Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 31.2

A few wisps of crimson sunset reflected in her eyes, and the radiant peach eyes filled with undisguised happiness and expectation.

He smiled slightly in his heart, and the strange satisfaction came up like a tide, a little sweet, with a hint of tingling.

The girl continued on twittering: “I’m telling you, I’m sitting at the back of the class this time, the seat next to it is still empty.”

Gu Miao’s heart trembled.

Does this mean that they can still sit together?

As if she could hear his heart, the girl continued: “Sit down quickly when the time comes.”

The evening wind was light and soft, wispy on his face; he looked back at the girl’s eyes, and was scalded by the light in her eyes and dropped his eyes in a panic, and responded lowly: “Yeah.”

The air seemed to be sprinkled with powdered sugar, and Gu Miao was dazzled by sweetness while breathing.

He stabilized his mind and said in a low voice: “I, I want to change a pair of glasses.”

During the last fight, his glasses had their bridge broken. He thought it would still work, so he repaired it with glue so it would last a long time.

But this time, the little brother who worked together always said that his glasses are rustic, and he didn’t care much at first, but since Cheng Chu came to the store to look for him last time, the little brother has been chatting in his ear every day, saying that he should not wear them. With these earthy spectacles, there are even girls who can see him.

He blushed and retorted: “She is just my classmate.”

But his fingers and the tip of his heart couldn’t help shaking slightly because of this sentence.

The little brother raised his eyebrows and said, “I think such a beauty is not blind.”

Gu Miao lowered his head, pursed his lips, and said nothing for a while.

The little brother felt that he had spoken a little too much, and couldn’t help but persuade: “Hey, in fact, your facial features are quite correct, as long as you change these glasses, you must be a handsome guy who fascinates girls.”

The four words “fascinates girls” are like a small hook with feathers, gently tickling his heart.

That night, looking at the dark ceiling, he calculated next month’s expenses and the money saved recently and secretly decided to change to a new pair of glasses.

But when he walked into the optician’s shop, he glanced around, looking at the dazzling spectacle frames, he couldn’t pick one.

The holly trees on the street were swaying in the wind, and a few green leaves whirled in the air and landed leisurely by their feet.

Gu Miao’s hand held the handlebars tightly, and his heartbeat was rapid. He pursed his lips, hesitated then opened his mouth: “Can you, help me, choose a frame?”

“Okay.” Cheng Chu promised very simply.

There were a few surprises in Gu Miao’s eyes as he turned to look at her.


“What’s the problem with this, when should I go to see it?” Cheng Chu asked, raising her eyes, her eyes bright and filled with a warm smile.

Gu Miao lowered his eyes as if thinking hard about a time.

She will play the piano on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On weekends, she does not live next to the school. Will it trouble her if he is too far away?

He thought about it, but couldn’t pick a suitable time.

“Otherwise, go now.” The girl’s voice was soft, like clouds floating in the sky.

“What, what?” He was at a loss.

“It just so happens that the first day of school is very little homework, you still have a bike so just go now.”

Cheng Chu turned her head and looked at his somewhat surprised face, wondering if she was too impulsive.

“Are you not free today? If that’s the case, tomorrow will be fine too.” She added.

Gu Miao shook his head repeatedly: “No, no, I’m free, I’m free.”

The smile was like fireworks, suddenly bursting from the girl’s eyes, she raised her head slightly and said, “Then go.”

“Okay, okay.” Gu Miao hurriedly stepped onto the car, feeling that the corner of his clothes was gently pulled by both hands, and then stepped on the pedals and drove into the evening sunset.


The eye shop is actually not far from the school, only ten minutes.

There are two evergreen potted plants in front of the store, which are full of vitality.

As soon as he stepped into the store, the owner’s eyes lit up and he smiled.

“Hello, we want to see the frame that suits him.” Cheng Chu pointed to the young man behind her.

The boss looked at Gu Miao, squinted his eyes, and then ruminated for a while and said: “Did you come here half a month ago, boy?”

Gu Miao nodded.

The boss smiled instantly, “Bring a girlfriend to choose this time?”

The incandescent lamp in the shop was bright, and Gu Miao’s pale and handsome face instantly turned red into a monkey butt.

He suddenly raised his eyes, looked at Cheng Chu’s back in panic, and stammered at the boss: “No, no, girl, girlfriend.”

The boss looked at the high school uniforms worn by the two of them and thought of his youthful high school days. At that time, he was walking with the girl he liked, and he was nervous about where to put his hands.

With a kind smile in his eyes, he said to Gu Miao: “I am a person who has been there too, I know, I know.”

Gu Miao only felt that the incandescent lamp on his head was like fire, shining hot on his face, and the bone-erupting heat slid all the way from his face, spread over his neck and collarbone, and finally slowly passed into his heart.

He must be red now!

This, what the **** is this boss talking about! Saying something like this is misleading, what would others think?!

Gu Miao’s fingertips trembled nervously, and the shop was quiet. He seemed to be able to hear his own heartbeat, and the blood flowed down, making him dazzled.

He stabilized his mind, and couldn’t help but raise his eyes, looking at the girl’s back.

T/N: One for every day I feel happy.

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