Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 25.1

 This year’s winter vacation came early, so the final exam came before the New Year’s Day holiday passed.

    The atmosphere in the class was tense, and the top students in the class were eager to enter the key class at the beginning of the next semester.

    Cheng Chu has no obsession with the key classes, but Gu Miao’s grades have been getting better and better recently, and he was only a few places short of the last month’s exam to get into the key classes.

    If nothing else, he will be able to enter the key class next semester.

    For this reason, Cheng Chu has become more and more serious in her studies these days.

    Next Monday is the final exam, so on Friday, the teacher asked everyone to clear the table.

    The classroom was a mess, Cheng Chu touched Gu Miao’s sleeve lightly, and suddenly asked, “Do you want to go to the key class?”

    Gu Miao lowered his eyes amid the noise.

    He didn’t really care about that, anyway, he always just immersed himself in reading on his own, whether it was the key class or the ordinary class, it made no difference to him.

    All this time, he just wanted to stay in the class with her, wherever it was.

    But how could he dare to say that?

    Gu Miao’s hand holding the pen clenched slightly and raised his eyes slightly.

    The afterglow of the setting sun shone into the girl’s eyes. Her eyes were clear as if she was holding a puddle of water, and she was also a little curious.

    “Don’t you want to?” Seeing that he didn’t answer, she asked hesitantly.

    Gu Miao pursed his lips and nodded silently.

    She is such a dazzling girl, and she is top-notch in everything. After retiring from the key class, she must really want to go back.

    If that’s the case, he wants to go too.

    Like a spring flower blooming, a small smile bloomed from the girl’s eyes. Her beautiful peach blossom eyes completed the crescent moon, and her tone was light: “Then for this final exam, let’s work hard and enter the key class together. “

My heart skipped a beat for a moment, and sweetness gradually came up from the bottom of my heart.

    These words seemed to carry magic power, and they took root and sprouted in his heart.

    There was a slight cool breeze blowing in the classroom, bringing with it the coldness of a winter night.

    The word book spread on the desk was rustling, Gu Miao looked down, only to feel that the originally obscure English had become clear.

    When she got home on Friday, Cheng Chu found an unexpected guest at home.

    The teenager was lying on his back on the sofa, with a phone in his hand, and his hair was curled up, which suppressed the originally lazy and uninhibited temperament.

    He heard the sound of the door opening, his hands kept moving, and he lifted his eyelids. Seeing that it was Cheng Chu, he replied lazily, “I’m back.”

    “Is this your house or mine?” Cheng Chu put down her school bag and asked nonchalantly, “Why are you here?”

    A loud “defeat” came from the phone, and Fu Xun threw the phone on the sofa and stretched, “I don’t really want to come, either, your mother asked me to come.”

    Fu Xun is Cheng Chu’s uncle’s child. His parents were married for business, so they didn’t have any feelings at all.

    Cheng Chu’s mother felt that it was pitiful to leave the child at home alone, so she often asked him to come to the house for dinner.

    Cheng Chu has no objection to him, but this child has two faces. In front of her parents and her brother, she looks like a good baby. When he faces her, he always likes to contradict her.

    She didn’t want to pay attention to him and went upstairs to review with her school bag.

    But Fu Rong didn’t want her to be so relaxed. (T/N: Fu Rong is her mother.)

    At the dinner table, she clipped Fu Xun shredded pork with chopsticks, turned her head and said to Cheng Chu, “Wait after dinner and go do homework with your brother.”

    “I have the final exam next week, and I have to review.” Cheng Chu protested quickly.

    Fu Rong smiled and said indifferently: “Oh, I just want you and your brother to do homework together. If he doesn’t know, he will ask you for advice, and it won’t waste your time.”

    Fu Xun is now in the third year of junior high. The grades were a mess, and Cheng Chu estimated that he should be at the bottom of the school.

    Sure enough –

    “How to do this?” He came over and asked a minute after he opened the homework.

    Cheng Chu put down her pen and saw that he was asking the first multiple-choice question.

    The title is: Among the functions below, the quadratic function is

    “Are you serious?” Cheng Chu looked at him and asked. (This translator also wants to know.)

    The boy’s long and narrow phoenix eyes blinked with an innocent expression, “Seriously.”

    “How did you get into Yude?” Cheng Chu asked through gritted teeth.

    Yude is the best junior high school in the city, and half of the students who graduate there every year will be admitted to a high school.

    Fu Xun rested his head in one hand and turned his pen in the other, “Of course, it’s about the relationship.”

    He turned his head, looked at Cheng Chu strangely, and said in a strange tone, “Or do you think I passed the exam?” She took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in her heart, and said, “Give me the book.” The young man obediently handed her the book.

    Cheng Chu found out the content of the quadratic function from the book, and slapped the book in front of him with a slap, “You read the book first, and write it according to the examples in the book, and you won’t ask me again.”

    “Oh.” He scratched his head with a pen, and even obediently began to lower his head to read.

    To be honest, Fu Xun really hates reading books, but he doesn’t know if the lighting in the living room is too soft or the seats are too soft.

    When he raised his head again, it was already half an hour later.

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