Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 26.2

    “Hello, I want a cup of taro balls milk tea.” Cheng Chu turned her head and asked, “What about you, what do you want to drink?”

    “Same as you.” Fu Xun said gruffly.

    The counter is not big, and the kitchen is behind it. Xu Shi attaches great importance to hygiene, and the store has installed transparent glass around the kitchen so that all operations inside are clearly visible.

    After Cheng Chu paid the money, she raised her eyes to look inside and met a pair of dark eyes.

    Like a spark lit up in the dark night, the moment those eyes touched her, they suddenly lit up.

    Cheng Chu rolled her eyes happily, she took the receipt handed over by the waiter and waved at him.

    The warmth spread from Gu Miao’s cold eyes. He awkwardly raised his flour-stained hand and waved to the outside.

    But the next second, when he saw the young man standing behind her, the light instantly dimmed.

    Who is that? He kneaded the dough in his hands vigorously, his lips pressed together.

    The oven in the kitchen hummed softly, and the sweet smell of bread gradually permeated.

    But Gu Miao felt that a pot of vinegar was poured into his stomach, which made his stomach twitch and hurt. He unconsciously kneaded the dough in his hand, and finally couldn’t help but look up.

    The winter sun filtered in, all reflected on the girl’s slender back. She was sitting with her back in the direction of the kitchen, stirring the taro balls with a straw.

    After a while, she handed the milk tea in her hand to the boy opposite.

    Gu Miao pursed his lips and stared at the young man, his calm eyes faintly glowing.

    The baker next to him came over, looked down at the dough in his hand, and nodded approvingly, “Well, the young man is quite powerful, so let me tell the boss, I will hire you, today’s to come here first to try it out.”

    “Oh, yes, you can take some of the bread in the store if you want to eat it. The employee benefits in our store are still good.”

    Gu Miao looked back and looked at the white dough in his hand, nodded silently.

    On the other side, Cheng Chu lowered his head and drank the milk tea, and said helplessly, “I’m satisfied with the exchange of a cup with you. I have to say that I have more taro balls than you.”

    “It’s true”, he spoke vaguely, “You indeed have more than me.”

    “By the way, who was the person you greeted just now?”

    Cheng Chuhua’s fingers on the phone froze, “No one, it’s a classmate.”

    “Just a classmate? I don’t believe it.” Fu Xun pouted, raised his eyebrows, and said with a wicked smile, “It’s not someone who has a crush on you, seeing you so happy, but I don’t think you have a crush on him.”

    “Why not?” Cheng Chu pursed her lips, her tone slightly cool.

    “He looks so boring and not likeable at all.” He said, his voice gradually weakened, and his eyes began to look back at her erratically.

    Cheng Chu looked back curiously.

    At noon, a few rays of sunlight refracted through the glass window, and Gu Miao was walking out of the kitchen wearing a thin white sweater.

    Cheng Chu waved at him, “Are you off work?”

    He walked to the table of the two and nodded silently.

    The heater was on in the store, but he seemed to have the coldness of winter outside the window on him.

    Cheng Chu smiled and said, “We’re almost finished drinking, let’s go together.”

    She lifted the bag of records from the ground and gestured to Fu Xun with her eyes.

    “I- help you.” Gu Miao stretched out her hand and took the record in her hand very naturally.

    Fu Xun carried his bag of records and glanced at Gu Miao with contempt.

    Fake hospitality!

    The three walked out of the milk tea shop.

    The trees at the door had already lost all their leaves, and they were standing alone in the cold street, feeling rather desolate.

    Cheng Chu couldn’t help looking sideways at him.

    The winter sun shines on Gu Miao’s face. His thin lips are a little peeled and slightly white, and he is pursing them tightly at the moment.

    “Did you come by bike today?” Cheng Chu asked.

    He shook his head and said in a low voice, “No.”

    “Then wait for me to let the driver drop you off.” Cheng Chu pondered for a while, but still said, “You are wearing too little.”

    If you go back like this, you will get cold.

    The teenager lowered his eyes and shook his head slightly: “No, no.” The driver sent a message to Fu Xun, saying that the car had been parked on the side of the road.

    “The car is here, let’s go.” Fu Xun said to Cheng Chu.

    He turned his head to look at the thin clothes on Gu Miao’s body, and said plainly, “Let’s go, it’s just on the way.”

    Cheng Chu gave him a dirty look at the way he made up nonsense carelessly.

    The dead wood branches on the street trembled slightly in the cold wind. Gu Miao’s dark eyes seemed to be colder after hearing the boy’s words.

T/N: My baby is jealous

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