The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 4.1

Liao Xiaoqing’s attending doctor was surnamed Cheng.

She was a kind middle-aged woman.

She listened to Han Zecheng and Xia Fan’s story and was very cooperative in talking about Liao Xiaoqing’s condition.

“She’s a very good and pitiful girl, but her condition has been very well controlled, especially in the past two years. She was basically able to live a normal life. She has been coming back every three months for a checkup.”

“Does her illness give her a tendency to resort to violence when she is stimulated in some way?”


“In her case, she would be more likely to self harm, and we even had to force treatment on her three times in the first couple of years, just because of her suicidal tendencies. It slowly got better, and she’s been recovering incredibly fast since 2007. I think it was falling in love that helped with her mental state.”

“Falling in love?” Han Zecheng stopped flipping through Liao Xiaoqing’s painting book and glanced at Xia Fan.

“Who’s her boyfriend?”

Liao Xiaoqing has no social circle, where did she get a boyfriend?

And Liao Xiaoyu didn’t mention a single word about her sister being in love, didn’t she know?

Dr. Cheng said: “She has always refused to say who her boyfriend was, but she did fall in love.”

“She would tell me about their dates, such as when the guy took her out to eat, when he took her for a drive, and how he would also watch TV with her. He would buy her picture books and drawing books too, etc.”

“She said that it was a secret. She talks a lot about him, but she doesn’t say who the guy is and has never painted his face, she just keeps it a secret.”

“She said it wasn’t the right time yet and that something bad would happen if she were to say it.”

“It was also during that time that the paintings she painted in the course of her treatment were noticeably brighter in color and much more cheerful.”

Dr. Cheng pointed to the album on the table, indicating that it was her third and last book.

Han Zecheng pulled out the album and flipped through it carefully.

It was indeed very different from the one he had just looked at.

There were flowers, trees, a man and a woman standing holding hands, or hugging, or riding a bike, or sitting together, but the man only had a back or side face, no facial features.

“Dr. Cheng, has a man ever picked her up or dropped her off since she has been coming here for treatment?”  

“No, I’ve never seen anything like that.”   

“Does her sister know about this?”  

“Yes, I talked to Liao Xiaoyu about it. At first she was surprised and said she would talk to Xiaoyu and see. Then when I asked her again, she got very upset and insisted that her sister didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Dr. Cheng was also confused.

“I still can’t figure out what’s going on with Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend, or maybe Liao Xiaoyu doesn’t like her sister’s boyfriend and doesn’t approve of them being together.”

“But Liao Xiaoqing told me several times that her boyfriend told her that he would marry her in 2011, and she was very happy about it, and kept saying that she would be able to tell me who her boyfriend was by then, and that she would bring him to meet me.”

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