Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Wang Chai’s Cunning

Immediately, a rain of blood filled the sky.

Wang Lang’s body shattered into countless pieces.

Under the force of this tremendous power, the fragmented bones and flesh turned into sharp arrows, shooting in all directions.

Wang Xiaofei was closest to Wang Lang and naturally bore the brunt of the attack.

In an instant, he was engulfed by countless blood arrows.

The sound of chaotic impacts resounded. Countless blood arrows landed on Wang Xiaofei.

At this moment, Wang Chai’s attack had also arrived.

“Wang Xiaofei, prepare to die!!!”

Wang Chai’s teeth gnashed in anger.

With a slight flick of his wrist, his three-foot-long sword traced a breathtakingly beautiful arc of white light in the air, then swiftly slashed toward Wang Xiaofei’s neck.

This move, “Demon Dissipation,” unleashed blood arrows comparable to a four-star warrior’s attack.

Under the barrage of blood arrows, Wang Xiaofei was sure to be covered in injuries.

But these were minor injuries.

What was more critical was that, in the midst of such sudden and intense attacks, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t possibly evade in time.

In the blink of an eye, his eyes would be blinded by the arrows.

In this situation, even with profound cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to escape from this sword.

Humph, once Wang Xiaofei was dead, he would dismember his body into countless pieces.

Chop him into a million fragments.

Wang Chai kept cursing Wang Xiaofei in his heart.

Suddenly, he felt a blur in front of him, and Wang Xiaofei had astonishingly evaded his attack with incredible speed.

Dodging, turning around, delivering a punch.

Everything flowed as smoothly as a river, without the slightest hesitation. It didn’t resemble the actions of someone seriously injured at all.


Wang Chai’s jaw dropped in astonishment. Concentrating his gaze, he saw that a faint layer of light seemed to envelop Wang Xiaofei’s body.

Under this layer of light, Wang Lang’s desperate strike just now had no effect whatsoever.

“Damn it!”

Wang Chai roared in frustration, driven to complete madness.

That was an attack his brother had given his all for, and it hadn’t produced even the slightest effect!

Wang Chai couldn’t accept it, no matter what.

He swung his long sword urgently, attacking Wang Xiaofei like a maniac.

On the other side, Wang Xiaofei’s expression grew solemn.

If not for the Azure Dragon Armor, he would have been seriously injured by Wang Lang’s desperate blow just now.

At the very least, his eyes wouldn’t have escaped unscathed.

Never underestimate your enemy.

Just as he had a hidden lifesaving technique, others could have one too.

Therefore, while battling Wang Chai, Wang Xiaofei was also vigilant against any unexpected attacks from his opponent.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”

For a moment, lightning and thunder filled the air, sword energy crisscrossed.


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A sword with radiance flashed by, the length of the sword’s light reaching several meters. After Wang Xiaofei dodged, it easily cleaved a towering ancient tree in half from afar.


His first moved, and within these fist shadows, there were dazzling lightning flashes that were captivating. When they struck the rocks, the lightning even continued to sparkle for a long time, emitting a sharp sizzling sound that was quite astonishing.

Occasionally, the fist shadows and sword radiance collided.

It emitted an intensely blinding light.

At moments like these, Wang Xiaofei and Wang Chai were truly going head to head.

Wang Xiaofei was a seven-star warrior.

However, the “Quilong Force” technique and the “Thunderstorm Dance” combat technique he practiced were both high-grade Yellow-Rank techniques. This made his true strength comparable to the peak of an eight-star warrior, and he could even contend with a nine-star warrior for a short time.

Wang Chai, on the other hand, was an eight-star warrior.

During an assassination, even a nine-star warrior was susceptible to a fatal blow.

However, they were now engaging in a direct confrontation. Most of his assassination techniques couldn’t be employed. After exchanging a few blows with Wang Xiaofei head-on, Wang Chai was horrified to find that he was not a match for Wang Xiaofei.


How could this be possible!!!

Wang Chai was utterly dumbfounded.

He couldn’t believe the reality before his eyes.

A fifteen-year-old youth, yet he couldn’t kill him.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Wang Chai’s eyes turned bloodshot as he attacked Wang Xiaofei ferociously.

Wang Xiaofei, however, steadily countered every step of the way, without showing any signs of impatience.

Time flew by rapidly.

Gradually, the two of them had been locked in combat for a full hour.

At this point, Wang Xiaofei had firmly established his advantage. Under his fierce onslaught, Wang Chai was constantly forced to retreat.

His chest heaved intensely as he gasped for air.

At the same time, a thick line of blood had appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Logically speaking, Wang Chai was on the brink of collapse. He shouldn’t pose much of a threat anymore.

However, for some reason, as he looked at Wang Chai’s eyes, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t shake off a feeling of unease.

“It should be about time,” Wang Chai calculated incessantly.

He possessed a sinister combat technique.

It could instantly increase his strength by about thirty percent.

However, this technique could only be used once and lasted for about three breaths. After the three breaths, the martial artist’s cultivation would permanently drop by two tiers. Moreover, the time it took to recover from this drop would be exceedingly long, far exceeding the original cultivation time.

Hence, Wang Chai hadn’t hastily employed this combat technique.

During this period, he utilized the frantic battle to exhaust the elemental energy within Wang Xiaofei’s body.

Simultaneously, he constantly observed Wang Xiaofei, trying to ascertain if he still held any hidden cards.

Yet, after an hour of intense combat, if Wang Xiaofei had any special combat techniques, he would have surely used them by now.

Hence, Wang Chai could conclude that Wang Xiaofei had no other hidden cards.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

At this moment, if his cultivation were to instantly increase by thirty percent, he could easily kill Wang Xiaofei.

“Hmph, kid, don’t think that you’re the only one who can be cunning. You probably didn’t expect that I also have an ace up my sleeve. I’ll use it later to severely injure you first, and then I’ll slowly torment you.”

Wang Chai thought to himself.

Although he was an assassin and known for his ruthlessness, Wang Lang was his elder brother. He had to avenge his brother.

“Reversal of Heaven and Earth.”

Wang Chai roared inwardly.

Immediately, his aura surged instantly to a level that even Wang Xiaofei found terrifying.


Wang Xiaofei instantly sensed the danger.

However, by this time, Wang Chai’s attack had already arrived.


A boundless streak of light, as if it could tear through an entire mountain peak, reached Wang Xiaofei’s chest in an instant.


Gritting his teeth, Wang Xiaofei, at this moment, had no way to avoid it. He could only choose to face it head-on.

The Thunderstorm Dance fist technique erupted, fiercely colliding with the sword radiance.

“Boom, crackle.”

For a moment, the violent energy spread in all directions like raging waves.

Anything touched by this energy, whether it was a giant tree or a rock, shattered into pieces.

“Cough, cough.”

Wang Xiaofei suddenly coughed intensely.

He could keenly sense the oppressing and fierce energy that was surging toward him.

Wang Xiaofei could only choose to dodge.

Just as he moved aside, a sword radiance swept by, leaving a deep gouge on his arm.

A moment passed.

“Once more.”

Wang Chai seemed like a crazed wild dog. He saw hope, and he also realized that Wang Xiaofei had no hidden tricks left.

He attacked relentlessly, as if he had nothing to lose.

The “Reversal of Heaven and Earth Technique” could only be maintained for three breaths, during which he could launch three attacks. If he couldn’t kill Wang Xiaofei within those three attacks, his cultivation would instantly drop by two tiers. By then, he would be the one to die!


Another sword radiance flashed by.

This time, the sword radiance was even faster and more ferocious in its attack.

After failing to block the attack, Wang Xiaofei had no choice but to leap into the air. At that moment, the sword radiance viciously cut a large gash on his leg.

Seeing Wang Xiaofei jump into the air, a trace of wild joy flashed in Wang Chai’s eyes.

“Hahaha, I did it, I did it. This is an excellent opportunity. Wang Xiaofei is undoubtedly doomed!”

“Big brother, enjoy your time. I’ll bring Wang Xiaofei to you shortly.”

Wang Chai’s breath carried a malevolent intent.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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