Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 29.2

    There were boring songs and dances on the TV, and Cheng Chu boredly pulled up the news, starting from the very beginning.

    It was a message from the headteacher –

    “Praise the top three of our class in this final exam. First, Ye Feixue, grade 43, second, Cheng Chu, grade 50, third, Hu Zongbai, grade 68”

    Cheng Chu’s hand holding the phone froze, and she lowered her head in disbelief and read it again.

    Why not Gu Miao?

    Did he make a mistake this time?

    Cheng Chu’s frantic heart gradually calmed down. Could it be that he made a mistake because she borrowed his own scribbling pen?

    The high-pitched beautiful voice gradually increased, and it was Fu Xun who turned up the volume.

    She turned his head, looked at Cheng Chu with a lost face, and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

    “No, nothing.” Cheng Chu froze and turned off the phone screen, shaking her head.

    The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, mixed with strong winds beating against the glass windows, making loud noises.

    “Chuchu, go and close the window.”

    Because she felt that the heating room was too stuffy, Fu Rong left a small crack in the window.

    “Okay.” Cheng Chu came back to her senses and walked to the window without thinking.

    A few strands of rain came in through the cracks of the window and splashed onto her face, bringing a bit of icy cold.

    Cheng Chu only felt that the strong wind and rain outside the window seemed to hit her heart in an instant, and the joy and warmth of the New Year were instantly extinguished. She sniffed, turned her head and said, “I am a little sleepy, I’ll go to sleep first.”

    “Go. Go to sleep, go to sleep.” Cheng Ruohai waved his hand.

    Cheng Chu pursed her lips, lowered her head and ran up to the second floor.

    The wooden floor made a “bang” sound as she closed the door, and sat down at the table weakly.

    Not far away, Doraemon, was pouting, as if mocking Cheng Chu’s stupidity.

    She lowered her eyes in despair, blaming herself in a panic.

    If it weren’t for her, Gu Miao would be able to go to the key class.

    The plum blossoms in the garden were trembling with the branches blown by the wind and snow, but they still firmly bloomed a bright red.

    Cheng Chu took out the class transfer confirmation form from under the textbook, crossed out “yes” at the bottom, and then stared at the parent’s signature column at the bottom and stared blankly.

    A few minutes later, she knocked on Cheng Yue’s door.

    “Come in.”

    Cheng Chu leaned in quietly and whispered, “Brother, can I ask you something?” The air seemed mix with the rain outside, showing a bit of sticky dampness.

    After Cheng Yue heard her words, he pursed the corners of his lips slightly and did not speak for a long time.

    It seemed like a long time, and it seemed like only a few seconds had passed.

    He opened his mouth and said in a deep voice, “Chu Chu, have you asked the boy’s opinion?”

    “Huh?” Cheng Chu raised her eyes, looking at him with a somewhat unclear look.

    Cheng Ran sat on the office chair, his handsome face was hidden in the dim yellow light, and his eyes drooped slightly, making it difficult to see his expression.

    But his tone was very deep.

    “A boy who really likes you will not let you compromise for him. If he agrees to let you give up better things for him, it means that he is not worthy of your love.”

    “But I made him fail the test. Isn’t it bad?” Cheng Chu raised her head and looked puzzled.

    “You should hear what he thinks.” Cheng Yue said slowly.

    When Cheng Chu came out of her brother’s room, the rain outside had gradually subsided, and a few drops of rain fell on the window, making a slight sound.

    It was very quiet all around.

    Cheng Chu stood by the window and called Gu Miao.

    A long “beep–“, and the next second, the call was picked up.

    The boy’s voice was full of obvious surprise: “Cheng Chu?”

    “It’s me.” Cheng Chu looked at the night in the garden and said warmly, “Happy New Year, Gu Miao.”

    “You too.” Gu Miao said. Through the telephone line, his voice was slightly hoarse, revealing an indescribable sexiness, “Happy New Year.”

    His tone was very sincere as if he wanted to give her all the happiness in this world at this moment.

    The bottom of her heart seemed to be caressed by a pair of gentle hands. Cheng Chu’s hand holding the phone trembled slightly. After pondering for a moment, she said, “I saw the result, is it because of the scribbling pen? I’m sorry if it wasn’t for me, ……”

    Gu Miao never interrupted her, this seemed to be the first time.

    He said, “No, this is because of me, I didn’t perform well.” The window was distorted by the rain, and a few drops of crystal rain cut a path and meandered down.

    The young man’s voice seemed to melt into this rainy night, with a little moisturizing, and leisurely drilled Cheng Chu’s eardrum.

    She lowered her eyes, her voice was low, “I don’t want to go to the key class.”

    “No, next semester, I will be admitted to the key class.”

    So, wait for me, okay?

    Wait until I try to follow in your footsteps and become confident, strong, brave, and shining like you.

    In this way, I am qualified to stand by your side.

T/N: My baby, Gu Miao, don’t be sad. I f you don’t reach her level, I’ll still be here.

On an entirely contradictory note, never give up on your studies for anybody kids. It ooonly works out perfectly in fiction.

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