Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Great Opportunity

At this moment, the qi in Wang Xiaofei’s meridians was even more abundant and concentrated.

He could feel that his current strength was about ten times stronger than before the breakthrough.

Before the breakthrough, Wang Xiaofei’s true strength was comparable to a warrior who had just entered the Ninth Star Warrior level.

And now, Wang Xiaofei could definitely contend with a warrior who had stayed at the peak of the Ninth Star Warrior level for more than a decade, just like his father.

Yes, go home, go home.

Ever since being ambushed by Wang Lang and Wang Chai, Wang Xiaofei had been eager to return home and tell his parents about Wang Xiong’s conspiracy.

Because, since Wang Xiong dared to target him, it meant that he was fully prepared to completely break ties with his lineage.

If his parents and the people of his lineage were kept in the dark without being prepared, they would surely suffer a miserable defeat.

By then, many people of his lineage would die, and even his parents might not survive.

Thinking about this consequence, how could Wang Xiaofei not be anxious?

First, go to the formation area. Today, he must break through the formation.

However, before taking action, he needed to exchange his blood qi points. Wang Xiaofei thought that he might even get something good that could help him break the formation.

“System, how many blood qi points do I have now?” Wang Xiaofei asked.

“Three hundred and eight.”

“I’ll exchange three times.”


“Ding, the first exchange failed.”

“Ding, the second exchange failed.”

The system’s cold voice sounded repeatedly.

Hearing the consecutive failures of two exchanges, Wang Xiaofei’s heart throbbed violently for a few moments.

This was the result of his blood and sweat over the past month.

Right, it shouldn’t be called blood qi points. It should be called blood and sweat points.

Damn, it was so unfair.

Working so hard, putting his life on the line to kill demonic beasts, and now it was gone so easily.

“Ding, congratulations, host, you have obtained the high-grade yellow-rank body movement martial technique, ‘Phoenix Wing.'”

Immediately, Wang Xiaofei felt a stream of information entering his mind.

This was the cultivation method for the Phoenix Wing body movement technique. Wang Xiaofei briefly read through it and felt that the ‘Phoenix Wing’ movement technique was very good; after mastering it, his speed could increase by at least double.

However, it wasn’t of much use to Wang Xiaofei in breaking through the formation.

“Never mind, let’s go to the formation area first.” Wang Xiaofei tidied up quickly and rushed towards the edge of the formation.

Wang Xiaofei’s current strength was equivalent to the peak of the Ninth Star Warrior level.

Furthermore, he still had the use of the unique energy in his Luohong Sword.

Combining the two, Wang Xiaofei believed he could unleash a combat power even more formidable than his father’s.

He hoped that he could shatter the formation.

Wang Xiaofei wasn’t confident, though.

He swiftly swept through the ‘Huxia Valley’ within his body.


A muffled sound.

An eighth-level demonic beast was punched to death by Wang Xiaofei.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

However, at this moment, Wang Xiaofei didn’t have time to let the system absorb the blood qi points or *cough* blood and sweat points.

He had only one thought in his mind: to quickly reach the side of the formation.

Of course, while running swiftly, Wang Xiaofei remained cautious.

After all, his ‘Jade’s Fragrance’ had already been used up.

And the unique energy in his ‘Luohong Sword’ was only enough for one use; he needed it when breaking the formation.

One day later.

Wang Xiaofei arrived at the place where he had entered the ‘Huxia Valley’ originally.

Ahead of him was the formation that had trapped him in this ‘Huxia Valley’ for over two months.

“Break for me!”

Wang Xiaofei roared.

He raised the ‘Luohong Sword’ high with both hands, gathering all his energy onto the ‘Luohong Sword’.

Even the ‘Luohong Sword’ seemed a bit overwhelmed, showing faint cracks on the blade from the burden.

The ‘Thunderstorm Dance’ fist technique, combined with the unique energy on the ‘Luohong Sword’, unleashed a fiercely aggressive attack on the formation.

This attack was Wang Xiaofei’s most powerful at the moment.

A dazzling brilliance flashed ahead.

Immediately, the formation that used to easily repel Wang Xiaofei showed a crack, a result of his strenuous effort.

“Break, break, break.”

Energy surged madly within Wang Xiaofei’s body.

He exerted all his strength.

Even the cracks on the ‘Luohong Sword’ were expanding rapidly.

However, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t be concerned about that much anymore.

He had only one thought: give it his all and break the formation, escape from this cursed Huxia Valley.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Thunder gleamed on the ‘Luohong Sword’, its crimson blade glowed like a sun-piercing rainbow, ruthlessly striking the formation.

On the other end of the blade light, the gap in the formation became larger and larger, slowly expanding enough for a person to pass through.

Excitement gleamed in Wang Xiaofei’s eyes.

He would be able to return home soon.

Go for it!!!

He continued to urge the qi within his body without stopping. His urgency to return home grew stronger.

At this moment, in the sky, Bao Tong turned around. He frowned.

“This little guy, what is he up to again? Such a vexing fellow.” Bao Tong pursed his lips, feeling quite ‘annoyed.’

During this period of time, Wang Xiaofei’s actions had been unconventional, making Bao Tong quite embarrassed.

Several times, he had thought about giving up on Wang Xiaofei.

But each time, he was amazed by Wang Xiaofei’s performance.

In the end, Bao Tong had given up observing Wang Xiaofei. He had decided to find the right time to explain things clearly to this kid.

However, just as Bao Tong was about to stretch a bit…

Wang Xiaofei was actually leaving the Huxia Valley?


Wang Xiaofei exerted all his strength. He gritted his teeth, sweat pouring down, and even his face turned red from the strain.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

However, his face was filled with excitement.

“It’s done, I can finally leave the Huxia Valley.”

Finally, under Wang Xiaofei’s relentless attacks, a gap about the width of one person opened up in the formation.

Just as Wang Xiaofei was about to rush out…

Suddenly, an immensely powerful force surged out from the formation.

“Crack, crack, crack.” A series of crisp sounds.

The ‘Luohong Sword’ shattered directly.

And Wang Xiaofei was thrown far away by the powerful force.

Damn it!

Wang Xiaofei hadn’t even figured out what was happening yet.

Another powerful energy instantly enveloped him, attempting to drag him away.

“Ah, ah, damn it!”

Wang Xiaofei struggled desperately, but it was utterly futile.

Suddenly, his vision blurred, and he found himself in a vast cave.

Before him stood a semi-transparent child-like figure.

“Who are you?” Wang Xiaofei asked cautiously.

At this moment, his elemental energy was nearly depleted, the ‘Luohong Sword’ in his hand shattered, leaving only the hilt.

The ‘Jade’s Fragrance’ had also been exhausted long ago.

Having just experienced an overwhelming scene that he couldn’t resist, he was naturally filled with vigilance.

Across from him.

Bao Tong was looking at Wang Xiaofei with great ‘displeasure’.

This guy repeatedly misled him, and now he wanted to escape the Huxia Valley. What exactly did he intend to do?

“Never mind who I am for now. I’m asking you, why do you want to leave the Huxia Valley?”

“Do you know that I’ve been observing you for quite a while?”

“Do you know that there’s a significant opportunity waiting for you here?”

Bao Tong didn’t care whether Wang Xiaofei understood or not; he just kept complaining to himself.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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