Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 30.2

    Gu Miao lowered his head, hurriedly stuffed the books on the table into his schoolbag, and stood up after a few seconds.

    “Let’s go.”

    He didn’t expect that even if she was no longer in the same class, she would still be willing to go home with him.

    As the sun set, the silhouettes of boys and girls gradually elongated in the wind.

    The entrance exam is coming.

    Many people who had a good time during the holidays are crying now.

    This exam will not only examine part of the homework during the holidays but also examine some content that has not been learned in the new semester.

    The entrance examination is not very formal, and there is no need to divide the students into examination rooms. It is only required that each class completes it in its own classroom.

    Cheng Chu did not skip on her studies during the holidays. She has always been serious in her work, and she seldom needed to cram.

    So she did well in the exam.

    After the exam is the weekend, and after this last vacation, it is the official new semester when the students resume.

    The weather on Monday was just right, and the long-lost sunshine finally poured generously on the campus.

    It was already late when Cheng Chu came to the school. She walked quickly along the stairs and saw a circle of people crowding the bulletin board on the second floor.

    Luo Qian was squeezing into the crowd when she saw Cheng Chu and her eyes lit up.

    “Chuchu–” Those fawn-like almond eyes shone like the dazzling sun.

    Cheng Chu waved at her and walked over.

    “What are you looking at?” She glanced at the crowd and found that most of them were from their key classes.

    But the classroom is obviously upstairs.

    Luo Qian dragged her and whispered, “I heard that the grade director has made a red list for the top ten of the year, and it is posted there.”

    This is unprecedented, and Cheng Chu is also a little curious. I couldn’t help but tiptoe, wanting to find out.

    The dense crowd seems to be a high wall, blocking all sight.

    “Forget it, hey, there are too many people, and I’m not there anyway. I won’t watch it if I can’t.” Luo Qian sighed.

    No, the top ten are usually covered by key classes, and it is impossible for the ordinary classes to take their turn.

    I don’t know why the grade director posted this red list on the second floor.

    Cheng Chu glanced at the crowd and was about to follow Luo Qianqian, but unexpectedly heard Gu Miao’s name.

    Her footsteps slowed suddenly, and she turned around quickly.

    Some people in the crowd in front were talking loudly—— “Who is this Gu Miao, how come I’ve never heard of it.”

    “It’s still from the third class, a bit strong.”

    “Damn, full marks in physics, is this a monster?”

    “Chemistry, almost got full marks.”

    As if something exploded from her heart, Cheng Chu’s mind was a little confused by the sudden news.

    She turned her head and glanced at Luo Qian, both of whom saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes.

    There was a slightly cold morning breeze blowing from the corridor, which seemed to bring a bright and warm sunshine atmosphere.

    Cheng Chu grabbed the person squeezed out from the front, and asked anxiously, “Is there Gu Miao’s name on the red list?”

   The boy who was held was taken aback until he saw the girl’s eyes. Those peach blossom eyes seemed filled with clear and clean spring water, reflecting his overwhelmed clumsy appearance. Yu Yan felt that his hand being held by the girl was shaking a little, and the tip of his heart was like a small pebble penetrated into the calm lake, and an inexplicable emotion rippled slightly.

    He didn’t respond to the girl’s question, but just answered in a daze: “Ah?”

    There was still a sense of joy in his voice.

    “I said, was there Gu Miao on the top ten red list just now?” Cheng Chu looked at the stunned expression of the boy in front of her, so she could only suppress the excitement in her heart and ask word by word.

    “Ah, that’s right.” Yu Yan scratched his head, “It turned out to be the second year, and he was two points behind Lin Jianshen. It seemed that his English was a little worse.”

Her heart was pounding.

    Yu Yan lowered his eyes slightly, watching the smile flow from the girl’s eyes, and couldn’t help but suffocate in his heart: “You know him?”

    “Yes, he is—” Before she finished speaking, a cold voice came from the noisy crowd in the hallway.

    “Cheng Chu.”

    She heard the sound and turned her head.

    The young boy’s cold face was bathed in the brilliant morning light, and his usual long forehead hair was held back, revealing a smooth forehead, and the gloominess that seemed to be hidden in his bones dissipated more than half.

    At this moment, he was slightly lowering his eyes, and his icy eyes swept over her hand holding Yu Yan’s unintentionally.

T/N: I finished my Psych assignment so I decided to post another chapter. More jealousy to soak in. Thank you, Gu Miao.

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