Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 27.4

    The cold wind howled, and the dead branches on the roadside trembled slightly. Cheng Chu gathered up her clothes and walked into the milk tea shop on the corner.

    The store was empty, with only a few people sitting in the corner.

    “Hello, what would you like to drink?” the clerk asked politely.

    Through the glass window, Cheng Chu saw that the young man was bowing his head, his stern brows were slightly wrinkled, and his articulated hands were kneading the snow-white dough vigorously.

    “Taro round milk tea.” Cheng Chu said with low eyes.

    He’s working, don’t disturb him. Cheng Chu thought to herself.

    On a gloomy winter day, the bright lights in the store made Cheng Chu feel strangely better.

    “What time do you get off work?” She looked up at the young man working hard in the glass window, and couldn’t help but ask.

    The clerk was a little surprised, he looked at the beautiful girl in front of him.

    Under the bright light, her small white porcelain face was slightly raised, with a few strands of broken hair hanging on the side of her face half-covered. The best thing to look at was the pair of peach blossom eyes, the ends of the eyes were slightly raised.

    His cheeks flushed involuntarily, “About six o’clock in the evening.”

    “Oh.” The girl nodded disappointedly: “It’s so late.”

    “Is it so late for everyone, including the bread maker?” The girl suddenly looked up and asked.

    “Ah, he can get off work at three o’clock in the afternoon.”

    Cheng Chu looked at the clock on the wall, it was ten o’clock.

    Less than two hours left.

    The annoyance in her heart was instantly swept away, and a smile spread from her eyes, “Okay, thank you.”

    Holding the freshly made taro ball milk tea, she walked a few steps and turned back, and said, “Don’t tell him.” The cashier looked at the girl sitting in the corner and pouted in disappointment.

    It turned out to be waiting for someone else.

    There was soothing light music flowing in the store, and there was a spider plant in front of where Cheng Chu was sitting. The long green leaves were hanging down, just blocking her sight.

    While drinking milk tea, she looked at the kitchen through the gap in the leaves.

    The light in the kitchen was bright and clean, and the boy was wearing a snow-white chef’s uniform, which reflected his clean eyebrows.

    In fact, he was very good-looking, with a youthful look on his face, which was very different from the silent and dignified President Gu in the future.

    Cheng Chu remembered that when they first got married, the two moved into his new villa, and there was an antique grand piano in the living room, which she thought was just for decoration.

    Until one day during dinner, the taciturn President Gu changed his silence. He frowned, his jaw tightened, his thin lips pursed tightly, and he pondered for a while before asking, “Why didn’t you ever play the piano downstairs?”

    At that time, Cheng Chu only looked up at him in surprise, and then said coldly, “I don’t like to play the piano.”

    He listened to her answer, but lowered his head and said nothing.

    Only later did she find out that he had gone abroad for her own sake and had been begging an antique piano collector for a long time before he got it.

    The piano he bought with all his hard work, but she had never played it once.

    The milk tea in her hand had long lost its temperature, and it had a dull sweetness.

    Cheng Chu’s heart gradually filled with bitterness. She raised her eyes and looked at the clock on the wall, only to realize that it was ten past three.

    Cheng Chu put down the milk tea and stood up anxiously.

    The door beside the cashier opened with a creak, Gu Miao was carrying a paper bag in his hand, and his brows were still full of exhaustion, so he was caught off guard by the girl’s eyes.

    His hands trembled involuntarily, and the fragile paper bag trembled a few times, making a soft sound.

    She was wearing a simple off-white sweater, her jet-black hair was like splashes of ink, and the bright peach blossom eyes seemed to be adorned with the bright spring light of the whole winter.

    The winter in Haishi is a bit gloomy, and the window is gray.

    But she stood there pretty, like the only ray of light in the dark world, rushing into his heart like this.

    Gu Miao’s heart trembled, and involuntarily, he blinked, as if to confirm whether everything in front of him was real.

    “Gu Miao.” The girl ran in front of him, raised her face, and looked at him, “Have you gotten off work?” The clear voice swayed slowly into his heart along the eardrum.

    It turned out to be true.

    Exhaustion melted from his eyes. The tremor in his heart hadn’t stopped. He hoarsely replied, “Yeah.”

    “What, how long did you wait?”

    Cheng Chu smiled, “It didn’t take long, ten minutes, I didn’t bother you when I saw you were working.”

    Gu Miao lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly, “Next time, come; call me directly.”

    “Okay.” The girl nodded solemnly, “Where are you going next? Have you eaten lunch? Or shall we go eat together?”

    He didn’t know how to answer a series of questions, so he could only stare blankly at the girl and said: ” It’s fine.”

    As long as I’m with you, anything is fine.

    He looked down at her, his eyes showing the tenderness that was not found in winter.

    Cheng Chu’s heart trembled because of the heat in his eyes.

    “Let’s go, let’s go, did you ride your bike today?” She lowered her head in disguise and asked casually.


    “Then I’m going to sit on the back seat of your bicycle.”


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