Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 32.2

“If he is handsome, how come I haven’t heard of it.” Her tone was dubious.

Cheng Chu held her head in a lazy tone: “I think he’s pretty handsome anyway.”

Yu Xinlu raised her eyes and looked at Cheng Chu.

A ray of morning sun reflected diagonally outside the window. The girl’s exquisite face was as pure as porcelain, and the slightly raised peach eyes were dotted with light.

What is particularly conspicuous is the bow tie in her hair, which binds her slightly curly hair fluffy and makes her look lazy and beautiful.

“You look good with this bow, where did you buy it?” She forgot about the topic just now, her eyes fixed on the bow between Cheng Chu’s hair, her words dripping with envy.

Haishi No. 1 Middle School has the proper rules, not allowed to dye hair, perm, wear jewellery, and alter trouser legs.

Most of the girls in key classes are unkempt, burying their faces in the homework pile all day long, and don’t care about their appearance at all.

Yu Xinlu and Cheng Chu are two weird flowers in this class. They clean up their brilliance every day, even a strand of hair is delicate.

But Yu Xinlu didn’t know how to manage this “dressing” well like Cheng Chu and was always criticized by the class teacher.

Now looking at Cheng Chu’s dazzling dress that doesn’t touch the school rules, I can’t help but feel envious.

There was a cool breeze blowing outside the window, and hair flailed around Cheng Chu’s cheeks. She gathered her hair and said, “I bought it on Taobao a few days ago. I will send you the link later.”

“Okay, or else you can lend me to have a look first.” Yu Xinlu looked at Cheng Chu’s black and beautiful hair with red eyes.

Cheng Chu didn’t say anything. She took the bow from her hair and handed it to Yu Xinlu: “Here, you try.”

Yu Xinlu pulled out the mirror from the drawer and held up the bow with her other hand.

Within a few seconds, her shoulders drooped, “Hey, it’s so ugly on me, forget it.”

She returned the bow to Cheng Chu, propped her head and complained: “You know what, I’m getting annoyed recently, the average monitor pesters me to chat on WeChat every day.”

In the past few months that Cheng Chu was gone, Yu Xinlu was almost suffocated. She did not dare thisy these “gossip” to other girls, for fear that they would consider it showing off if she didn’t pay attention.

Only Cheng Chu can understand her suffering from being surrounded by boys.

“Oh.” Cheng Chu bowed her head and straightened her hair wiglancing at herglance.

Yu Xinlu was angry, “Why are you so indifferent? Just talked about that Gu Miao, you were still so excited, I feel you like him!”

Before she continued to complain, the head teacher walked into the classroom in high heels.

The head teacher of Class 2 is a very gentle teacher who teaches Chinese; everyone likes her very much.

Holding a Chinese textbook casually in her hand, the teacher walked onto the podium calmly, followed by a handsome and tall teenager.

He has a handsome face, a pair of silver-rimmed glasses tucked on the bridge of his nose, and his eyebrows are deep, with a reassuring bookish air.

There was a rustling discussion in the class instantly.

“Fuck! This new classmate, is he Wei Jie?” [1](T/N: So the translation said ‘Duan Er’ but I found no relevant records so I changed it to Wei Jie, a man who despite being handsome, was weak. After returning home from a trip, his body … Continue reading)

“He looks pretty handsome.”

“Yes, yes, gentle, just a little cold.”

The chair in front rubbed the ground and made a slightly harsh noise.

Yu Xinlu turned her head, her tone was extremely excited: “Fuck, Chuchu, he’s handsome, ah, ah, you didn’t lie to me! The goddess’ vision is still reliable!”

Cheng Chu raised an eyebrow at her triumphantly.

There was a noise in the classroom, and the head teacher stood on the podium and coughed softly.

For an instant, as if being tied at the throat, everyone was silenced.

“Come on, everyone should already know that this time, second in rank is Gu Miao, a new student in our class. Welcome him.”

A burst of warm applause followed.

Class 2 always speaks with grades. Everyone looked up at Gu Miao on the podium with admiration and envy in their eyes.

Gu Miao felt this pure and clean enthusiasm for the first time. He stiffened somewhat at a loss and did not know how to react.

Passing through the noisy crowd, he saw Cheng Chu sitting at the end of the class.

The girl raised her face, her clear eyes filled with shallow joy, she clapped like everyone else but seemed more eager than them.

A bit of cold wind blew into the classroom but Gu Miao felt that a pair of gentle hands were quietly comforting his tight heart.

His tight lips relaxed, his quiet black eyes gradually shone brightly, and the ice and snow between his brows melted away in an instant.

The head teacher patted him on the shoulder, “Come on, Gu Miao, introduce yourself to everyone.”

Gu Miao’s fingertips trembled slightly, and his gaze passed over the crowd, looking at the peach eyes that made his heart sway.

After a long while, his Adam’s apple rolled, suppressing the emotions in his heart before he said in a deep voice: “Hello everyone, my name is Gu Miao.”

This time, he did not stammer.

For the first time in years, he uttered a whole sentence smoothly and fluently.

For a moment, his nose surged slightly sour.

Cheng Chu looked at the young man on the podium.

He was like a dusty gem, once discarded in a box at will, now he broke out of the box, brushed away the smoke and dust, and finally burst into brilliance.

A few rays of dazzling sunrise entered the classroom, and the boy was wearing a shabby winter school uniform, just standing in the hazy light and shadow.

There was silence in the classroom.

The teacher smiled wryly, but her tone was kind: “Our new classmate’s introduction is very concise, haha.”

“Come on, go to the last row, right next to that girl.” The teacher pointed to the only empty seat in the class and said.

In the quiet classroom, behind the young boy is the brilliant sunshine, his steps are firm and steady, step by step, walking towards Cheng Chu.

T/N: As a mother, I feel so proud that I actually shed a few tears towards the end. My baby boy is finally growing up.


1 (T/N: So the translation said ‘Duan Er’ but I found no relevant records so I changed it to Wei Jie, a man who despite being handsome, was weak. After returning home from a trip, his body just gave up from overstressing about his fans. His death now became the Chengyu “看殺衛玠 (Kàn shā wèi jiè),” which translates to “looks killed Wei Jie,” implying that “someone who is being admired to death.” 
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