Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Foundation Establishment Pill

“This is five thousand Obsidian Coins.” Wang Xiaofei waved his hand, taking out a small bag from his storage ring that contained five thousand Obsidian Coins.

The attendant checked it, made sure everything was correct, and handed the Rainbow Phoenix Hairpin over to Wang Xiaofei.

“Is there anything else you need, Sir?” the attendant asked.

“Do you have any items for breakthrough assistance?” Wang Xiaofei inquired.

“Please follow me, Sir,” the attendant said, leading Wang Xiaofei to another area.

Behind them, Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu watched Wang Xiaofei’s figure with gloomy expressions.

“Brother Xiaohu, what should we do?” Wang Xiaoqiang asked.

“Follow him,” Wang Xiaohu said in a deep voice.

He believed that just following Wang Xiaofei would create significant pressure on him without needing to take any action.

You, Wang Xiaofei, want to save face, right?

You insisted on buying that hairpin.

I’ll follow you and let you know that there’s always a threat behind you, keeping you on edge.

Then, when you walk out of the ‘Gathering Wealth Pavilion,’ I’ll strike.

Wang Xiaohu calculated in his mind. Thinking about Wang Xiaofei’s current uneasy state, Wang Xiaohu felt quite pleased. He waved his hand, leading Wang Xiaoqiang to follow Wang Xiaofei and the attendant from a distance.

Up ahead.

Wang Xiaofei and the attendant soon arrived at the place selling elixirs.

In a place like Qingshan Town, although the Mo Family was the top family, the items that could assist in cultivation advancement were primarily elixirs.

Similarly, the attendant took out a small booklet and handed it to Wang Xiaofei.

Wang Xiaofei examined it carefully.

When he saw the description of a “Foundation Establishment Pill,” his gaze was deeply drawn to it.

“Foundation Establishment Pill.”

A Low-grade elixir.

Can enhance a warrior’s sensory ability for up to two years.

For martial practitioners who have been stuck at a bottleneck for many years, there’s a chance that they might break through their current realm and enter the next realm after taking this pill.

The specific effect depends on the practitioner’s innate talent. Swallowing this pill does not necessarily guarantee a breakthrough. Purchasers, please exercise caution.

“This ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’ is quite good. It’s just right for my father to take. Maybe he’ll become the first Martial Spirit Realm practitioner in Qingshan Town in a millennium,” Wang Xiaofei thought to himself.

Although the description of the “Foundation Establishment Pill” already stated that it might not lead to a breakthrough, it was still a glimmer of hope.

From the Warrior Realm to the Martial Spirit Realm.

Considering the difficulty involved, one can understand how challenging it is when thinking about how Qingshan Town hadn’t produced a Martial Spirit Realm practitioner in a thousand years.

Wang Xiaofei naturally wouldn’t fixate on the idea that his father would definitely break through to the Martial Spirit Realm after taking the “Foundation Establishment Pill.” What he sought was an opportunity.

“How much is this ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’?” Wang Xiaofei asked.

“The ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’? It’s quite expensive, it’s one hundred and fifty thousand Obsidian Coins,” the attendant quickly replied.

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However, his tone was indifferent, evidently not believing that Wang Xiaofei actually had that much money to purchase the “Foundation Establishment Pill.”

Fifteen thousand Obsidian Coins.

What kind of concept was that?

During this time, Wang Xiaofei entered Mount Daqing, killed two Nine-Star Warriors, as well as Wang Lang and Wang Chai. He also eliminated a large group of decadent youths from Yaori City. Taking away everyone’s storage rings, he had accumulated a bit over a hundred and sixty thousand Obsidian Coins.

In other words, this “Foundation Establishment Pill” was definitely beyond what Wang Xiaofei could afford.

It was likely that not even Wang Xiong could afford it.

Hence, the attendant thought that Wang Xiaofei couldn’t afford it, so asking casually was also normal.

“Fifteen thousand Obsidian Coins. It’s really not cheap,” Wang Xiaofei touched his nose.

If he bought the “Foundation Establishment Pill,” he would instantly become impoverished.

However, it was for his father’s sake.

“I’ll buy this ‘Foundation Establishment Pill.’ Bring me the actual pill,” Wang Xiaofei said calmly.

“What?” The attendant was instantly dumbfounded.

This was fifteen thousand Obsidian Coins.

Even the heads of the four major families in Qingshan Town might not be able to afford it.

The Gathering Wealth Pavilion considered this elixir as a town treasure. Could it be that someone could really afford it?

“Are… are you sure you really want to buy it?” The attendant’s voice was trembling.

“Yes.” Wang Xiaofei nodded.

The attendant quickly communicated through a voice transmission stone. After a moment, someone brought the “Foundation Establishment Pill.”

However, this time, the guarding warrior had been replaced by a Nine-Star Warrior.

“Please show me the Obsidian Coins first,” the Nine-Star Warrior said in a deep voice, exuding a faint killing intent.

Evidently, this was a ruthless character who had killed numerous people.

Wang Xiaofei waved his hand and took out fifteen thousand Obsidian Coins. The coins were piled up into a small stack on the counter.

After the Nine-Star Warrior examined the Obsidian Coins, he directly collected them. Then, he handed the “Foundation Establishment Pill” to Wang Xiaofei.

In the distance, Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu saw Wang Xiaofei take out so much money. Their eyes widened, gleaming with greed.

The “Foundation Establishment Pill” was a pale blue pill, emitting a peculiar fragrance. When Wang Xiaofei smelled this fragrance, he immediately felt clear-headed and refreshed. It was very comfortable, as if his mind had become more agile.

Yes, indeed good.

Wang Xiaofei nodded and placed the “Foundation Establishment Pill” into his storage ring.

“Is there anything else you need, Sir?” the attendant asked respectfully.

“No, that’s all.”

“Please take your time, Sir,” the attendant said with both hands pressed tightly against his legs, respectfully seeing off Wang Xiaofei.

Joking aside, this was a wealthy young man who could take out fifteen thousand Obsidian Coins.

Who knew what background he had.

If they accidentally offended him, they wouldn’t even know how they’d die in the future.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Wang Xiaofei smiled faintly, strolling out of the Gathering Wealth Pavilion.

Behind him, Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu closely followed. In their eyes, there was a glint of greed.

Wang Xiaofei had just spent so much money to buy something. It must be a valuable item.

As long as they defeated Wang Xiaofei, they could seize that valuable item.

Now, the relationship between the two factions had worsened even further.

Even if they managed to snatch it, Wang Xiaofei wouldn’t find a place to reason with.

“Wang Xiaofei, stop right there.”

A stern shout, and Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu caught up, blocking Wang Xiaofei’s path.

“Why are you two idiots always following me?” Wang Xiaofei asked with a playful smile.

Now that he knew his parents were safe, his mood had relaxed considerably. He was even in the mood to tease Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu, these two idiots.


Hearing Wang Xiaofei’s disrespectful words, Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu were both infuriated.

“Wang Xiaofei, hand over what you just bought. We might spare you then, otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite,” Wang Xiaoqiang shouted in a harsh tone.

Wang Xiaohu’s gaze turned even colder. He had begun to slowly approach Wang Xiaofei, ready to make a move at any moment.   

“What the hell, I called you idiots, and you really are idiots. I bought this myself, why should I give it to you?” Wang Xiaofei disdainfully looked at them, as if he was regarding two brainless fools.

His contemptuous gaze further fueled Wang Xiaoqiang and Wang Xiaohu’s anger.

“I’m gonna kick your ass.” Wang Xiaohu yelled and was about to pounce on Wang Xiaofei.

Suddenly, a serious expression appeared on Wang Xiaofei’s face.

“Wang Xiong!” He looked deeply at the space behind Wang Xiaohu, his voice turning solemn.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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