Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Death of Wang Xiong

A figure flashed by, and Wang Xiaofei’s speed was extremely fast. Just as Wang Xiong’s fist shadows had barely left his body, he had already forcefully collided with them.

A layer of golden light gleamed on his body. Though thin, the light successfully blocked Wang Xiong’s fist shadows.

Soon after, Wang Xiaofei raised both palms, one to block Wang Xiong’s fist shadows and the other to strike at Wang Xiong’s chest.

After all, the Azure Dragon Armor, though formidable, could only withstand attacks from Nine-Star Warriors. The attack from Wang Xiong at the moment could only be momentarily resisted.


Seeing Wang Xiaofei’s resistance, Wang Xiong coldly snorted.

As a generation’s warlord, he naturally wouldn’t fully trust Wang Xiaofei.

Sure enough, Wang Xiaofei was still resisting.

“A paltry trick, yet you wish to scheme against me.” Wang Xiong disdainfully chuckled. In fact, all these changes had long been calculated by him. He swiftly turned his left hand, meeting Wang Xiaofei’s sneak attack.

“Boom, boom.”

Two muffled sounds followed, and then everyone saw Wang Xiaofei rapidly fly out, crashing heavily onto the ground.


Dust billowed.

The hard ground was forcefully smashed into a deep pit.

“Cough, cough.” Wang Xiaofei coughed several times, coughing out mouthfuls of blood.

This head-on collision, even though his true strength was comparable to that of a peak Nine-Star Warrior, still left him seriously injured.

“What a pity, he’s not dead!” People from the three major families shook their heads.

But Gu Muxue’s face turned pale from fright.

“Xiaofei!” She exclaimed.

At this moment, the airborne Wang Xiong burst into maniacal laughter.

“Wang Xiong is indeed formidable. He’s already in a dire situation, yet he’s able to reverse the situation.”

“It seems that the Wang Long lineage’s losses this time will be substantial. I’m afraid the Nine-Star Warriors will be completely damaged. Originally, I thought Wang Xiong wouldn’t be able to persist for long using secret techniques. However, now it seems that Wang Xiong doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.”

The people from the three major families were filled with anticipation. They hoped that the experts from the Wang family would fight to the death.

The Second Elder and Wang Long, among others, had their eyes bloodshot, swiftly rushing forward, wanting to charge up and fight Wang Xiong to the death.

Only Wang Xiaofei on the ground lifted his head with delight.

The “‘Itch Powder’ took effect.”

No time to lose!

Ignoring his injuries, Wang Xiaofei slapped the ground with both hands and then forcefully kicked off with both feet.


Like a bullet fired from a barrel.

Wang Xiaofei rapidly shot into the sky.

Upon reaching the highest point, he executed an extremely graceful somersault.

Wrapped in a fierce pressure, a sharp whistling sound emerged.

One kick!

Wang Xiaofei stomped heavily on Wang Xiong’s head.

In that moment, Wang Xiong’s whole body felt unbearably itchy, and the energy within his body became chaotic due to this itchiness.

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The entire person in midair, sometimes soaring and sometimes plummeting, was unstable, unable to form a proper defense.


A crisp sound.

In the horrified gazes of everyone, Wang Xiong’s head instantly exploded. Blood rained down from the sky, as if a rain of blood had started.


A dull sound.

Wang Xiaofei landed on the ground.


A profound silence filled the surroundings!

Everyone’s mouths were agape, unable to believe their own eyes.

What did they see?

That Wang Xiong, who was like a deity or demon, invincible, the unstoppable Wang Xiong who could break through the encirclement of Nine-Star Warriors like Wang Long, had actually died like this!

At this moment, as they looked at the young man kneeling on one knee, a strange look filled everyone’s eyes.

Elder Qian quietly picked up a voice transmission stone.

“Prepare generous gifts for the family head… Make it two!”

Practitioners from the other two major families also picked up the voice transmission stones, sending the news back to their families as quickly as possible.

Although the Wang family suffered heavy losses this time, not only did the Wang Xiong lineage go extinct, but the Wang Long lineage also suffered significant casualties.

However, with that young man’s existence, who in Qingshan Town would dare to underestimate the Wang family?

Perhaps, given time, the entire Qingshan Town would tremble beneath the young man’s feet!


The great battle ended!

Five days later, news spread from the Wang family that Wang Long had taken over as the family head.

The next day.

The family heads of the three major families arrived together.

“Hahaha, Brother Wang Long, I’ve long had confidence in you. I believe that under your leadership, the Wang family will surely achieve great success,” Qian Feng, the patriarch of the Qian family, said.

“Wang Brother, congratulations! Just a small token, no need to be polite. By the way, I’ll be drinking good wine later,” Zhao Wuji, the patriarch of the Zhao family, also burst into laughter. He held Wang Long’s hand, appearing unusually close.

“Wang Long, congratulations,” Mo Tai nodded slightly.

“Please, everyone, don’t be polite. Please come inside,” Wang Long greeted while entertaining them, in very high spirits.

Wang Xiong had died, and everyone from his lineage had perished. In the future, the members of his lineage would definitely rise in Qingshan Town.

Although the Wang family had suffered a great upheaval, they had exceptionally prepared a lavish banquet today. Aside from the family heads of the three major families, many wealthy merchants and practitioners had also come from Qingshan Town.

“Family Head Wang, I wonder where Brother Xiaofei is now. Can we meet him?” someone asked.

“Xiaofei entered Mount Daqing for training yesterday,” Wang Long replied.


A buzzing sound spread through the crowd. Many were quite disappointed. It must be noted that many of the attendees came to the feast today because of Wang Xiaofei.

The young man who had suddenly risen to prominence had already become like a legend in the entire Qingshan Town.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Perhaps, he might become the first Martial Spirit Realm practitioner in Qingshan Town.

Many people thought to themselves.

Amidst the clinking of cups and the chatter, someone asked again.

“Family Head Wang, it seems that Xiaofei’s combat skills are not from the Wang family. Could it be that he has a different lineage?”

“That’s right, you have a keen eye, brother,” Wang Long nodded.

After a moment of contemplation, he then spoke to the crowd.

“In fact, when my son Xiaofei was young, he received guidance from a powerful expert and practiced the techniques and combat skills left by that expert,” Wang Long said.


Another round of amazement spread through the crowd.

Many people secretly thought to themselves, no wonder Wang Xiaofei is so strong. It turns out he cultivated techniques and combat skills from outside.

Wang Long was indeed quite clever. He kept this a secret when his son’s strength was still weak. He didn’t let anyone know. He only revealed it when his son’s strength had grown to the point where he wasn’t afraid of others coveting it.

“Hahaha, Brother Xiaofei is a dragon among men, admirable, truly admirable,” someone complimented.

Wang Long smiled faintly.

As the feast went on, everyone enjoyed themselves. Many people praised Wang Long, even Qian Feng and Zhao Wuji lowered their postures.

Only Mo Tai, the head of the Mo family, was evidently just going through the motions.

However, Wang Long felt that Mo Tai, as the head of the town’s first family, was just acting naturally, so he didn’t think much of it.

Indeed, Wang Xiaofei had left Qingshan Town the night before.

Before leaving home, he had a conversation with his parents.

“Mom, I’m going to cultivate in Mount Daqing. This time it might take a while, but the next time I come back, I might already be a Martial Spirit Realm practitioner.”

“Xiaofei, Mom understands, but Mom just can’t bear to part with you.”

“Mom, it’s a survival of the fittest world. Only by constantly strengthening ourselves won’t we be bullied. That’s how I can protect you all.”

“Xiaofei, Mom understands.”

“Hehe, Dad understands too,” Wang Long laughed heartily beside them, looking at Wang Xiaofei with satisfaction in his eyes; this was his son, Wang Long.

“Dad will also be cultivating. The Foundation Establishment Pills you gave me are quite good. Maybe I’ll become a Martial Spirit Realm practitioner before you.”

“Sure, how about a competition between us, to see who becomes a Martial Spirit Realm practitioner first?”


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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