Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Sawtooth Dragon Pig

I had no idea how long it would take me to get started.

As Wang Xiaofei practiced, he secretly pondered.

Based on his previous experience practicing ‘Thunderstorm Dance,’ he shouldn’t have any difficulty practicing an upper-grade yellow-rank martial skill. However, the ‘Azure Dragon Armor’ manual also mentioned that in order to cultivate the ‘Azure Dragon Armor,’ he had to smear his entire body with the essence blood of a dragon-type monster.

Otherwise, at most, he would only reach the initial stage of cultivation, and it wouldn’t truly be mastered.

It seemed that he needed to enter mount Daqing to find a dragon-type monster.

It was just a pity that these items rewarded by the ‘Random Reward System,’ due to having sworn an oath to the Heavenly Dao, could only be used by himself and couldn’t help his parents. This was the most regrettable aspect for Wang Xiaofei.

Oh well, he wouldn’t think so much about it.


Immediately, Wang Xiaofei cast aside all distractions and focused all his energy on cultivation.

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Four days passed. Wang Xiaofei had been in continuous cultivation, not stepping out of his room except for necessary breaks.

On this day.


A muffled sound echoed in Wang Xiaofei’s room.

At that moment, faint traces of blood appeared all over Wang Xiaofei’s body, and his skin became even paler. Moreover, there was a strange radiance flickering on his skin.

However, this radiance only lingered for a very short time before gradually merging into Wang Xiaofei’s skin.

Underneath the bloodstains, the slightly cracked skin quickly fused back together.

Suddenly, Wang Xiaofei let out a loud shout. Immediately, a surge of elemental energy burst forth from within him, rapidly expelling the bloodstains on his skin.

Wang Xiaofei leaped off the bed.

He stretched his arms.

In that moment, he felt that his skin had become tighter, and the muscles underneath had become even firmer. He had the sensation that his body was as hard as a stone.

Four days.

In four days, Wang Xiaofei had achieved the initial level of the Azure Dragon Armor. Such speed was definitely extraordinary.

Far surpassing those so-called geniuses.

As for the exact stage his cultivation talent had reached, Wang Xiaofei didn’t have a particularly clear concept due to his limited experience.

In any case, in the small Qingshan Town, he was undoubtedly an unprecedented existence.

Perhaps it had something to do with his soul having traversed and merged with the original soul.

Wang Xiaofei vaguely guessed.

Now that he had cultivated the Azure Dragon Armor to the initial level, if he wanted to further his cultivation, he had to complement it with the essence blood of a dragon-type monster.

Well, he needed to enter mount Daqing to find a dragon-type monster.

Hmm, the decision was made in an instant.

He stepped outside, exchanged a few words with Gu Muxue, and then unleashed his body technique, quickly leaving Qingshan Town.

After Wang Xiaofei left.

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The entire Qingshan Town had subtly fallen into unrest.

Countless pieces of information converged to Wang Xiong’s place from various corners.

At this moment, Wang Xiong was cultivating in a secret room.

After listening to this information, Wang Xiong’s already somber face became even more overcast.

A moment later.


A chilling and murderous command emanated from Wang Xiong’s mouth. The command was transmitted through a sound transmission stone.

In the next instant, two figures emerged from a concealed corner of Qingshan Town.

These two figures were straight and tall.

However, an aura of chilling murder pervaded their figures, making people shudder at the sight.

Wang Lang and Wang Chai.

The two strongest secret guards cultivated by Wang Xiong over the years.

Both of them were Eight-Star Warriors.

Even within the entire Wang family, they were considered extremely formidable experts.

Especially these two brothers, who were naturally skilled in concealment and had specialized in assassination techniques for over a decade.

It could be said that if they had their sights on someone, even a Nine-Star Warrior might face the possibility of death.

Therefore, everyone in the Wang family regarded them with a great deal of fear.

Watching the direction Wang Xiaofei disappeared in, Wang Lang suddenly grinned.

This smile was sinister and cruel, sending shivers down one’s spine.

“Boom, boom.”

Two light sounds.

Wang Lang and Wang Chai both soared into the air, vanishing like two strange birds in the distance.


Mount Daqing

Extending for tens of thousands of miles.

Legend has it that deep within Mount Daqing, there were powerful monsters.

Even Martial Ancestor realm powerhouses who inadvertently ventured too deep might face death.

However, these formidable monsters seemed to abide by some sort of agreement. They could only roam within a certain area and were prohibited from crossing beyond the outskirts of mount Daqing.

Because mount Daqing was abundant with medicinal herbs that could be harvested, and there were also some low-level monsters on the outskirts for practice, many people entered mount Daqing. They included people from Qingshan Town, residents from nearby towns, mercenaries, and even the offspring of prominent families from distant big cities who came here to cultivate.

Wang Xiaofei hurriedly journeyed, soon entering the outskirts of mount Daqing.

Here, he had already far exceeded the distance he had previously ventured into mount Daqing.

Previously, Wang Xiaofei had only searched for secluded spots on the edge of mount Daqing to cultivate. His aim was to avoid being discovered by the Wang family.

However, this time was different. Wang Xiaofei wanted to obtain the essence blood of a dragon-type monster, so he had to venture even deeper into mount Daqing than before.

Amidst the deep mountains, fierce winds howled, and the long wild grass swayed in the wind, leaning in the same direction.

On a massive boulder, Wang Xiaofei sat cross-legged.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

He had a solemn expression, his eyes vigilantly observing his surroundings.

Just one day after entering the outskirts of mount Daqing, he had already been attacked by monsters four times. Among them, two of the attacks were extremely sudden, almost causing him injury.

Hmph, indeed, he really had to be cautious.

Wang Xiaofei thought to himself.

Suddenly, rustling sounds came from the thicket to his left.


Wang Xiaofei looked over warily.

A moment later.

A pale brown monster emerged from the undergrowth.

This creature was about four to five meters long, with a robust body that even two adults might not be able to embrace.

It had a pair of long fangs, each about half a meter long, emitting a chilling and eerie gleam.

Sawtooth Dragon Pig!!!

Wang Xiaofei suddenly felt his heart pound violently.

Sawtooth Dragon Pig.

A Level 7 monster.

Strength equivalent to a Seven-Star Warrior.

Among dragon-type monsters, it was considered one of the weaker ones.

Who would have thought his luck would be this good!!!

Just one day after entering mount Daqing, he had encountered a dragon-type monster. Gah gah, don’t run.

In a flash, Wang Xiaofei swiftly appeared next to the Sawtooth Dragon Pig.

The most formidable aspect of the Sawtooth Dragon Pig was its pair of fangs.

As long as he avoided its fangs, it could be said that the Sawtooth Dragon Pig posed no threat to Wang Xiaofei at all.


A fist was thrown, and there were even streaks of lightning on his fist.


Sensing danger, the Sawtooth Dragon Pig turned around, attempting to use its fangs to strike Wang Xiaofei.

However, it was already too late.

It should be noted that although Wang Xiaofei’s cultivation level was that of a Seven-Star Warrior, his true strength had already reached the pinnacle of an Eight-Star Warrior. He could even withstand the attacks of a Nine-Star Warrior for a moment.

Naturally, the attack of the Sawtooth Dragon Pig was ineffective.

Wang Xiaofei’s figure flickered, leaving behind a trail of afterimages. He easily evaded the attack of the Sawtooth Dragon Pig.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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