood side by side, both of them standing out in the crowd, like a pair of beautiful people.

    Gu Miao lowered his head silently, and the light in his black eyes gradually went out.

    The heater was on in the auditorium, but Gu Miao’s fingers were getting colder. He lowered his eyes, not having the courage to look up again.

    Such a scene was like a knife, slicing his heart to pieces in two or three strokes.

    With the melodious duet flowing all around, Cheng Chu looked at the two girls on the stage.

    They were wearing exquisite and bright little dresses today, the bright lights were pouring out, and the music was flowing, and their whole bodies seemed to be coated with a layer of soft light.

    “Wait a minute when you offer flowers to the girl who plays the piano, and I’ll offer flowers to the girl who plays the violin.” Lin Qifeng said in her ear.

    When Cheng Chu nodded, the music gradually stopped, and the two people on the stage stood side by side and bowed slightly.

    “Hurry up, hurry up.” Lin Qifeng urged: “Let’s go.”

    Cheng Chu quickly followed.

    On the stage, Zhou Qiqi received Cheng Chu’s flowers with a blushing face and whispered, “Thank you.”

    She was wearing a moon-white dress, and under the bright lights of the stage, it seemed to be sprinkled with a little starlight.

    Cheng Chu suddenly felt that the school uniform on her body looked gray. She smiled and said, “The clothes are so beautiful and you played well.”

    Zhou Qiqi was wearing high heels, and it was a little difficult to walk. Cheng Chu supported her and walked slowly off stage.

    Because of the performance just now, there was another riot in the noisy venue.

    Several boys pressed their voices and asked the names of the two girls who had just performed.

    By the time Cheng Chu passed through the noisy crowd and returned to his seat, there was no one beside him.

    “Where’s Gu Miao?” Cheng Chu patted Luo Qianqian and asked.

    “I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention just now.” Rosie scratched her head and said, “Maybe he was bored and left early.”

    “Oh.” Cheng Chu lowered her head in disappointment.

    The floor of the auditorium is suede, and the feet seem to step on the light clouds.

    But Cheng Chu’s heart gradually sank.

    Why did he just leave without saying a word? Although she was just an insignificant accompaniment, wouldn’t he even listen to it?

    The host’s voice was penetrating and passed through Cheng Chu’s ears.

    She pursed her lips and comforted herself in her heart, maybe he just went to the toilet? Or was the teacher called away?

    But after several shows in a row, he still hasn’t come back.

    The party was gradually coming to an end, and more than half of the people had left the venue one after another. At this moment, only a few people were sitting in the auditorium, which was originally full.

    Even Luo Qian Qian and Zhou Ran both found a reason to leave early.

    In the emptying auditorium, the people on the stage were still persevering, like the dancers in a dance party that had ended, spinning alone.

    “The teacher said that the chorus session is about to come, let you go over and prepare, let’s go.” Someone behind her gently patted her on the shoulder.

    Cheng Chu got up, looked at the still empty seat next to him, and nodded.

    The small backstage was crowded with people, and without a piano, Cheng Chu could only stand by and listen to the chorus singing.

    Those people were also exhausted by the lengthy preparation time. Although the singing could still be heard, it was weak.

    The teacher frowned and scolded a few words: “What’s going on, cheer up for me, won’t you perform without an audience?”

    “Cheer up, do you hear?” Her voice was loud, It seems that the early morning horn awakened the sleepy hearts of the students.

    “I heard-” everyone responded in unison.

    Their dim eyes gradually lit up, and Cheng Chu watched from the side, feeling that the silent heart was also slightly excited.

    The host had finished reporting the curtain, and the students of the chorus lined up to take the stage one by one, and Cheng Chu followed the team at the end.

    There were three steps on the stage, and they walked up one by one, but Cheng Chu walked through the steps to the piano at the far corner of the stage.

    It was behind a curtain, and only a few dim lights were reflected in the corners.

    There was fragmented applause from the audience, Cheng Chu turned her face to the side, and looked at the person sitting in the previously empty seat.

    The people in the back rows have left.

    The young man straightened his waist, and his burning gaze passed through the vast and empty venue, and cast his eyes on her.

    He came!

    Cheng Chu’s dim peach blossom eyes seemed to be adorned with dazzling stage lights, and instantly became brighter.

    The heart that sank into the sea was instantly pulled out of the water and rippling involuntarily with the ups and downs of the ocean waves.

    Her palms were sweaty, took a deep breath, and sat down slowly.

    The school anthem sung by the chorus is extremely simple, and Cheng Chu can play it with her eyes closed. Her fingers danced recklessly on the keys according to the memory, and she quietly raised her eyes from the piano keys to look down the stage.

    Through the gap in the heavy curtain, Cheng Chu collided with those deep eyes.

    There are no dazzling decorations, no dazzling stage stars, or even sweet and melodious singing. His dark eyes seem to pass through thousands of mountains and rivers, but they are only persistently looking at the dark and obscure corner of the stage.

    Cheng Chu’s heart seemed to bloom a pale yellow flower, which was the only bright color in this silent winter night.

    She suddenly realized that even if there is no gorgeous dress, bright lights, and dazzling music, even if she sits in a dark corner without brilliance; in that boy’s eyes, she was always as bright and moving as the midnight stars.

    The music gradually stopped, Cheng Chu stood up slowly, and smiled brightly at the teenager under the stage.

    Even without applause, the performance was very successful. The teacher said a few words symbolically, and everyone dispersed.

    When Cheng Chu came out from the backstage, the party was over.

    The auditorium was empty, Cheng Chu’s phone vibrated twice, and it was a text message from Gu Miao.

    “I’ll wait for you at the back door of the auditorium.”

    Cheng Chu pursed her lips and smiled, and walked through the hall with her schoolbag on her back.

    Pushing open the back door, the cold wind blew in like a knife, and Cheng Chu’s hand holding the doorknob froze.

    She zipped the down jacket draped over the school uniform, and when she raised her eyes slightly, she saw the boy not far away.

    In the dark winter night, the dim yellow light is like melting toffee.

    The teenager stood under the lush holly tree, with a lonely body and a faint coldness.

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