Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 37.3

“Okay.” This time he replied without hesitation.

But when the game started, Cheng Chu understood that the “bad game” in Gu Miao’s words and the “bad exam” in Xueba’s [1](Xueba refers to a study scholar, someone who is very good at studying.) words were the same concept.

Cheng Chu’s character, Diaochan, was running frantically, and the Jungler behind her was about to catch up with her. Suddenly, Li Bai appeared out of thin air, beheading the opponent. [2](T/N: Diaochan and Li Bai are characters in the game and a Jungler is a type of player that earns gold and farms experience.)

“Wow, you are too good.”

The girl’s originally soft voice became a little low through the phone, so that Gu Miao’s heart was itchy. His thin lips were pressed together tightly, and the tips of his ears turned red because of this straightforward compliment.

With this nervousness, Angela, who was on the opposite side, hopped over and took him out in a set of three movements.


The four of them were silent for a while.

Cheng Chu smiled awkwardly and said roundly, “Angela is so fierce, she killed me as well.”

“Right, right, right.” Cheng Jinjin quickly echoed: “Li Bai, you are so amazing, you must be the MVP.”

Gu Miao let out a soft “um” as he watched the countdown to the resurrection on his screen with dark and solemn eyes, his thin lips pressed into a line.

What a disgrace! Fire glowed in his black eyes, adjusting his vision and silently observing the position of Angela.

Ten minutes later, the other party’s Angela sent a message, “Brother Li Bai on the other side, I’m a girl, can you not kill me~~”

Ten seconds after she sent this message, a beep sounded on the screen–

This time Angela who was on the opposing team was killed for the ninth time, but this time it was Diao Chan who killed her.

Cheng Jinjin controlled her own Zhuang Zhou and quietly looked at Cheng Chu, who was expressionless.

Her bright peach blossom eyes glowed with a cold light, and the corners of her mouth were pursed with cold disdain.

Sister is so cool!

Cheng Jinjin shouted happily in her heart.

“Jinjin, keep up.” Cheng Chu saw Zhuang Zhou on the screen immobile, and couldn’t help reminding.

“Oh, here I come.” Cheng Jinjin retracted her admiring eyes, adjusted her chubby fish body, and followed Diao Chan’s slender back.

One afternoon’s game time passed quickly, and the four people worked so hard to carry Cheng Jinjin, and finally brought her to the diamond rank.

At night, the dim light reflected in the small square room. Gu Miao put down the phone, took off his glasses, and rubbed his forehead tiredly, but his heart was filled with joy.

The corners of his cocked mouth could not be suppressed; he reached out and turned on the light, and took out the glasses case and a card from the drawer beside him.

There is a pair of gold-rimmed glasses in the delicate box, the one he didn’t buy last time.

He gently touched the frame of the glasses, and his eyes bloodshot from exhaustion revealed a soft look. This is a birthday present from Cheng Chu.

The boy stared at the gold-rimmed glasses for a while, then reluctantly put it aside and opened the card on the side.

It was a handmade card that popped out as soon as the three-dimensional birthday cake was opened.

The blank space below is a neat font for girls:

Happy birthday to Gu Miao! I said that you also look good on gold-rimmed glasses!

Outside the window is the dilapidated tube building, and the warm yellow light slowly recedes, seeming to leave a warm coat on the gray-white wall.

Gu Miao lowered his eyes full of nostalgia, his pale fingers traced the delicate lines carefully, and after a moment he turned to the signature place in the lower right corner.

The signature is only two words, “Chu Chu

The summer wind slowly entered the room, and Gu Miao’s dark eyes seemed to merge with the shining stars in the summer night. He carefully touched the two words, his expression unsure and struggling.

It seemed that after a long time, he finally made up his mind to bend down, holding the card, and piously drop a kiss on the signature in the lower right corner.

That might be a kiss lighter than a butterfly’s touch.

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1 (Xueba refers to a study scholar, someone who is very good at studying.
2 (T/N: Diaochan and Li Bai are characters in the game and a Jungler is a type of player that earns gold and farms experience.
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