The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 2.2

Xia Fan sat there and asked: ”What did you do that night before you went to the alley on Xiaonan Street?”

Liao Xiaoqing replied in a small voice: “I just remember painting at home. When I woke up, I saw policemen pointing guns at me, and there was a dead man covered in blood next to me.”

“Do you recognize the dead man, Wang Rui? “

Liao Xiaoqing clenched her fists for a long moment before saying: “Yes, I know him.”

“You hated him, so the motive for the murder is obvious.”

“I… I don’t think about that anymore. The doctor said it would be better not to think about it, I’m much better now, I don’t think about it anymore.”

Even after repeatedly interrogating Liao Xiaoqing, Xia Fan didn’t get any useful information.

She went out and saw Han Zecheng chating with a policewoman.

Xia Fan was quite unhappy in her heart; she felt that this person really has no sense of decency.

Seeing her stinky face, Han Zecheng said his goodbye to the policewoman and came over: “How did it go? You didn’t get anything from her, did you?”

Xia Fan didn’t look good: “Did Team Leader Han get any useful information then?”

Han Zecheng said: “Liao Xiaoqing’s sister is quite good to her, she often comes to visit her, gives her things, and even found a famous lawyer hoping to apply for medical parole for her, but since it’s a particularly serious murder case, it wasn’t approved.”

Xia Fan scoffed and said in a soft voice: “This is indeed a very useful clue.”

Han Zecheng laughed and said: ”Pretty girl, the case file says that the sisters’ parents died in a car accident, and the younger sister is unemployed, so the older sister is the one supporting the family. That said, the sister only has a vocational degree and is currently just a secretary, but somehow she managed to live with her sister in a high-class residential apartment on Donghua Road, she also got her sister a professional doctor for a psychological rehabilitation program. I talked to the people here, and found out that every time she comes to see her sister she dresses well, drives a nice car, and delivers nothing but expensive things, and also, the lawyer she hired is not just an expensive one, he is one of the best in the field.”

“Maybe she got a rich boyfriend.”

“Someone rich who can afford to look after her sister, and cares deeply about her, then surely he would be able to sense if something’s wrong with her sister. We should go to meet her to investigate.”

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