Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 71

Chapter 71: A Play with Wu Di

Seeing that Jin Chan and the others were in an unusual state, Wang Xiaofei asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Wu Di,” Jin Chan said in a low voice.

Seeing Jin Chan’s serious expression, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected that Jin Chan would also fear someone.

“Are you afraid of him?” Wang Xiaofei asked.

“Not afraid… because you’re here,” Jin Chan said confidently, looking at Wang Xiaofei.

In his eyes, Wang Xiaofei was the most amazing person, and not even Wu Di could match up to his boss.


Seeing Jin Chan’s admiring gaze, Wang Xiaofei inexplicably felt a little embarrassed.

Jin Chan trusts him so much, and the pressure is immense.

While Wang Xiaofei and Jin Chan were talking, Wu Di and his group had already approached.

Seeing the gloomy look in Wu Di’s eyes, Yue’er’s face grew even paler.

Because she knew what kind of person Wu Di was. Ruthless and relentless, once he had a target, he would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

This was outside Yaori City. What if Wu Di and his group really intended to kill Wang Xiaofei? At this moment, Yue’er regretted not dissuading Wang Xiaofei from coming to the mountain path in the first place.

She dashed to Wang Xiaofei’s side and stood between Wu Di and Wang Xiaofei.

“Yue’er, come here!” Wu Di’s voice was cold, and he glared at Yue’er.

Today, if Yue’er had come to his side, perhaps he could have left Wang Xiaofei’s body intact.

“Wu Di, we’re just ordinary friends. Besides, I won’t allow you to harm Xiaofei. If you want to do something, you’ll have to kill me first,” Yue’er said firmly.

Despite her sweet and gentle appearance in front of Wang Xiaofei, at this moment, she stood resolutely like iron!

“Yue’er, Yue’er, why are you so stubborn?” Seeing Yue’er rush ahead, Chu Yashu couldn’t help but complain in her heart.

Why was she so good to that guy? Was it worth it?

On the other side.

Hearing Yue’er’s words, Wu Di’s face grew even darker.

He walked around Yue’er and looked at the ordinary young man behind her.

This was his “rival”?

To be compared to such a person was an insult to himself! He had never thought that one day he would be facing this kind of person.

“Kid, your name is Wang Xiaofei, right? If you’re a man, step forward. Hiding behind a woman, don’t you feel ashamed!” Wu Di said in a cold voice.

“Yes, come out!”

“Damn, you little wimp, did you grow up sucking on milk? Show some backbone!”

Shouts filled with bloodthirstiness and brutality, making Yue’er and Chu Yashu feel an inexplicable pressure.

“Jin Chan, I’ll give you a chance to teach Wu Di a lesson,” Wang Xiaofei smiled and said to Jin Chan.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Sure, sure, thanks, boss!” Jin Chan was delighted, showing complete trust in Wang Xiaofei.

He took a step forward slowly.

“Xiaofei!” Yue’er exclaimed.

“Trust me,” Wang Xiaofei smiled and said softly, glancing at Yue’er.

Unexplainably, seeing Wang Xiaofei’s smiling face, Yue’er’s confidence grew significantly.

“Be careful,” Yue’er said.

“Don’t worry.” He reached out and gently touched Yue’er’s delicate cheek before turning around.

“Wow, boss is so mighty and domineering,” Jin Chan thought to himself.

“You little rascal!” Chu Yashu pouted, feeling even more convinced that Wang Xiaofei was a big troublemaker.

At this moment, Wu Di’s eyes were practically spewing fire.

If looks could kill, Wang Xiaofei would have died a thousand times by now.

“Are you Wu Di?” Wang Xiaofei asked calmly.

“Wang Xiaofei!” Wu Di’s voice squeezed out through his clenched teeth.


Suddenly, a pair of golden wings appeared behind Wang Xiaofei, and in the next moment, with a swift flap, Wang Xiaofei’s entire figure became illusory.

Wang Xiaofei was well aware of who Wu Di was. Since he dared to come to the Tianlong Academy, he had long been prepared for a confrontation with Wu Di.

Since they were already at odds, there was no need for idle chatter.

“Let’s do this!”

His figure turned utterly indifferent, and the next moment, he appeared among the members of the Qinglong Society, including Wu Di.

“Humph, seeking death!” Wu Di snorted coldly and was about to make his move.

At this point, what no one knew was that Wang Xiaofei’s finger had already brushed over his storage ring, and a small cluster of light gray bugs appeared in his hand.

“Sleep Bugs.”

Any practitioner below the Martial Spirit Realm couldn’t resist the effects of the “Sleep Bugs.”

With an imperceptible wave of his hand, the “Sleep Bugs” flew into the nostrils of these Qinglong Society members.

The “Sleep Bugs” were incredibly small, and none of these people, including Wu Di, noticed them. As the bugs entered their bodies and quickly took effect:

“Ah!” The first Qinglong Society member with weaker cultivation fell to the ground with a thud.


“Thud, thud,” a continuous sound followed, and even some of the Eight Great Diamond Guardians fell.

“No, what’s happening? Why am I so tired? No, I can’t sleep, I have to fight, I have to kill that Wang Xiaofei!!!” Wu Di’s heart roared.

One had to admit that his cultivation was indeed high, and his willpower was very strong. When everyone else fell asleep, only he remained awake. However, at this point, he had lost his ability to resist.

He waved to Jin Chan.

“I leave this to you,” Wang Xiaofei said.

At this moment, Jin Chan’s eyes were already wide with shock.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The boss is the boss.


Mighty and domineering!

Could he really knock everyone down like this? Jin Chan couldn’t believe his eyes.

It wasn’t until Wang Xiaofei called him over that he howled twice and flew over.

“You can deal with these people however you like,” Wang Xiaofei said.

“Alright!!!” Jin Chan’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

Over the years, he had suffered a lot at the hands of the Qinglong Society. Back then, under Wu Di’s oppression, even with Elder Lei Shan protecting him, he had to bow his head. He couldn’t bother his master with everything.

Today, he could finally take revenge.


With one kick, Jin Chan kicked a Qinglong Society member in a sensitive spot.


Wang Xiaofei saw Jin Chan being so “cruel” and his face changed drastically. It was a bit too much for him to handle.

“Uh, Jin Chan, take your time, we’ll leave with Yue’er and the others first,” Wang Xiaofei hastily said.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Jin Chan didn’t even raise his head, waving his hand. All his attention was focused on the Qinglong Society members.

“Bang bang bang.”

The continuous sound made Wang Xiaofei and the others quicken their pace.

Finally, Jin Chan arrived by Wu Di’s side. At this moment, Wu Di was really scared.

“Jin Chan, you dare!!!” Wu Di’s anger was palpable as he glared at Jin Chan.

“Do you think I dare? Haha.” Jin Chan chuckled twice.

Then, he kicked.


“Woah!” Wu Di screamed miserably and passed out directly.

It wasn’t from pain or the “Sleep Bugs” working at a critical moment; he was purely furious. From now on, Wu Di would be known as “Wu Ganglie.” (TL: It’s basically Spirited away Wu Di~)

Perhaps, in that split second before he fell unconscious, Wu Di finally regretted not fainting earlier.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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